Positive Thinking 101: How To Find Positivity In Your Life If It Seems Like There Is No Hope At All

These days it seems the world has gone crazy and many people feel as if all hope is gone forever. They don’t see anything positive in their future and have no idea how to get out of that feeling. However, it is possible to find some positivity in your life even if there seems to be no hope at all! Here’s how:

1. Stay Positive And Send Out Messages To All Your Loved Ones Expressing Your Gratitude

If you are going through a tough time, then look through your contacts list and type out some gratitude messages. There are bound to be about your friends and loved ones that deserve your thanks. Personalize each message precisely for that person and whatever caused you to want to thank them and be grateful for them being in your life. It’s bound to lead to them sending you back a possible message which will make you feel good and help you be more positive in your thought process.

“Any area of my life for which I have no hope is under the influence of a lie.” – Bill Johnson

2. Learn To Believe In Yourself And Others

Belief is a big thing that can influence our mind as well as our body. If you are going through a rough patch in your life, one way to get out of that is to start to believe that there is a way out and that things can change for the good. You need to concentrate on your daily activities and create some positive thoughts that will in turn spark more positive results. It has been proven that if you think negative thoughts, then negative things will happen. We attract the things we believe in and if we instead believe in the good in life, it is much more likely good things will come to us in return.

3. Mindful Thinking Works Wonders

If you are feeling hopeless, then your mind is probably going crazy as well. But if you instead learn to meditate and do some mindful thinking, your thoughts will not be as jumbled. Thoughts are a powerful thing and can truly hurt you if they are bad thoughts. But if we learn some self-control via learning how to meditate and calm our destructive thoughts, we will have more positivity in our lives.

Even if you can only do it for five or ten minutes each morning, it is a good way to get grounded and be calmer for the rest of your day. Eventually, you can extend the sessions out to be longer.

4. Tell Yourself That Things Could Be Worse And Tomorrow Is Another Day

You have likely heard someone say that things could always be worse, and this is very true in the majority of cases. For instance, what if you were suddenly rushed to the hospital because you collapsed and then you woke up and found out you had lost your appendix or had to have a limb amputated. Of course, these are bad things, but it could have been worse, because you could have died!

Plus, in the majority of cases unless we do die, then it is pretty likely that most problems that you have are going to look better in the morning if you sleep on them. Some things resolve themselves and don’t seem as bad the following day. You may as well try to find a positive angle for any problem because thinking negatively isn’t going to solve any problem big or small. Just remember that there are likely people in far worse situations than yours, so count your blessings and think positively!

5. Try To Find The Silver Lining In A Situation

At times we will go through some sort of event that truly seems horrible, yet in the long run they turn out to have a silver lining and be positive. For instance, what if you suddenly got laid off from your job! Likely you would be scared to death on how you were going to pay your bills and buy food. However, what if it was a job you hated anyway? Now you have the chance to pursue the job of your dreams or maybe go back to school. If you try to turn something bad into something good by looking for a silver lining, it might not be something horrible after all.

6. Try To Focus On The Bigger Picture

When it comes to life, we have to pick the direction we want our lives to go. That means thinking hard on what we truly want in life, what experiences we want to have and what goals we want to attain. You have to have goals or you are really just being stagnant and never accomplish anything at all. So, it helps to write down both long and short term goals and strive every day towards attaining them. This makes you keep your eye on those goals so you always have something to look forward to and something to make a positive strategy toward getting.

There will always be days where it seems everything is going wrong in your life. However, there are also always methods of doing something that will turn that feeling around and help you to learn and to be more positive in the future.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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