Open Your Hearts: Donate Money, Time And Help Kids In Need Around The World

There are likely millions of kids worldwide that need help in some way or another, and if you are able to give money or time to help them, you can choose from several organizations. You don’t always have to give money, sometimes you can do volunteer work. Here are some suggestions for helping kids worldwide through donations or volunteer work:

“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.” — Billy Graham, evangelist

Get Engaged In Something In Your Community

Find something involving kids in your own neighborhood! There is always something going on that you can donate to like food banks, local daycare or head start programs, Habitat for Humanity programs, etc. You could be a tutor at your local school, teach a class at a community center, etc. It always makes you feel good that you are helping kids right where you live!

If You Want To Give Money Here Are A Few Well-known Organizations That Help Kids:

Save The Children. Save the Children helps kids worldwide during national disasters as well as in nutrition, educational programs, and health topics. Save the Children is a foremost advocate for kids.

CEDARS. This organization has been helping kids for more than 70 years. They support and help abused, homeless and neglected kids. They also help parents and foster parents in crisis situations.

Marine Toys For Tots Foundation. The US Marines Corps collects new and unwrapped toys for kids every year to give out during the holidays. You can see their boxes at many stores or sometimes they come in person to malls, etc. The toys are given out to less fortunate kids all over the US.

Family Giving Tree. Another holiday program to support kids not only provides gifts to underprivileged kids, but it also makes sure they get backpacks and school supplies.

Other Holiday Programs. Other holiday programs you can donate to for kids during the holidays include Operation Christmas Child, Angel Tree, and the Christmas Spirit Foundation.

My Stuff Bags Foundation. This group provides a stuff bag for kids in the US for hundreds of thousands of kids every year.

Shoes That Fit. This group provides a new pair of shoes for kids that can’t afford them.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This group gives kids a safe and secure location to learn things, enter various programs, etc. so they can become productive and responsible people in society.

National Inclusion Project. This group helps kids with disabilities. They get involved in local communities and programs to help the kids.

YouthBuild USA. This program helps older kids from 16 to 24 years old get their GED and learn skills, as well as teaches them things by getting them involved in helping to build affordable housing in their own neighborhoods. They are in 46 states in the US, as well as in the Virgin Islands.

Newborns In Need. This program provides clothes, blankets and more for premature babies in poor families such as sleepers, hats, bottles, diapers, etc.

Share Our Strength. This program helps hungry kids in the US by supporting local food banks. It also helps low-income parents learn things like nutrition skills and how to budget their income better. They hold fundraisers as well as encourage folks to donate at least an hour’s worth of their wages to help kids and families.

KABOOM! Outdated playground gear can cause injury or even death to kids. This organization helps to get new playgrounds for schools and has been doing so since 1995 all over the US. They have built hundreds of such playgrounds.

SOS Children’s Villages. This group helps siblings stay together when kids are orphaned or abandoned or their parents are in jail. They work in over 131 countries worldwide. An SOS village has 10 group homes and each has two adults and up to 8 kids living there.

Reach Out and Read. This group helps poor kids get books to read when they go to medical checkups. They also have volunteers in doctor waiting rooms to read to kids in some areas.

Youth Law Center. Abandoned kids need someone to stand up for their rights, and this group does just that. Their mission is to ensure kids in foster care or in jail have their rights taken care of properly and get needed services.

I Have a Dream Foundation. This group started when a man named Gene Lang vowed to pay the college costs for kids in his area if they graduated from high school. It worked and ever since others have replicated this feat in over 60 cities in the US.

These are just a few of the many organizations you can donate time or money to if you want to help kids. Check out your local communities for even more ways you can donate to help kids in your own neighborhood! Help make life better for the kids, as they are our future.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

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