Ways to Break Social Media Addiction

Ways to Break Social Media Addiction


Are you an addict of social media? Can you stay for a day away from your smartphone? Well, in the current era, social media is becoming a problem for many people, especially those who have fallen addicts. Addiction is like a disease, and once it gets into you, it would take determination and sacrifice to get rid of the diseases.

I was an addict of social media, and I remember I would hardly concentrate in the workplace without holding into my phone and check what’s trending. In the morning, I would wake up, and the first thing is to check my phone and log in all the social media application and see what is up. However, after deciding to change, I was able to find out some essential tips which helped to break social media addiction. If you are an addict, then this article is here for you.

Main Tips of Breaking Social Media Addiction

  • Conduct Life Assessment

Life assessment is critical when you find yourself in such a situation because it would ensure that you understand yourself better. You need to know whether you are an addict or just a fanatic, and this would ensure that you begin the first steps, which is accepting yourself. Once you accept yourself, it would be possible for you to come up with some ways in which you can solve the problem.

  • Develop A Purpose with All Application

Most of the people who are suffering from social media addiction it’s because they haven’t identified the purpose of the social media platform. Anytime there is a new application in the play store or the App Store, they download and add it to the list of the current social media without having any specific purpose for the applications. In each of the social media app which you have on your phone, make sure you have a precise purpose for them.

  • Have A Limit of Your Time on Social Media

Most of the addicts of social media spend almost all their time on their phones without any restriction of time. However, it is good to set yourself some time which you will be in social media to avoid addictions. For instance, you can check your social media apps in the morning to reply to a message to someone or follow something. After that, you can check the applications after five to six to ensure you have ample time to do some other business of the day.

  • Ensure You Are Busy

If you are operating on a busy schedule, then it would be difficult for you to be an addict to social media. Ensure you have a proper schedule of all the activities which you want to do and this would ensure that you are busy. Avoid using your phone in the morning. You should instead do some morning press- up which would make you be active and avoid wasting much of your time on the phone. In the day ensure you keep track of daily business.

  • Get A Hobby for Yourself

Get yourself something which would make you enjoy your time rather than spend all your time on social media. For instance, you can decide to hike or read a novel or any other hobby which you like most, and it would break the social media obsession. Anytime when you are free, to ensure you get engaged in an activity which would keep you away from your phone.

  • Always spend time with loved ones

When you spend time with your loved one, it would keep you busy and have a company which would keep you away from your phone. Family time is always the best, and once you embrace it, you will have a comfortable time. Most of the social media addicts have less time for the families, and they look for their comfort in their phones.

Ways of Using Social Media

  • Ensuring There Is Good Connectivity

We can use social media applications to enhance the connection between ourselves. We are living in the 21st century where everything has revolved, and the technology has taken over, thus making social media to the most common method of connecting people.

  • Updates and Also a Communication

You can get updates from social media, which would be useful in life. Most of the people use social media in getting the updates which are going round in social media. In addition to that, most of the people who are the users of social media have adopted some social media apps as a form of communication.

  • Educating One Another

Social media could be a good platform which could be used by the users in educating one another. For instance, you can use the platform and have some tutorial session or have some moral education which would enhance growth. Some people have made use of social media in promoting their work and also demonstrating what they do in life, which is a significant development in life.

  • Enhancing Awareness

Awareness in life is critical, and everybody should strive to ensure that he is fully aware of what is happening. Social media is one of the platforms which can capture the attention of many people, and hence, there is a need for the various users to make use of the platform and improve the level of the awareness. For instance, if you have any program which you want to launch or events, you can make use of social media and boost the level of awareness.


Social media is an important platform which would be used to change the World, but we should also be precautious about the platform to ensure it is used most appropriately. However, for those people who have been addicts of social media, then they should make good use of the tips to break the habits and use the platform in the right manner. Too much of something is poisonous; hence, there is a need to put a limit on social media.


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