How The Mind Works. Level Up Your Mindset. Your Mind: Your Real Self

Train your mind and improve your thinking abilities. Inspirational quotes and motivational words can simply be referred to as secret revealer. The reason behind this statement is not far fetched from the fact that inspirational words or saying search through the deepest dark, expose the real picture of one’s life.

If you are the type that had for so many years bluntly object this saying and you never see reasons why inspirational words give life. Then you have to stop reading this and take some of your minutes to go through this simple exercise. Have you ever come across any inspirational saying that pierces through your weakness and you just choose to neglect the words; even when it is trying to address some issues that really matter to you? Seems someone has told you something about yourself and you disagreed with such person and words; even when you knew the influential power the words had on your nature?

If you have experienced such before, don’t be surprised. Those are an inspirational word or saying. They try as much as possible to expose your fear and open the door of encouraging you to overcome the fear. Inspirational words or sayings have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about life. This is why most people find them so interesting and crucial on their paths to success.

So What’s Their Secret?

While things might not be the same, human beings are generally equated to be the exact products of their environment. From the things we do or say, we can create our world. When you talk with wisdom, people referred to you as a wise person. Also, when you talk foolishly, you will be regarded as a foolish person. You see, the way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens to you.

From the day you decided to change the quality of your thinking, there will be a distinct automatic change on the quality of your life and things around you. Your picture and appearance changes, your mode of talking and relationship with others also change. When such begins to happen with you, it can be attributed to your real picture. It is a significant part of you that no one can change but everyone will change too. Just as positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, so is a mind that is full of inspiration.

Your Mind

The major secret about the mind is the power it has to absorb virtually whatever it comes in contact with. Be it negative or positive. It’s very powerful to retain and retrieve issues of 5-15 years, yet ever ready to receive more. The only secret to making your mind remain beautifully branded is to guide your heart and your mind towards what they hear, see and what they relate with.

This is neither a more nor less easy thing to do. You are the major player to determine what comes through you and what goes through you. You have ample mechanism over only one thing in the universe, and that is your thinking. That is the path where motivational, inspirational or digressional quotes come in. Always guide it with care.

It All Belongs To Your Mind

You can decide what you are going to think in any given situation but you can’t decide the numbers of taught that will open the door for you to think. Virtually, every event in our life demands us to keep thinking about them without stopping. Sometimes, they appear like pictures, some like trance, some will just flash through your sense and pump so many chemical signals that might want to trigger actions in you. Yet, it all belongs to you. Your thoughts and feelings determine your actions and determine the results you receive. It all starts with your thoughts and ends with your thoughts. Find this inspiring word as a quick way to re-adjust your thinking.

Try to have a brief excerpt or positive proclamation at your fingertips. If you notice that your energy or your mind starts to decrease, simply recite an inspiring and exciting offer to quickly improve your mood. In order to fulfill our destiny, we must first fulfill our goal. Unlimited and passionate energy that takes you to the path created for you. The more you walk this way, look for the new ways of shaping the life you want to live, the closer you define who you are and why you are here, the better your picture.

Inspire Your Mind

It was a proving challenge to read an article every week; all because you want to see the real picture of whom you are.  After all, if you are too comfortable and not being challenged then something is wrong. At times you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something that requires more from you. It’s the only way we grow up and growth is not an option for dreamers, it’s a necessity.

Inspiration comes in many forms and can randomly pump on you. For several days we have a lot of creative energy that comes naturally and for other days, it is not easy. Writing, music, art, and design help me stimulate inner creativity and I know you probably feel the same.

How To Determine Yourself

One of the major challenges we often faced as a real person; is the inability in most cases to determine and identify exactly who we are. Many ideas, charisma, choices, scopes, and talent had been buried for no reason than the fact of trending the path we don’t really know or understand. It is of truth that if you failed to determine the exact person you are; failure is probably inevitable. Determining who you are gives you the real broad spectrum to choose your real pictures. Take time to read this inspirational story about Salomen.

Birthday Party

Salomen is a young beautiful vibrant girl coming of age during the dispensation where a glamorous celebration is the order of the day. During the 10th birthday party of Salomen organized by her parent just to express their deepest love towards their daughter. It was a great day and many were invited; both families and friends were not left out of the invitation call roll. More beautiful and brighten the day looks like, Salomen was left with no choice than to enjoy the day as the day unfolds. Although, I wasn’t at the event; but how I wish I was when she majestically narrated how the events go. To me, it was an event advisable for no one to skip. She brought out several pictures shot with her Canon 101 camera that was given to her as a present by one her uncle.

What amazes me most; is how Salomen chose to carefully select some of the pictures that look more attractive and try to harbor them. In fact, she shows more concern as I go through those pictures and advise me to handle them with care. Being furious about her attitude towards me in relation to the pictures, I was forced to ask her. Why would you give me this set of pictures and try to withhold the others if not that I forcefully make you hand them over to me? Without hesitation, she replied, “don’t you know that is my real self”. It is my true identity. Look at those pictures and you will see me.

Mind: Careful Selection

Wow! Astonishing! Truly, I don’t need a soothsayer or a magician to tell me that those images on the portrait are Salomen. Already I can see them clearly. But she made me understand one fact. The fact that she had carefully selected those images that best expresses what she is now and how she wanted to be addressed.

With this in my mind, I have come to learn that the careful selection of things that goes into one’s mind determines who you are and how you will be addressed. Your mindset remains the real picture of who you are. Stop envisioning failure, disappointment, depression or sadness. Because doing so; enslaves you and makes you remain to be a failure. Determine the true definition of who you are, what you are; including what you want to become and that automatically transform to your real self. You need to be positive at all time and always see the positive aspect of others before you can start enjoying the power of positivity working in you.

Most minds use this powerful sense of purpose to maintain their passions and if they can, why not you? Begin to live a life full of purpose today. Get inspired and constantly train your mind to determine your right picture which is your real identity.

Photo by Valdemaras D. from Pexels

6 thoughts on “How The Mind Works. Level Up Your Mindset. Your Mind: Your Real Self”

  1. You are right Savvy, It’s all in the mind. I love this quote “I am what i think you think I am”. We do lose our true self, true identity over time under the influence of environment or people we choose to spend time with. Beautifully written post!

  2. Very well said Savvy!! So true that we need to be positive all the time and to see the positive in others, that is a great thought. Too many people choose to look at the negative all the time and it ruins them. If we want to move ahead and reach our goals, we must be positive. I know I struggle with this sometimes, even right now with one thing, too many negatives come up and I need to change that. Great post, well timed. Have a wonderful day!!

    • Hi Steve, thank you very much for your visit and your wonderful words of wisdom! I think we all struggle with it, even me… 🙂 75% of info on the news would be about Negative and only 25% (at the very max) would be dedicated to positive.. with uplifting information. I hope this will change one day! Blessings to you Steve, hope you doing great and your health is good.


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