Don’t Stop When You Are Tired; Stop When You Are Done. Stay Motivated!

Stay Motivated, Be Proactive At Work And Life

More often than not, our minds tend to protect our bodies from extreme exhaustion (at work, while you training for a marathon). Well, I’m here to tell you that you still have enough fuel to keep on going. Maybe it’s not enough to keep you going forever, but it’s enough to see you across the finish line.

“Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.” – Phillip Sweet

Every day we have to deal with procrastination. And I’m sure you’ve heard this saying a couple of times that procrastination is the killer of time. Don’t let yourself learn this lesson the hard way.

Your mind is a tricky little fella. It will always find a way to protect itself. More importantly, fatigue is your body’s way of protecting itself. What I find interesting is that most people don’t realize that they can still keep on working. We tend to excuse our exhaustion to every little thing in our environment.

Keep Going, Keep Working, You Are The Winner!

However, tiredness is simply the body’s low fuel light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue with the journey. Therefore, don’t stop when you are tired; stop when you are done. Besides, if you stop when you are tired, then you are probably too late. You should have stopped before you started the task.

Once you put your mind into not giving up, then I promise you that you will find a way out. Additionally, the habit of always giving up when you are tired will be expelled out of your system. In the end, you will be able to build a strong character.

Let’s start by looking into some of the ways you can deal with procrastination. That’s because it doesn’t give you the time to relax as you initially thought. When you procrastinate to do a certain task, at the back of your mind you will still remember that you need to complete the job. Therefore, you will constantly think of the task at hand.

How To Get Rid Of Procrastination

1. Don’t make a huge deal out of your work

Making too much fuss over your work will lead to procrastination. It’s actually one of the major reasons why most people choose to procrastinate their tasks. It’s usually related to how boring or how tough the given task is. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that the work is unbearable.

In reality, these challenges will never make you sick. However, procrastination is directly associated with stressful conditions. Imagine the kind of stress you go through thinking of when you should complete the work?

Therefore, you need to keep things into a positive perspective. Obviously, the task at hand might not be your favorite but it’s something that you can complete.

2. Why Are You Doing It?

Why do you want to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, blogger or motivation speaker? This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you realize your dream.

Procrastinators often to focus on the short term goals as opposed to the long-term results. That’s because they tend to avoid the stress of not doing the task. This helps them to avoid the end result or even the consequences.

Instead, try to focus on why you are doing the task. On top of that, what are the benefits of your hard work? If you have been avoiding going to the gym, imagine the satisfaction you will get when you finally get that body you so much desire.

3. Be Realistic

We are not robots. Therefore, don’t expect that by pulling of an all-nighter a few days to your exams will ensure you understand everything in the syllabus. Chances are that you will only grasp a few concepts.

The only reason you feel the sense of studying a night before the exam period is because your adrenaline has kicked in. On top of that, you are afraid of failure. But that shouldn’t be the only driving force for you.

Take your time and plan your schedule. That said, spread out the time you will spend on books over a course of about 3 weeks to the exam period. That will ensure you have at least a good understanding of your course. That also applies to your work schedules.

4. Stop Making Excuses

‘I need to be in the mood’ or ‘I only work under pressure’. Stop doing that! Try to be honest to yourself. These are just excuses why you shouldn’t complete the work. Sure, it’s a good thing getting in the mood. But waiting for that to happen means that you might never start the project. So just do it!

5. Get A Partner

First and foremost, take note of the deadlines that need to be completed. Then find someone who can help you be accountable for your responsibilities. It can be your boss or even a client who needs the work in a certain period of time.

Not wanting to go back on your word will help you be accountable for your actions. You will also manage to stop procrastinating every single thing. What’s more, there’s a high chance that you will be able to complete the task at hand on time.

6. Use Your Calendar

Your calendar can be a good reminder of when the project should be completed. You need to scheduler when you are going to do the work. Also, use your calendar to speculate the time you will complete your work.

Nothing will come easy but that shouldn’t discourage you. It should actually motivate you to work even harder.


If you feel like you need more time to work on a certain project, then you should start by eliminating what is not necessary. Don’t take up to make time in your leisure activities. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is compromising the time you spend sleeping.

I don’t know why we imagine that sleep is not important. That’s actually not true. You will need 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you take out the time you need to rest, then your productivity levels will also decrease. All you have to do is eliminate the unnecessary activities in your day time and spend more time doing what’s important.

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  1. I like number 2.

    So many times, I gave up on something only to find out my motives wasn’t pure.

    I was either doing it to please others or doing it because I thought that’s what I suppose to be doing.

    We have to be true to ourselves and find our way in the world.

    Our desire may set us in one direction, but the journey may take us somewhere that never occurred to us.

    When we know our motives, we are open to change and continue until the end.

    It’s in the journey we persevere and grow.

  2. ON TLA

    ? DAT – Diversity Acceptance Tolerance
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    ? PAT – Passion Aptitude Temperance

    …and, of course, PPS (Peace Patience Solitude); it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Suggest stay In STEP (Serenity Tranquility Equilibria Placidity) and PAT YourSelf on The Back when NoOne Else Seems to Be Doing So…


      • You Are Most Welcome SupaSoulBro and Thank You For Sharing and Serving With Your Kind, Supportive, Inspirational, Searingly Insightful Words, Stay Strong and Serene…I Am Therefore I THINK!!! Sum Ergo Cognito, I Am; We Are One Who Are Many rather than Many Who Are One, It Is Time for Appreciation of Darkness and Divinity Within Bringing Both Tolerance and Understanding of Psychological Healing and Evolutionary Growth EveryOne especially Rediscovering The Purity of Our Childlike State and Watch in Wonder as Our Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships Flourish along with Our Refreshed Curiosity as We Innovate and Co-Create Together ???…


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