Practice What You Preach. How To Be a Man Of Your Word: 4 Lessons

“If you are not willing to follow your word, don’t speak at all,” this is a common phrase which everyone out there should make an effort of following when you preach something to others. This phrase could relate to another phrase which goes like this “do not preach water and drink wine.” To have a good understanding of this topic, I will share with you my personal experience.

I have a friend who is called John, we have been friends since our childhood. We have grown together, and John is that person who is always there to correct and question other people about what they do. Every time we meet with John together with a couple of other friends, he is always on our toes to condemn us from attending parties. He gives himself as an example of how he dislikes the parties or hooking up in social places. It has been a trend for several years, and we have always known that John does not like or attend any party in whichever case.

Hypocritical Behavior

However, the strange thing about John is that when we plan to have a meeting on Wednesday, he always objects claiming he is attending some church conference. I remember one particular time when I made a joke to him to accompany him to the church conference, but he declined my offer. In our investigation, we came to realize that on Wednesday, John usually attends a party in the next town where no one knows him. After revealing to him about what we realized about his behavior, he was in great shock, and he felt so ashamed for his hypocritical behavior.

In life, we have friends who have characters like those of John who preach a lot and practice less. Such an individual in life has similar characters of hypocrisy and life denial, where someone wants to shows to others. There is no need to live a life by always suspecting yourself with what you are doing. It is essential to rise up and live an honest life, and above all, ensure you can practice what you preach to others.

Why Should You Practice What You Preach?

  • It shows good intentions with what you are preaching
  • It makes you act as a role model
  • It makes people trust you.
  • It is right and just.
  • It shows good intentions with what you are preaching

When you practice what you preach to other people, it clearly shows you have good intentions to other people. Through following simple word which you share with others, it would help you to clear any doubt that people would have regarding your word. In addition to that word should follow with some action, thus guarantee the need to practice what you preach. For instance, in the case of my friend John, it is clear that he does not have a good intention when he tells us to avoid partying whereas he is doing it behind our back.

It Makes You Act As A Role Model

Through practicing what you preach to others, it would make you become a role model to the people you are preaching the message. A role model is that the person who is looked upon by others as an example. It is a simple act to practice what you preach to other people. If we could refer to the case of John, he would have become a good role model to us if he would have practiced what he was preaching to us. A role model is that person you can always wish to enumerate in life.

It Makes People Trust You

They say it takes a century to build trust but only take a minute to break trust. In other words, it is hard to build trust, but it will cost less time to break that trust people have on you. When you practice what you preach, it will make people have total confidence in you, which is very important.

It Is Right And Just

When you practice what you preach, it makes you be a just person in the eyes and heart of other people. It is generally unfair for someone to preach something he or she is not willing to follow. In this case, it is good to ensure you follow your word or else you avoid uttering such preaching.

Typical Lesson We Learn From Those People Who Practice What They Preach

There is a couple of lessons which we can learn from the people who are true with their word and are always ready to practices what they tell us:

  • They live a life with no regrets
  • They are trusted and respected by other people
  • They are happy with their actions
  • Most of them act as a role model

Lesson 1: They Live A Life With No Regrets

Those people who practice what they preach in life they have no regrets because they live to the best of their life. When you preach something, and you do the opposite, that would make you have a regrettable life which unfair to you.

Lesson 2: They Are Trusted And Respected

Such people who are vibrant and honest with what they preach are trusted and respected by many people in life. If someone practices what he or she preaches to you, it would mean he is ready to take consequences which would follow thus making them gain trust and respect.

Lesson 3: They Are Happy With Their Actions

Any person who is willing to practice what he preaches he or she would live a happy life and will be happy with his or her actions. If you are not satisfied with your action, you cannot afford to practice what you preach to others.

Lesson 4: Most Of Them Act As A Role Model

People would likely take you as a mentor and also a role model when you practice what you preach to other people. Everyone will be willing to enumerate you and practices what you share with them.


In life, we meet different people whom we interact with and share moments. It is good to pick the words which we utter to such people and be ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice of practicing what we preach to such people. It is just simple to say but hard to practice.

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9 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach. How To Be a Man Of Your Word: 4 Lessons”

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom. It’s easy to evolve into a different scenario but we should regularly follow this advice. Let’s look in the mirror daily and examine who we are, what we are about and how others perceive us. 🙂

  2. Powerful message and a very practical one….The apostle Paul’s lifeworks epitomized this message, and he said it like this…

    “The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you…Philippians 4:9

    “Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel, 28 and not in any way terrified by your adversaries, which is to them a proof of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that from God..Philippians 1:27-28


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