Live Without Greed: What Would The World Be Like Without Greed?

Have you ever developed greed of something before? Well if you have ever been how did it turn out? We have friends and relatives with greed behaviors, and they keep on developing the desire over something. Let me share with you a short story.

“The world says: “You have needs — satisfy them. You have as much right as the rich and the mighty. Don’t hesitate to satisfy your needs; indeed, expand your needs and demand more.” This is the worldly doctrine of today. And they believe that this is freedom. The result for the rich is isolation and suicide, for the poor, envy and murder.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Martin’s Story

There was a man by the name Martin, who was lucky and got some gold which could get valued at the cost of $100,000. However, instead of disposing of the gold and earning money, he decided to bury the gold within his compound. He could make several trips and dug up to check whether the gold was there.

Due to the constant trips he made every day, someone noticed the weird behavior Martin portrayed as if he was hiding something. One night the suspicious man decided to follow Martin, and without any clue, Martin continued with his routine of checking whether the gold was still intact. After the guy discovered the treasure which Martin was hiding, he immediately made plans of how to get the gold in the absence of Martin. As usual, Martin woke and went to check his gold, but unfortunately, the gold had been taken away.

He broke in tears recounting his lost gold and everyone in the family was in great shock to hear that Martin had buried some gold worth a fortune. In this article, I will help you in analyzing in-depth the real meaning of greed, what influences people to become greedy and finally how to live a life without greed.

  • What is greed?
  • What are the causes of greed?
  • How to live without greed

What Is Greed?

It refers to the extreme appetite someone develops over something such as food or in other words, could also mean the desire for power or wealth. In society, we have a friend or people who have the unwarranted behavior of desiring everything. For instance, one would get greedy when he or she watches someone with money, and he or she is thinking about how the money would descend in his or her pocket.

However, in life, there is a need for people to be a little bit selfish simply because this is what makes us kind and also different from social animals. For example, when one is a bit selfish, he would think for his need and may that of his family first before he would the act of the compassionate to other people. But if the selfishness would exit and goes beyond that point, it would turn out to be greed. We should be cautious of the level of the selfish which we demonstrate towards other people.

What Are The Causes Of Greed?

The following are the causes of greed:

Excessive Selfishness

Did you know if your selfishness goes beyond it would become greed? It is the most common cause of greed to many people, and we should ensure that we work on the level of our selfish and trim it when it goes beyond out of hand. However, it is good to note that a little bit selfish is justifiable.

Lack of Satisfaction

At times if we get contented by the little things that we have it would we would be the candidate of greed. It is good to accept what the Lord has blessed you with and work extra hard to achieve anything else which we have not succeeded in life. In this way, we would avoid greed.


When you get possessed with jealousy, it will make you be greed. At times there are people e who demonstrate a high level of jealousy, which in some other case affects their progress. It is good to avoid being jealous of life.


In some other cases, greed comes through addiction, such as taking alcohol or betting in that case. However, we should avoid getting addicted to greed at any time.

How To Live Without Greed

Always Give More And Expect Less

In life, it is good to give more to other people and expects less, and this would help live without greed. It is something many people have not yet embracing which open rooms for greed in life. However, there is a need to ensure that we share with the needy people in our life instead of being greedy with other people. It is through simple acts we can avoid greed in our life.

Always Think About Other People’s Welfare And Be Compassion

In our life, we interact with many people whom we share some happiness, and in some other case, we mourn with them. However, we little think about other people in life, which would make us develop greed in life. If we could appreciate other people and also their success in life and this would make us avoid greed in life. For example, many people end up being greed because of always thinking about other people progress in life.

Always Be Contented With What You Have

The reason why we are greed it is because we do not appreciate the little things that we have in life. It is good that we accept the little thing that we have in life and this way we will be able to be contented in life and avoid being greed in life. If we all adhered to this, we could see also good interaction with each other and appreciate what others have achieved.

Avoid Being Jealousy

Greed comes as a result of being jealous in life, and we should always avoid jealousy in life and this way, we could avoid being greed in life. Ensure that you control your level of jealousy in life, and therefore, we should avoid being greed in life.

In life, we should always be compassionate about other people and always love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and this would make us live without life without greed. In addition to that, we should forever control the level of our selfish to ensure that we don’t fall victim of greed in our life. There is no point in which one should be jealous of the other people, but instead, we should appreciate the success of each other.

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