Friendship 101: How To Develop A Good Relationship With Your Friends

Making Good Friends


Every day we meet new friends either in the workplace, social places and others in the school. After the excitements of meeting new friends in the first days, it eventually fades within some few days thus triggering the questions why the friendship ended so soon after meeting. I believe in one way or the other you have ever experienced that.

We can ask ourselves the following questions, how do you maintain contacts with your friends? Also, how can one maintain good friendships with new friends? It is easy to get new friends every day, but to maintain friendships is the main problem everyone has currently. I welcome you on board to discuss the various ways in which to maintain good friendships with new and old friends.

  • Identify something in common
  • Maintain constant communication
  • Support each other goals and ambitions
  • Respect for each other
  • Organize time for each other
  • Create some social time
  • Be honest with each other
  • Identify something in common

As soon as you get new friends, it is good to identify something in common, which will keep you in touch. For instance, if you meet your new friend in the football pitch as spectators, you can consider watching football as the common thing which will always unite the two of you.

With something in common, it would make one maintain good contact and also maintain good friendships. Also, to note is that through having something in common would also ensure you keep constant touch, which deepens the friendships.

Friendship: Maintain Good Communication

Communication is the key success to good friendships. Regular contact would ensure that the new friends will be in good touch, which will ensure they deepen their friendships. For instance, one can communicate through making calls or through a social application such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

In addition to that, when new friends are in excellent Communication, it would help share some good moments and also bad moments which would deepen the friendships. Also, one can improve the communications in the friendships by ensuring they give time for each other when communicating, thus promoting a good understanding of each other.

Support Each Other Goals And Ambitions

Everyone has goals and also aspirations which they need to achieve in their life, and these goals could get realized every day. When you meet a new friend, he or she should support your goals and ambition or in other way helps you on how to achieve these goals. Through supports, it would help one deepen the friendships in one way or the other. I firmly believe if we could support each other ambitions, it would make one keep such friends forever, which is the goal of everyone. Besides that, if one would share his or her aspirations and goals with his new friends, it would help define the kind of friendships these two people would have in the future. For example, if your ambition is to play football or any other games, your friends should be there to support you.

Respect To Each Other

Respect to each other when it comes to new friends is essential since it helps to promote the proper relationships with each other. For instance, when it comes to meeting a new friend, it would require one to ensure they promote proper respects to each other. In many cases is where you meet a new friend, and in the course of the friendships, one fails to respects each other, which makes the friendships to end prematurely. Respect is the key to success to any friendships; thus, there is a need to ensure new friendships promote respects.

Organize Time For Each Other

Having time for each other would promote good friendships and also help to deepen the friendships. Most of the new friends tend to communicate through the phone only and reduce the time for each other. When two friends meet regularly, it will develop useful contacts which would develop good relationships between these friends. Time helps to increase the touch, which is vital for good relationships, thus ensuring the friendships lasts for long.

Create Social Time For Each Other

At the time social time would enhance good friendships and hence create some cordial relationships with each other. For instance, if you met your friend in the workplace, it would be essential to create some social time to socialize. In such a case, when in the workplace, you have less time to socialize, which makes it hard for the two friends to socialize and build on the friendship. Social time is usually best for each other; thus, there is a need to ensure a good time.

Be Honest With Each Other

At times dishonest is what kills many friendships; thus, there is a need to ensure you maintain a high level of honesty when it comes to dealing with your friends. In this case, you should ensure you are honest with all your activities which involve your friends. You might start some initiative with your new friends who will require each other to be honest with each other thus ensuring the friendships last for long


Good friendships require respects and love for each other, therefore ensure that you deepen your friendships with new friends. In your contacts list, you have many friends whom you don’t have many contacts, and yet you are friends. At times you don’t even make a step to call or text your friends, which lead friendship declining. You can change the situation by making a bold initiative of promoting friendships by having constant Communication with your friends.

Anytime you meet a new friend; you should strive to ensure there is excellent Communication with each other and also ensure you support each other ambitions and goals. With consideration of this, it would ensure one deepen the friendships. In any friendship, you end up with you should ensure you set some goals you expect in the course of the friendships.

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11 thoughts on “Friendship 101: How To Develop A Good Relationship With Your Friends”

  1. I like the idea of maintaining good communication and creating social time for each other. It seems like there are too many social rules nowadays. If you meet a new friend, or any new person, you’re not supposed to really hang out with them until after a period of time has passed. We should look back at how things were done in childhood. When you liked someone enough, they were your friend and you spent time with them and communicated with them. We can do the same as adults too.

    • Hi Bilal, interesting point, thank you for sharing! Life is so complex, there are even social rules on the Social Media aka Facebook …every person can and can’t write about… I have a friend she writes amazing articles about our reality and world we are living in – but Facebook banning her account. Reason? Well, new rules…

  2. Useful Tips Savvy for new friendships. In my experience as the friendship develops, feelings of jealousy and comparisons mar the relationship. Also, There are times when won’t agree with your friends or disapprove their actions or your values are different. How could you not let that affect your friendship? So, “trying not to judge others” and “focusing on their positives” are good strategies in addition to these tips. Very well written post!

  3. Humour: it can make or break a friendship. Sarcasm is my bag. It can be welcomed or found insulting or even seen as abusive. So aligning your humour and understanding how far you can or cannot take it or when to leave it is a good skill to have. Or you could join my sarcasm society, yeah like we need new members……..!


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