Great Vision: 6 Tips How To Make A Vision A Reality

Do you have a dream, a vision which you have chased for years without making it a reality? After a year or two of talking about the same idea with your friends, you haven’t either started, or the steps which you have made are insignificant toward achieving the vision? You may have consumed all your free time on a certain vision, but till today, potentially, you haven’t sadly accomplished anything yet? Don’t give up and stay positive!

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. – Woodrow Wilson

Almost everyone has an idea which they hope in one or another way can and will change their life. For instance, you might have developed an interest in the business and decided to open up a successful business one day.

The Reality Of My Life

Allow me to share my own story, which taught me a few valuable lessons in life. After completing high school, I was fortunate enough to get a job in one of the leading companies in the country as an assistant to a machine operator. I got trained for a few weeks where I learned about different types of computers, machines, and within a short period of time, I was working like the rest of the machine operators and earning a good salary.

Years went by, and I started a family and continued working in the same company. The company kept on asking workers to upgrade their education level, and this is how I made a vision to take a degree course in machine operation. However, due to my busy work-life scheduler, I kept on postponing my training for years. Although the majority of my colleagues at work got enrolled and successfully graduated.

Suddenly one-morning radical changes were introduced in the company and all company systems and machines were upgraded. I got a rude reality shock when I received news that the company laying off all employees without a qualified degree. I was among those who were affected. It was the most challenging time I ever experienced in my life due to the emotional and financial challenges that I went through. I learned a few life lessons from this situation:

  • What is a vision
  • Tips on making a vision a reality
  • Main impediments of vision

What Is A Vision

A vision in life refers to a clear picture in the form of an idea which you have/might have back in your mind toward your life. A vision is derived from the assessment of your capabilities and the interests you potentially have in life. In life, the vision would be set in line with the goals which you want to achieve.

Tips On Making A Vision A Reality

Conduct Personal Assessment

Having a personal assessment is the first step toward making your vision to be a reality because you will be able to define and also identify all your capabilities. At this point, you will be able to identify the vision which you want to achieve based on your capabilities. Having some clear knowledge of the position you are at the moment would make you identify the journey which you are supposed to go in life. Maybe you need a get a second degree or save money or start your own company.

Visualize Your Destiny

Before you get something, it’s good to have some clear images which would make your mind clear of what you actually want to achieve.

Develop A Clear Plan To Achieve The Vision

There is nothing better than a great plan. Plan to get a job of your dream, plan to build an amazing family and raise great kinds with your soulmate. You should start with at least a basic plan and keep advancing it over time, going through all use cases. It would save you tons of time, money and energy!

Implement The Plan

You have the vision in your heart, a great plan on the paper and in your mind, now it’s time to act toward achieving your vision. Remember, it is always a good idea to stick to your plan which would ensure that you achieve the vision with the shortest time period. At this point, you can also point out the distractors and the challenges which might hinder you from achieving the vision. And last but not least, if you plan needs to be updated, revised – do it now, don’t wait!

Have Continuous Evaluation

Making a vision a reality is a process and can be a long one. The evaluation would help to ensure that you are moving in the right direction. View one more time the scope of remaining work toward making the vision a reality.

Reward Yourself

It is the last stage where you need to reward yourself or get rewarded by others after making the vision to be a reality. It’s always great to celebrate success and make memories with your friends and loved ones! Ensure that everything has gone as planned before you reward yourself.

Major Obstacles

Lack Of A Proper Plan

For the vision to get achieved, it would require someone to put in place an essential plan with steps. Ask your parents or trustworthy friends to help you with that or find some time and do it yourself. Believe me, if you are reading this article, you can do it!

Setting Overambitious Visions

Your vision should be ambitious, but be ready to work hard for it and be well prepared to sleep less and work more as Elon Musk did. A personal assessment would help you to develop an ambitious and achievable vision(s). Avoid visions which are very beyond your means and capabilities, per time frame you’ve decided to invest.

Time Mismanagement

Excellent time management skills – very crucial toward achieving your vision in life. Some people are poor in time management (although they might sound well as they speak and be super well educated), and this makes them have a difficult time in making the vision a reality. Always ensure that you manage your time well!

Great Vision: Conclusion

Vision is a clear manifestation of what is in our mind, and we should always strive to ensure that our vision becomes a reality one day. Good luck!

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