Life Without Envy: Learn How To Live Without Envy

Learn How to Live Without Envy

Have you ever admired someone success? Do you get bothered about other people progress in life? Well, those are common situations in life, which I firmly believe everyone has ever gone through. Typically, we might develop negative thoughts about other people’s progress in one way or the other. However, we need to rise and live without envy of other people!

If you have been stuck with a negative mindset, I believe this article will help you to release your mind from such a negative thought. In life, we can never hinder other people progress, but we can only support them to achieve their goals.

What Is Envy?

Envy refers to the desire which someone develops because they are not contented with you have, or they have been able to achieve in life. In addition to that if you have the habit of always desiring things that belong to others, then you are an envied person. To desire other people success and things that they possess is good if we can be able to regulate the extent to their desires.

Ways Of Overcoming Envy In Life

Be Contented With What You Have

In life, it is good to get satisfied with the little or much that the Lord has blessed you with before you set your eyes on someone else’s success. Through this, it would help you to avoid the desire of other people success or things which they own. It is through satisfaction you will be able to move to the next level in life.

Always Develop The Heart Of Appreciating Others

Sometimes it’s good to appreciate what other people have been able to achieve or they possess which you don’t have at the moment. When you appreciate others, you can be able to overcome envy in life and live a good life with other people.

Continuously Look At Where You Started

You must have started somewhere for you to be where you are now, and this would make you appreciate your success. If you can able to trace your success, it would help you overcome the temptation of desiring what other people have been able to achieve or possess at the moment.

Engage A Friend When You Feel That Desire

Friends will always be there for you to relieve you from the deep thoughts you have in life. When you develop the desire over someone things, it is good to engage one of your friend who would help you to overcome envy. Friends are the most reliable people around you who can always share with some genuine insights and also advice you.

Stop Comparing Yourself

We all fall victim of envy because of comparing ourselves with other people. For example, you might find out that someone has a nice car or new car in that case and maybe your car is outdated, and you end comparing yourself. You will end being the envy of the other person. In addition to that, through comparing yourself, you might end thinking of stealing what someone else which is wrong.

Value The Intangible Aspects Of Life

Let go of the material wealth and start to embrace the intangible aspect of life. We shall one day leave this World with all its possession. Thus we should not value the material things so much. We should always appreciate the intangible things in life, such as true friendships, love and also the care for others before we could embrace the material things.

Find Your Inner Comfort

You should think of looking for an alternative way which would help you counter the bad emotion which develops when you think about other people success. You should think of having that inner peace in your heart, which would ensure that you can appreciate what other people have in life.

Causes of Envy in Life


Did you know that many people envy others just because they are not satisfied with the little they have in life? Most people have been blessed with a lot in life, but they don’t want to appreciate what they have in life. It is high time we as human beings start appreciating the little that Lord has blessed us. It is through this dissatisfaction that has made many people envious of each other.

Inability To Achieve What You Desire

If you cannot achieve something, you might end up being the envy of other people succeed in life. I have a couple of friends whom I have seen who are never satisfied with their capabilities; hence, they always desire the success of other people. We all have some dreams and goals which we desire to achieve in life, and they can only come true if we work extra hard.

Physical Attractiveness

Another major cause of envy is physical attractiveness over other people. For instance, you might interact with someone whom you admire his or her attractiveness, and this may trigger you to envy the person. However, we should be careful of the level of envy to avoid developing some level of jealous.

In our life, we envy other people in one way or the other, and its influenced by the level of the success other people have made in respect to what we have at the moment. We all have mentors in life who we admire because of the amount of success they have compared to our measure of success. Nevertheless, we should put limits on how far we should admire their success because that defocus us from realizing that we can also treasure and nature what we have in our possession.

The secret to always taking the leading position is by first acknowledging where you have come from, the amount of success you have achieved along the way and finally how you can grow what you have to your desired level. No matter how humble your beginning is, all your dreams are valid.

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