Learn to Appreciate What You Have Before Its Gone.

Do you know that people always acknowledge or appreciate something when it is gone? Ensure that you appreciate what you have now before time make you appreciate what is gone. I have always heard from a couple of friends complain about how the lost something or a moment without making good use of it, and this made me realize how important it is to appreciate what you have. Let me share with you a story to show how I once missed an opportunity which I only appreciated after it is long gone.

When I was in the last semester in the college, our class together with a couple of professors decided to tour one the tourist destination in the country to mark our journey since we were almost finishing school. When the day to go, the trip came, we all packed and left the school ready to spend every moment and creates some fond memories to remember.

My classmate carried with them some good cameras ready to take all manner of photos to remind them of this remarkable day. On my side, I didn’t find the need to take some pictures or share some light moments with my classmates. I remember I only appeared in one group photo which the prof requested all of us.

Years later, after graduating my classmates started sharing the photos and also reckoning some moments which they shared while on the trip. In my case, I had no single photo to share, and I could see how my friends were happy with the pictures and the part of the history which they were remembering, and it made me realize how important the trip was. It is good to appreciate what you have at the moment.

Tips On How to Appreciate What You Have

  • Always be grateful with what you have
  • Avoid comparison with others
  • Always avoid taking thing for granted
  • Take photos to remind moments
  • Always embrace the power of giving others
  • Ever express your love


  • Always Be Grateful with What You Have

In life, we have been blessed with different things which they are either unique or similar to those of other people. However, we fail to appreciate these small things which we have at the moment only to develops the heart of appreciating when they are gone. However, you can start to appreciate the little you have by being grateful for what you have at the moment. Have some assessment and identify what you have and thus develop the heart of appreciating before it is long gone. If we could all embrace this, it would make us move from one step of glory to the other.

  • Avoid Comparison with Others

Comparing what you have and the others could be the worst mistake which you can do because it could make you have a negative notion of what you have. Most of the people who least appreciate what they have is because they have always made some comparison with other people. It is time we embrace what we have without necessary making some comparison with other people. For instance, if you have something little and someone else is blessed more, it could make you think that you don’t have anything. The truth of the matter is that there is someone who is looking for the little that you have at the moment, so appreciate it before its gone.

  • Always Avoid Taking Thing for Granted

Most people take things for granted, which makes them lack the appreciation heart for the little they have in life. For instance, there are people with some golden opportunity in their possession, but they don’t appreciate that which makes them continue living in denial. Rise today and appreciate the little which you have and avoid taking things for granted.

  • Take Photos to Remind Moments

Keeping memories is very important in life because it would make someone appreciate the little things they had at the moment. For instance, if you get a new phone, take photos and keep them safe because one day they would remind you of the phone you had at some point.

On the other hand, this would apply if you visit somewhere and you share some light moments it is good to capture such moment and appreciate them later on. Pictures are the best reflection and also part of history which one would keep to appreciate later in life.

  • Always Embrace the Power of Giving Others

When you develop the power of giving rather than taking it would make you appreciate what you have in life at the moment. When you share with others and in that case solve someone problems, it would make you appreciate how valuable you are. Learn to share with other people in life, and it would ensure that you appreciate what you have in life

  • Always Express Your Love

In most cases, people don’t show their love to others which make such people live unappreciative life. When you meet new people in society, it is good to show some love and also a concern which would ensure that such people are appreciated. Learn to appreciate others by showing some love and also ensuring the people who are around you are appreciated. Love is the simplest acts which you can always appreciate others by; hence, there is a need to demonstrate love consistently.


Appreciating something little which you have been blessed with could be the simplest acts toward your destiny. In most cases, what you don’t value in your life could mean a lot to someone; hence, there is a need to appreciate the little which you have in your life. Every step you make in life is very significant; therefore, it is good to uphold and appreciate the effort which you have made in life. It is by appreciating what you have at the moment which would make you move to the next level.

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