How to be happy when nobody is happy around you: 6 Priceless Advices

How to be happy when nobody is happy around you


Happiness is a state of mind, and believe it or not we can keep negative emotions away with the power of our mind. If you want to be happy you must reject negative emotions like anger, pessimism or resentment. You have to put yourself into situation that instead foster good feelings like joy, gratitude, love, friendship, etc.

But you say, how can I do that when everyone else around me is unhappy? Here are some tips to do exactly that:

  1. Choose to be Happy

As stated previously, a person must choose to be happy. No one else can make you happy if you don’t first decide on your own to do so. If we set out to intend to be happy, we have a much better chance of actually being happy because consciously choosing to do something is the first step in achieving that goal.

We must help that along by not putting ourselves into negative situations or around negative people whenever possible. If we always try to be in an environment where we can be happy, then chances are it will occur. That means if one of your so called friends is always in a negative mood, tends to moan and groan over nothing, then maybe it’s time to choose friends who are better suited to helping you maintain your happiness.

  1. Learn to nurture gratitude, be more forgiving

Even if others around us are seemingly always upset about what others have done to them or claim that there is nothing in the world to be thankful for, that really isn’t true. There is no reason why we should listen to these negative people. Instead, we must learn to nurture feeling thankful and grateful for the things around us from the air we breath to the homes we live in and even for our very lives.

Plus, if someone crosses us or causes us grief, it doesn’t help anything to hate them or vow to never forgive them. It’s better for your health to forgive them and move on with your life. Forgiveness is cleansing and it can go a long way to nurturing your continued happiness vice being sad and upset over the past.

  1. Learn to think more positively and counteract the negative influences around you

Another thing is that there seems to be so many negative influences these days. People are offended or upset by the tiniest infractions. But why let these influences ruin your happiness? We need to learn to be a positive influence so we can influence people around us in a good way. That leads to being happier and could also help bring others into your happiness sphere too! Just like negativity can breed sadness and unhappiness, if we show a happy attitude around others, that can breed more positive feelings.

  1. Stay engaged in activities that are meaningful

When our mind gets involved in something that truly has meaning, then usually we are also in a happier mood. If we are instead doing something mindless like watching some show on TV or scrolling through a Facebook account, our minds tend to drift. Just because everyone else is addicted to their phones or doesn’t seem to have anything useful to do, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing! Bring yourself some meaning in life by doing something great like volunteering or checking things off your daily to do list. That makes us happy because we have truly accomplished something meaningful for a change!

  1. Be aware of your triggers for both happiness and unhappiness

You may not be aware of it, but the way we feel is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. What that means is that each of us has certain triggers that cause us to become either happy or unhappy. These triggers could be something as simple as a sound, a smell, or someone mentioning a topic you don’t want to discuss like religion or politics.

For instance, if you hate gossip, and people at work tend to hang around you and talk about everyone else, then it’s time to stay away from them and do something more constructive. Some triggers are easy to avoid, so we can be happier, however, if you have some deep set trigger it might be a good idea to talk to a counselor and work through it.

In life we are always going to find negative people who never seem to be happy no matter if they were to do something fantastic like win the lotto or get their dream job. This is a sad, but true fact that we can’t do anything to change. But just because there are unhappy people all around us, it’s no reason to be unhappy ourselves.

All in all, we are responsible for the things that bring us happiness, and it’s vital to find that happiness because it affects our health, as well as our overall wellbeing. So, we have to learn to foster our own state of happiness, find out the triggers that can damage that happiness, and then make a conscious effort to be happy no matter what.

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