A Master Plan For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays we celebrate each year. It’s truly amazing that we cherish outstanding memories from the past, smoothly transitioning them into meaningful “Yes, we absolutely should be thankful for…” our days or now.

8 Steps To More Effective Parenting

Dear parents, we have a very limited time frame to actually be a parent and plant a seed of love, respect and trust in our children’s hearts. Each parent has 18 years or even less to build a great and close relationship with our child (children), believe me at this point, each face-to-face interaction (every conversation between you and your child), every minute counts.

3 Excellent Reasons To Give A Tip

One day I’ve scheduled a product delivery with Amazon, a heavy single piece item, I purchased a few weeks back.

Fifteen minutes before the truck pulled up to my driveway, I quickly checked my wallet if I have at least 10 or 5 dollars for a tip and I found only a few $20 bills…