It Is All About Balance

Hi Dear friends, thank you for your time today! Today, I would like to share a great advice with you: you have to have a balanced lifestyle. I end up at the hospital one day, and the news I’ve received was shocking, our close family member ends up with having cancer, lots of thoughts, stress and tears… it was mentally very difficult to accept that … Read more

Give and Forget About Receiving

Give. Give. Give… Each of us loves to receive so much, aren’t we? Who does not love presents, especially good ones! It’s pure humans nature, it’s great, it makes us happy it fulfils us. But believe me, giving will fulfil you much more and for a longer period of time than receiving. Try to donate a portion of your time or money or bake a cake … Read more

How to Be Happy Every Single Day

Each of us wakes up every morning, eats breakfast, dresses up and goes to school or to work or take care of their own business. We are not really different, right? But we do live very different lives and some of us can be really happy having a little: work, food, and shelter, others even having tons of success in many areas of life still struggle … Read more

Richard Branson Quotes

In 1966, Branson dropped out of high school to begin his first project, a youth magazine called Student.  In 1969, he opened a record shop in London which wasn’t as successful as his magazine. Despite that, it provided him with the capital he needed to grow more businesses. Branson’s business grew and expanded, adding the Voyage Group in 1980, Virgin Atlantic Airlines in 1984 and … Read more