Give and Forget About Receiving

Give. Give. Give…

Each of us loves to receive so much, aren’t we? Who does not love presents, especially good ones! It’s pure humans nature, it’s great, it makes us happy it fulfils us.

But believe me, giving will fulfil you much more and for a longer period of time than receiving. Try to donate a portion of your time or money or bake a cake for your teammates at work.

Start giving today, become a mentor for somebody at school, university or at your workplace, donate a portion of your time to your local community.

I’ve noticed that some people living by the rule: I will help only after you help me. Well, sure it’s fair to a certain extent, but the universe, the majority of us I still believe live by different rules, more open, honest and sincere ones.

I’ve met so many fantastic people through my life when they are excited to help you for “Thank you”, they love helping others, they love seeing you succeeding even more then they are. I think this is fair and this is how it should be.

One day, when I was really poor, and by poor, I mean walking at the gas station with a can of cents and asking for gas… really poor – when you using your credit cards and not paying them back at all simply because you don’t have money.

I happened to meet a really nice person, I did not know the guy much but I’ve asked if he knew any mechanics around who can help with a car.

Mechanic fixed my car and asked close to $1000 dollars(..nobody knew that I only had $400 on my bank account and week or so to live on this money), my new friend negotiated the price to $650 and paid for me $300. I paid the rest $300 and end up with $100 to live(food, gas, lunch money).

Who would think that my new friend will pat for me, not only that, while I was in the shop he offered me a wonderful lunch and spent half of the day in the shop with me so I will not be bored by myself?

This situation influenced me to be more open to problems of others and open my heart to people who really need my help.

Let’s make this world brighter and better, it’s all starts with you and me!



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