Why Do We Need God In 2020: God In The 21st Century

The old saying goes that there are no atheists in foxholes. Well, the definition of a foxhole doesn’t necessarily have to be a large hole dug during wartime for soldiers to hide in and fight the enemy. It could mean a hole we did for ourselves that we use to hide from any sort of troubles we are experiencing.

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth. John 4:24

In today’s chaotic digital world everything is fast-paced and highly technical. That can cause a lot of stress in a person’s life that adds to any other problems they may be suffering from. In these circumstances, even a self-proclaimed atheist tends to call out to God to relieve the suffering they are going through. It’s a known fact that even though they may shout that God doesn’t exist if they fear for their lives or have some major issue, many will ask God for help.

Worship God And Be Thankful

Why Is This So?

Mankind has always been curious about the meaning of life and why we are all here on this big blue marble called Earth. Over the centuries mankind has worshipped various versions of God whether it is being thankful for the sun that gave them warmth and helped the crops grow to some believing ancient aliens came down to Earth to help mankind hundreds of years ago to the forms of organized religion like Christianity, Jews or Muslims.

It seems we all need some form of God no matter what we call him or in some cases her, as in the Wicca faith you hear their followers sometimes say “she” or “goddess.”

Importance Of Having God In Your Heart

But in all these cases there is a being greater than ourselves that we crave and instinctively need to complete us. We have an inner yearning to worship a greater power than ourselves and that power is God, even if we call it something else like Mother Nature or even if we don’t give it a formal name.

Yes, We Need God

In the year 2020, all this is still quite true. We still need God in our lives. For instance, we are living in a time where at the touch of a finger we can access the entire world’s scope of data via the Internet and our phones. This instant access to information is both good and bad. It’s good because we can find answers to just about any issue from something as mundane as how to unclog your drain to where’s the nearest coffee shop or something as serious as putting in some symptoms and diagnosing an illness.

However, that last one can also cause us even more stress, as the joke goes, “by the answers to my symptoms I should have died five minutes ago.” People can actually have access to too much information and get data overload and scare themselves. Contrary to what some people believe, not everything you read on the Internet is true or can be trusted! We have to vet that info by going to several sources.

God Is Love

Additionally, it seems that we get offended over every little thing that happens from the color of a shirt we put on to the way someone fixes their hair or who they voted for or the list goes on forever. That can cause so much stress that where are we going to find any relief? The answer to that could be God! Just talking to God helps some people relieve their stress, and makes them calmer and more at peace.

God is everywhere and all we have to do to contact him is to pray or talk to him. Some have a good relationship and can talk to him like you’d talk to a friend, while others may be hesitant but they still desire a conversation with their God. Whatever way you choose to talk to God, whether in a formal religious meeting or while you are “hiding” in your own foxhole of trouble, we need God to help reach in and pull us up and make things right with the world again.


Do we need God in 2020? Oh yes, we need him now and for hundreds of years or more to come. Mankind will always need God in some form or another. And God will be there waiting for us to call out and ask for that help and calmness. You only have to ask. He may not answer in the way you desire, but he is there and the answers can be yes, no or wait, and most of us hate that last answer.

We need God for a lot of reasons. He helps us be calm, he forgives us for our sins, he creates the very life we breathe and nature all around us. Be Blessed!

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