Blossoming Relationship: How To Keep A Long-Distance Relationship Alive

Make A Long Distance Relationship Successfully Long Lasting

In today’s digital world, maintaining a long-distance love relationship is tons easier than it was a few decades ago. There was no email, no Internet, no cell phones or instant messaging or video chats. Just good old letter writing and regular phone calls. Therefore you had to work harder to keep your love interested and engaged.

“Can miles truly separate you from friends? If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?” – Richard Bach


These days there are multiple ways to make it seem like your love interest is right there with you from texting to emails to video chatting. All this can make your love life much better and easier to maintain with far less effort than likely your parents or grandparents had to put up within their days.

Long-distance Love Relationship: Reasons

People carry on a long-distance love relationship for several reasons. It could be job-related, or perhaps one or the other person is in the military and stationed overseas or deployed, after high school your sweetie and you decided on different colleges in different states or perhaps you met someone from another country and fell in love. Whatever the case, there are lots of things you can do to keep your long-distance relationship alive in the 21st century.

No matter the reason for your long-distance love life, you need to discuss things and work out some ways of staying close. As long as each person is 100 percent committed to the other and you truly love each other, as they say, love will find a way to keep you “together.”

Be Conscious Of What A Long-distance Love Life Involves

First off, you both need to sit down and discuss the whole thing. If you don’t know what to expect or aren’t consistent it can spark jealousy and hurt feelings. A lot of long-distance relationships fail due to lack of trust, and trust is imperative in any relationship, especially if you can’t always be there in person.

You need to do something like have a regular time of the day to video chat or always know that your beloved is going to text you prior to heading to work or school every day. Plus, it’s also cool to get some things out of the digital world like sending each other real cards or maybe some flowers or small gifts on special occasions or even just because.

Plan Virtual Dates

Since you aren’t going to be together in person all the time, you need to find other ways to “date.” A once a day/week video date/chat works for some couples. You can even plan to have dinner “together” by arranging to eat a meal while the two of you talk on video chat. Make it romantic by putting the lights down low, playing some soft music and lighting some candles, just like you might do in person.

Don’t waste valuable time by talking the small talk like what happened during your day unless it’s really important, instead talk about your feelings, your love for each other and what you’d be doing if the other were right there with you. Which brings up our next topic, what about sexual relations during a long-distance relationship?

Intimacy In A Long-distance Relationship

Most couples these days have a physical relationship, which is something that is hard to manage long-distance. First off you have to have 100 percent trust in the other person not to cheat on you. If there is any doubt, then the relationship isn’t going to work and you are likely to break up. During your video chats, there are things you can do to satisfy those sexual urges.

Visit Each Other Whenever Possible

Even with all the virtual gadgets or social media and smartphones, it is always more satisfying if you can see and be with each other in person. It all depends on the reason for the long-distance relationship in the first place, but try to visit and be with your love whenever possible. Of course, if the other person is a deployed military member this may not be possible, but in all other situations, you should be able to find a way to occasionally visit and be with your love to renew your closeness and feelings for each other in a more physical instead of virtual fashion.

Each person can alternate who comes to who depending on transportation costs and who can afford it better, and you can work out a schedule if possible. Even if it’s just a weekend, it is better than nothing and will be greatly appreciated by your love.


Above all, be sure to keep telling the other person how much you love and miss him/her. Talk or text to each other every day. Be sure not to guilt-trip the other person by acting all depressed and mad and telling them that it’s their fault you are separated and can’t be together. That just shows you are a complainer and it won’t help the situation at all.

Just remember, real love finds a way. And long-distance relationships are possible if you truly are committed to one another for the long haul.

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