To Appreciate The Good, You Need To Go Through The Bad

We Go Through The Worst, To Get The Best

This might sound like a cliché, but we have all had our fair share of bad times. From a simple failure in your exam papers to losing all your property due to a failed venture. These moments usually weigh us down to breaking points. So, why I am telling you all this? Well, keep reading on to find out more.

I’ve recently come to face the fact that our current generation has the highest level of suicides ever recorded in history. That’s actually a pretty bad thing. And, it’s not that we don’t value life. I bet every living thing values their own life. Now, if that’s the case, where have we gone wrong?

It’s pretty simple. In a day, you are exposed to different factors that might influence your everyday decision. More importantly, the online community has a lot to contribute to how we value our lives.

That said, imagine going through a traumatic experience when you end up seeing online that your own classmates are doing better than you? It doesn’t matter how much you value yourself, that’s one thing that will definitely have an impact on you.

In some weird way, we tend to forget that a huge percentage of the people online are merely faking their lifestyles. What’s more, you start feeling like the entire world is against you. But, there’s a lot you need to be happy about. Those bad times are not as bad as you imagine. The sooner you accept that the sooner you will start living a better life.

How Do I Deal With My Bad Days?

Listen closely if you are currently going through a difficult moment in life: I’m not saying that your problem is not a big deal. But do you think it’s bigger than life? I guess not. You should always approach your problems with a positive vibe. At the end of the day, you will still have the energy to make a change in your life.

We are facing challenges daily. And every day, each challenge seems to be more difficult than the previous one. The only thing that will remain constant is our happiness. Even if you don’t recover from your failure today, you have learned something out of it. Therefore, I’m sure you will be able to handle the same problem differently next time.

My number one policy is that I always leave my work troubles in the office. So, don’t carry all that baggage home since it will affect everyone in your family. Home is a place where you go to rejuvenate yourself and take a minute away from your problems.

Ways To Appreciate What You Have

The only way you will be able to go through your bad times is appreciating what you have. We often concentrate on what we don’t have which is the main reason why we can’t see past a given problem.

There are thousands of ways you can use to appreciate what you have. Here are just but a few ways you can make a difference in your life by learning to love everything you have.

1. You Need To Count Your Blessings

Success comes and goes: but you should always learn to be grateful for all that you have achieved so far. The more you are grateful the happier you will be in life. It doesn’t matter what you are going through; being grateful will truly help you.

Keep a journal and take a moment every day to note down what you are grateful for. That way you will never forget to smile. Even if it’s just for the air in your lungs or your heart beating continuously without getting tired: note it down. Speaking, seeing and hearing are also privileges in life that not everyone has the chance to enjoy, but you do. So, you need to be grateful for that also.

2. Go To Shelter Homes

Have you ever set foot in a shelter home? Well, now is your chance to take that leap of faith. Go to your local shelter home and donate your time to them. It’s not always about money or donating your clothes. Sometimes people just need to see you care and you are there for them.

Also, I have one big issue with our current generation. Why is it that when you are going to help someone, you have to carry your camera? Forget that camera at home and go without posting your current activity online. What’s more, you don’t have to post anything on any social media platform. If you want to help anyone, kindly only take your big heart and not your camera or smartphone.

Help to feed the people who cannot afford to feed themselves. Take a moment and look into their eyes or even listen to their stories. For some reason, they have lost everything in their lives. While others are all alone in this world. I guarantee you, it’s utterly heartbreaking to see this.

Once you witness how it feels to be in their shoes, your problems will start to dissipate. There are thousands of people who can’t afford one meal a day let alone a house. Take a moment and help them smile. This will not only give them a reason to be happy but also it will give you a spark of joy in your heart.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself

When you see a celebrity on Facebook and Instagram, you might just want to compare yourself with their lifestyle. That should be the last thing in your mind. It will contribute a lot to your depression and exaggeration of any problem that you are currently faced with. Why do you need to constantly compare yourself with people around the world? Some of them might not even know who you are.

I’m not saying that I’ve never done it. But you should definitely stop comparing yourself with other people. Appreciate what you have and you will be happy.

In Summary

Life is already hard on you so you don’t have to make it even harder. Try at least to appreciate a simple smile or even the fact that you are alive. If that doesn’t work, then turn to God to help you through your problems. If you are a firm believer in God, Allah, Buddha or simply in a higher power, then turn to Him for salvation. Remember that the world will still continue to spin. It’s not the end of it.

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  1. Well written Savvy. Good and bad cannot exist without each other. Enjoy good, accept bad. Peace is more important both in good and bad times.

  2. Great piece, I just wish it was easier to do this, especially comparing my life to others. But it is good to have reminders like this article once in a while.

    Grateful journaling is a great thing and I highly recommend it to anyone, because it is an eye-opener.

    Anna |


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