Never Lose Your Temper On Haters: Stay Calm, No Matter What

Be Super Proactive: Never Lose Your Temper On Haters

I’m sure you’ve experienced hate speeches from several people around you. More importantly, social media has made it possible for people to scrutinize your life. That means you are more likely to get hate comments from people you’ve never even met.

But that shouldn’t put you down in any way. You can also get hateful comments from your fellow workmates. After hearing such negative comments, you are bound to feel your temper flaring. Don’t worry, it happens. You don’t have a temper problem and it’s not all that bad.

Sometimes you might find yourself at the wrong place and someone just starts uttering negative comments towards you. Most psychologist will tell you to keep quiet or simply walk away from that conversation. While that might help you deal with the situation at the moment, it’s bound to crop up again. So, what should you do when you start getting angry?

Before we get down to how to deal with your temper especially when it comes to haters, you need to understand one thing: when you try and respond in a bad tone to your haters, it’s like feeding their hate. They will actually enjoy destroying your emotions. So, if you are having a ‘hater situation’ at the moment, let me give you the best way to act.

How To Deal With Your Temper On Haters

1. Take A Moment

We are all bound to make rash decisions when we are upset. I promise you I’m also a victim of making the wrong decisions when upset. But that doesn’t mean I’m always a reckless person. On the contrary, most of my wrong decisions are meant to disapprove my haters.

But it’s not always the best way to act at that moment. I found out that taking a minute to myself helped me handle the situation better. If you are dealing with such a situation, then take a minute and breath in and out. Focus on your breath without thinking about anything else.

This method will help you act better and stop you from making irrational decisions. On top of that, you will instantly start looking for a solution to the problem instead of continuing the fight.

2. Take A Walk

I don’t know about you but I instantly calm down after taking a walk. I love taking a stroll around my neighborhood and thinking about my next step. More to that, it’s always a good idea to take a moment to yourself. No one is forcing you to respond to any hate speech at that moment.

3. Focus On Happy Thoughts

If you are having a bad experience with someone, then the best thing to do is remember happy thoughts just to calm yourself down. When you feel your temper rising then think of something funny. That will help you remind yourself that that situation is only temporary. And the truth of the matter is that it’s actually temporary. Don’t frustrate yourself to a point of getting upset.

4. Don’t Hold Grudges

Don’t hold so many grudges in your heart. They will easily compromise your judgment. Also, there’s no need of getting upset over something that you can’t change and it’s already over. This will actually make your life harder day after day.

There’s also a high probability that the person who made you angry doesn’t even realize what they did. Your so-called ‘hater’ might be looking for a reaction from you. Forget about old arguments and focus all your energy on being happy.

5. Listen To Music

If you are having a bad day, put on your earphones and play your favorite music. More to that, if you’ve just had a bad experience with someone at work or at home, find a small space where you can listen to music and calm down. Music will also give you the energy to do even unpleasant tasks. That way you will be able to prevent your anger from boiling up inside.

6. Know All Your Triggers

Everyone has one or more statements that will easily trigger their anger. Mine is when someone starts using curse words just to make a statement. I have never found a way to calm down when that happens. So, what I do when someone starts using curse words is that I find a way to walk out of that conversation and calm down.

After that, I tell the person that I don’t like curse words. The most important thing to do is to identify what triggers your temper. Once you do that, you will be able to prevent it in advance.

7. Seek Help

Controlling your anger is an issue for most people. If you feel that you are getting angry most of the time, then the best way is to find a way to deal with it at the moment. But if you are not able to deal with it, then seek help from a professional. You will be able to gain control of your emotions and lead a better and healthier life.

Bonus Tip!

Who controls your life? Is it you or someone who always hates on every progress you make? You need to be wise and decide how you want to lead your life. If you keep giving haters the chance to ruin your life, then you will never achieve anything. Trust me, even the most successful people we have today have one or two haters from every corner. Everyone deals with a loudmouth who always sees you less of a person than you actually are.

The best thing to do is: pick yourself up and keep on doing what you do best. Life is too short so enjoy every single moment you have. Prioritize happiness and you will always find the right path for you.


Whether your boss is being harsh to you at work or you simply saw a negative comment on your page, don’t let it control your life. There are other people who enjoy what you do even if your haters think very little of it. With that in mind, never lose your temper on haters. Use the above strategies to calm yourself down and be happy.

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  1. First, thanks for making the effort to help us deal with our tempers and tendencies to respond negatively. Second, while I won’t take the time to explain why, but I will offer some additional advice on how to deal with it. When you find yourself in a confrontation and your blood beings to boil: first, lower the volume of your speech, second, slow the pace of your speech, and third, smile.


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