Pajama job or 6 figure income from your bedroom

“Today is the youngest you’ll ever be, so let’s grab the success. Don’t wait for it, life is too short.” Fredrick Eklund

Dreaming about having 6 figure income at a corporate job and working from home?

Luckily, it’s absolutely possible, today!

Probably thirty or forty years ago, it was nonsense, due to the lack of the technology. Since we live in such amazing century, remote work is not only a great benefit you can get at some companies, but also a standard practice for others small or large organizations who take care of their employees and understand the importance of work-life balance.

* Some companies offer a part-time working from home option. In this case, you will only have to visit office few days a week and can comfortable enjoy working from home for the rest of the week.

Some jobs would require employees to be present at 100% at the office (onsite), for example, dentist, or pharmacist, sergeant and others.

But there is another category of jobs, I call them “pajama jobs”: web developer, full-stack developer, UX designer, product manager, solutions consultant, freelancer, interpreter, etc., These professionals can successfully work from home and have six-figure income (100K+)  without changing pajama in the morning.

Before you start applying or get a degree (certificate) in a certain field, let’s discuss all pros and cons of remote work so you can make a right decision – if “pajama job” is a good choice for you today or potentially will be a right choice for you in the near future:

Pros of working from home (WFH)

  • Congratulations! Your dream become true and you are officially working from home full/part time, getting a good paycheck. Bravo!
  • A minimal level of stress. Stress will have a less impact on your health, relationships or personal life.
  • Plus 5-10 hours of personal time per week. Since you don’t need to wake up early and rush to work, you can invest extra time into something meaningful –  family and kids, business, a new hobby, or charity work.
  • No driving! Yes, you don’t need to drive to work, and it’s up to 1 hour and 30 minutes one way in large cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Seattle. You will save up around 3K – 5K yearly on gas.
  • Say “No” to parking fees. Some companies would pay for your parking expenses, others won’t.  Savings: 3K a year or more.
  • Say “No” to car accidents. As we all perfectly know a majority of car accidents happens usually during rush hours since everybody rushing to/from work. With your new life schedule, you probably will only drive to get groceries and add only 3K miles instead of 15K or 20K yearly, don’t lose this opportunity and renegotiate on your car insurance today. Savings: up to $600 a year.
  • Say “No” to expensive dealership car service. Yes, you don’t need to service your car/bike that often (1K+ in average yearly savings) since you are not driving much, right?
  • Say “Yes” to delicious and healthy homemade breakfast, launch, and dinner. Up to 5K – 7K yearly in savings.
  • Collect more bright memories with your kids & family! You can see how your kids grow and have a positive influence on them, what can be better!

Cons of working from home

  • Slow career growth. If you are lucky you can have career growth working from home (or being promoted to a higher position) but this chance is very low.
  • Unknown. You don’t know much about what is happening now (at this moment) in the company, your department, between departments.
  • You can be replaced tomorrow. A company can secretly hire your replacement, train him and replace you with a blink of the eye, so please be prepared for that as well.
  • Boring projects. You don’t receive interesting and challenging projects in other words you are not building your portfolio. This might trigger some job search challenges in the future.
  • Save and be prepared for tomorrow. You must have at least 20K – 30K (4 – 6 months of savings) on your saving account, just in case anything bad or unexpected happens at your company or with your position (title).
  • Lack of education. You don’t spend much time as you wish with smart and intelligent people; you can not learn much from co-workers. Consider attending local seminars, subscribe to online courses: Udemy, Lynda.
  • Lack of motivation, potentially. Let’s face it, work from home is not for everyone. Some people can’t stay laser focused at home and fully concentrate on work since there are more distractions.

WFH Jobs and Salary Expectations

  • Full-Stack Developer: 70K – 220K
  • Web/Front-End Developer: 55K – 165K
  • Graphic Designer: 35K – 100K
  • UX/UI/Interaction Designer: 55K – 185K
  • Solutions Consultant: 68K – 153K
  • Customer Service Agent: 23K – 40K
  • Data Entry Clerk: 40K
  • Payroll Specialist:32K – 55K
  • Tax Manager: 80K – 150K
  • Transaction Specialist: 22K – 70K
  • Teacher: 30K – 65K
  • Researcher: 40K – 100K
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Reservations Agent (for Airlines): 30K – 50K
  • Student Accommodation Manager:45K – 60K
  • Clinical Research Associate: 65K – 80K
  • Bilingual Customer Service Rep: 28K-42K

*Salaries vary, depending on the industry, your education level, your professional experience, company location, company size and department.


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