What Are Unrealistic Expectations? Setting Standards In Life: High Expectations Can Make You Unhappy

High Expectations Can Make You Unhappy

Setting Right Expectations In Life And Business

Life is so unpredictable, we can never predict our future. So always try your best to make your life happier. We can see that all human beings on this earth are suffering from lots of difficulties. No one is completely happy. Some are unhappy because of losing their dear ones, some are because of tragedies in their life. So life never becomes easier for anyone. You have to suffer a lot if you really want to get something worthy from your life.

If we talk about expectations, then this is a bitter reality of our life that higher the expectation, the higher the chances of getting hurt. When you expect things from your friends, families, and loved ones and when they don’t meet at your expectation level then, as a result, it will hurt you a lot.

High expectations mean higher standards and always remember we are human beings, so there are a lot of chances for us to commit mistakes. In short, when a person doesn’t meet the higher standards, then you will get disappointed too.

Why Are These High Expectations Important?

High expectations are essential in many different ways. If we take an example of the academic point of view when a teacher has very high expectations for the students then it will help to build confidence and self-esteem and, as a result, it will have a positive impact on their academic performances too. So high expectations have positive consequences.

If we talk about high expectations with your friends, then it will hurt you at the beginning, but this will become a learning experience in your life. These learning experiences can make you a better person who has learned a lot for his future.

High Expectations Makes You Unhappy

A person who doesn’t expect anything from anyone is truly blessed. When you expect something from someone, then it truly hurts, and as a result, it will lead you to stress and anxiety. So it will, as a result, make you unhappy. So why we are expecting anything from anyone? Why there is a need to waste your energy? It’s a fact, and everyone knows that the higher you expect the higher will be the chances of being unhappy. Then stop expecting from others. Just expect good things from God. He will never disappoint you in any way. When you expect that/this thing would happen to you in the future, then it leads to disappointment. It’s your fault for expecting a lot from others. If you are helping someone for any reason, then don’t expect that the person will do the same for you.

When you don’t get what you expected than take it as a lesson in your life. If some of your relatives or family don’t meet your expectations, then try to find happiness from others(or other things in life). Always try to think positive and don’t depend on others that they will support you through thick and thin.

What Are Unrealistic Expectations?

  • When you expect something, and the results are not up to your expectations, then the reason is unrealistic expectations. Like what you don’t even imagine – happens, if it happens in a direct or indirect way; it will lead to disappointment, it will lead you towards stress and anxiety. These types of unrealistic expectations can lead to the failure of your goals and your ambitions and demolish your lifetime learning experience and will lead you towards an unhappy lifestyle. There are some signs of unrealistic expectations: through this, we have some level of control which we don’t have in our real life.
  • One of the worst things is the person in this situation thinks that everyone likes them, but in real life, it is really hard to believe that it’s possible. 

How To Overcome This Issue

First of all, nobody is perfect.  Yes, no one is perfect in this world, so stop thinking you are. When you change this thinking pattern, automatically you will lower your expectation level.

  • You should stop comparing yourself with others. It’s your life, this life is about you, not them, remember!
  • Another important thing is to thoroughly see your expectations. Question yourself about these high levels of expectations and if you find any flaws then try to change it.
  • The third most important thing is making yourself feel like a normal human. You are not Superman, Batman, or Spiderman, you are not blessed with some extra powers. You are a normal human being, behave like a normal one too, please.
  • Last but not the least important thing is to love yourself. Believe in yourself for who you are. When you start loving yourself, then this will make you a better person in the future.

So these are some of the ways to control your high expectations. I hope this article will be very helpful for those who are hurt when people don’t meet their expectations. Always try to believe in yourself and love yourself but don’t be a self-oriented/self-centered person.

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