7 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy With Your Life

Why You Should Be Happy With Your Life: Today, Tomorrow, Always.

In a scale of ten, six people out of ten are not happy with their lives. It is the most worrying statistics in life, and we should be worried about it. The question which remains in the heart and mind of many people is what it takes to be happy with what you have in life. What needs to be done to make you positive and happy with what you have. It is good to start with appreciation with oneself. We need to appreciate ourselves be positive about the current position we are in life.

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – Helen Keller

Through such simple tactics, it would help one to live and enjoy life in a lively manner. Happiness is like medicine, and we should be ready to take medication. With such facts in life, it is good to consider what it takes to be happy and why you should be happy in life:

  • You are an image of Creator
  • It will earn you more days
  • It makes you stand out different
  • You are an inspiration to other
  • Being happy makes you healthy
  • It makes you positive with life
  • It is all about you

1. You Are An Image Of Creator

We are all images of our Creator, and we should be happy with our souls. For God so loved us, and He created us out of love and happiness. We need to live happy in life and ensure that we influence other people to be happy in life. God has a purpose with all of us, and we should ensure that we live happily and share happiness with other people in our life.
God can use you to share that happiness with other people, and therefore, you should be happy with your souls. In this regard, we need to ensure that we influence happiness to other people in our life. Being happy with our own life is a clear manifestation of our trust onto the Creator.

2. Be Happy: It Will Earn You More Days

Happiness is like medicine, and we need to ensure that we are happy with our life. If you are happy with your life, it could make you earn more days in this life. It is all about appreciating the little achievement you have made in life to ensure you are happy in life. It will earn you more days in this beautiful life.
Always take life positive and ensure that you develop the right approach when it comes to a life situation. You can imagine celebrating your one hundred birthday and when everyone asks what the secrets you comfortably answer it is all about being happy and smiling always.

3. It Makes You Stand Out Different

Sometimes when you are happy with your life, it will make you stand different from other people. In this view, it would ensure that you are happy with your soul and also help to influence the happiness to other people in your life. There are people in life who are ever sad about life, which makes them have a different view of life. Happiness makes life simple and takes life in a different way, which would influence your friends and relatives.

4. You Are An Inspiration To Others

Who are these people who admire to be like you or get inspired through your life? These are some of the questions that we should always ask ourselves when we are happy. It is good to be happy in life to influence other people and also to inspire those people who admire us. Let’s be happy with life, and it will promote happiness in our life and also inspire other people in our life!

5. Being Happy Makes You Healthy

Did you know being happy make you live healthy in life? Sometimes it will only need you to be happy to ensure that you remain healthy in life. When it comes to happiness in life, it will influence the healthiness in our life. Happiness is medicine, and once you are happy, it would mean that you will be healthier. From now henceforth you should ensure that you are happy and it will earn you many healthy days in this World.

6. It Makes You Positive With Life

Happiness will come with being positive in life. When you are happy in life, it will make you positive in life. Being positive in life it would have some significant impacts on how you deal with some life issues. It is good to be positive in life and will get tied with happiness, which will promote success in life. Positivity in life will be critical in life to the dynamics of the World we are living today.

7. It’s All About You

In this life you were born alone you will leave this World alone. In this regard, it will be necessary for being happy with your soul. If you don’t appreciate yourself, you will have no one to appreciate or love you. It is good to be happy with your soul since you are on your own in this life. You don’t expect someone to love yourself more than you would love yourself. In most cases, people expect to be loved by, and they forget we came to this world alone and you will leave on your own.

Be Happy With Your Life: Conclusion

Happiness in life is the most honorable thing you can do with your soul. It is essential to be happy with your life since you are your manager when it comes to happiness. In addition to that, we should avoid making other people sad, thus robbing other people happiness. In this life, we all need each other to appreciate ourselves.
Also, to note is that you should evaluate yourself and know what is best for you in life. We need to appreciate our life and be happy with the little or many achievements we have in our life. In doing so it will enhance growth both spiritually and physically!

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  1. Beautiful post,very interesting too.It is indeed very important to be happy in life because others around you will try to be happy as to some extent it is contagiou. Nevativity and illnesses stay away from a happy person with positivity.By the way people who trust the creator and are trustworthy can be happy in life despite many trials and tribulations.

  2. Wow, I did not realize the statistics were so grim. Thank you for the inspiring post! It can be hard to find self appreciation in a modern world propagating comparison and perfection through media. This was a great morning read, thank you.


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