6 Brilliant Tips For Launching A Second Career Savvy

6 Brilliant Tips For Launching A Second Career. How To Change Your Job

How To Launch A Second Career: Career Transitions These days many people are considering a second career. Perhaps they have already worked 20 years doing something, but now they want to try something new. Or maybe they want some kind of career that’s totally different than what they are doing now or something to supplement social security if they are older. Or have a hankering … Read more

How to develop a good relationship with friends savvy

Friendship 101: How To Develop A Good Relationship With Your Friends

Making Good Friends Introduction Every day we meet new friends either in the workplace, social places and others in the school. After the excitements of meeting new friends in the first days, it eventually fades within some few days thus triggering the questions why the friendship ended so soon after meeting. I believe in one way or the other you have ever experienced that. We … Read more

Chinese Proverbs-Inspirational Words Of Wisdom

55 Famous And Wise Chinese Proverbs, Quotes, And Sayings About Success, Happiness, Love And Life

Chinese Proverbs – Inspirational Words Of Wisdom The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chinese proverbs is Fortune cookies. We all love a taste of these cookies and the wisdom that come with them. But did you know that Fortune cookies can trace their origin to Kyoto, Japan? Well, that’s a story for another day. Today, we are going to discuss … Read more

Six Signs That You Need to Start Improving Your Health

Signs That You Need To Start Improving Your Health: Six Truths About Health That Every Person Should Know Today

Live Longer: Improve Your Health, Stay Healthy Heavy abdominal pain, abrupt loss of vision or speech and pains in the chest are circumstances in which immediate medical attention is needed. But what about more subtle signs or symptoms? It’s sometimes hard to know what should be done. “There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.” – Arlen Specter Here is a … Read more