Love People: 10 Reasons Why You Should Forgive Others And Be Loving

Why You Should Be Loving And Also Forgive Others

Loving and also forgiving others is not that simple to many human beings due to the nature of the response which we get from other people. In life, it’s very hard to love someone who hates you for no reason whatsoever. For instance, you might have a colleague in the workplace who hate you with no good reason.

In this case, it would be a little bit hard for you to love such a person. The same situation would apply to the extended family where someone would hate you from the blue moon, and you are expected to love such a person.

On the other hand, we do interact with many people in life, and in the process, we end up hurting each other, and as Christian, we are expected to forgive each other. You might be bitter with someone, which makes it difficult for you to forgive such a person. It’s more than usual for someone to get angry with another person or something.

However, the most important thing is to handle our anger and ensure we forgive each other. As a human being, this is the path we are supposed to follow of loving others and also forgiving more than we are forgiven.

Why You Should Love Others

  • It makes you feel like you are on a mission
  • We reflect on Jesus teachings
  • It reduces the burden of heart
  • It makes us live happily with others
  • Hatred is evil

It Makes You Feel Like You Are On A Mission

In life, when you decide to love other people, it would make you feel like you are on a mission that you need to accomplish. Loving other people is not simple, especially those who don’t love you back; thus, you need to be clear that you are on a mission. Like the same way you love yourself, it is good to love other people, and your mission shall be accomplished. It will require you to have more sacrifice, which is very crucial in making you love other people more.

We Reflect On Jesus Teaching

By loving other people, we usually reflect on Christ teachings, which is very crucial in our life. Christ left us with our primary commandment, which is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. In this view, we should ensure that we reflect on this teaching by always showcasing similar love to our neighbors. By mentioning neighbors, it includes all those people around you, and those you interact with them regularly.

It Makes Us Live Happily With Others

Did you know by loving other people it would make you live a happy life? It is good to love one another to bring joy in our heart. If you love more people in your life, it will guarantee you happiness since you will always have something to love and cherish when you meet such people in your life.

It Reduces The Burden Of Heart

Loving other people, it would help you relieve the burden in your heart. There are people among us who carry huge loads in their heart in the name of hatred. It is good to relieve yourself out this burden and love one another. It will make you feel like you are born again and ready to live.

Hatred Is Evil

It is evil for one to hate each other. We should refrain from this and promote love among each other. It will cost you nothing to love those people around you, and we should always promote this love among us. God loved us dearly, and we should reciprocate such love.

Why Forgiving More Is Better

  • It helps you heal wounds which you were hurt
  • It helps improves your relationship with the person who offended you
  • Forgiving is an act of compassion
  • It improves your heart health
  • It is a good commandment to forgive each other

It Helps You Heal Inner Wounds Which You Were Hurt

The initial step toward healing all your wound is to forgive each other. It will make you feel relaxed and ready to move on well. You will be able to relieve this burden, which is in the heart and heal permanently.

It Improves Your Relationship With The Person Who Offended You

Forgiving helps to close the hatred bridge between two people and is very crucial in our life. When you offend each other, it creates some gap between the two of you. This gap can only be fixed by one making a step of forgiving the other person. Initiate this process and ensure that you forgive the other and rebuild the broken relationship.

Forgiving Is An Act Of Compassion

Through forgiving one another, it would act as a way of showing compassion with each other. Forgiving is an important virtue which we should always show to each other when we are offended. Even though it is hard to forget, it is good to forgive one another.

It Improves Your Heart Health

When are offended by someone you take it in your heart, and it will continue to harm your heart. However, the moment you take the initiative to forgive one another, it would help you to heal and improve the health of your heart. In most cases, people would suffer from depression due to carrying such a burden in their heart.

It Is A Good Commandment To Forgive Each Other

Forgiving each other is one commandment which God gave mankind, and we should always follow that. We should forgive as many time as possible when someone offends you in any way. In life, we will ever hurt each other, and the most prudent thing is to forgive one another.


Loving and forgiving one another may seem like something easy when you mention. However, as human beings, we fail to exercise these two essential virtues. If indeed we want to raise our consciousness you and I should follow that path.

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