Feeling Stuck In Life? Don’t Let Your Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today

Align Your Thoughts With Today Not Yesterday: How To Commit And Change Your Life

This is sort of a habit that we are prone to fall into. Re-living your glorious or failure days(from yesterday) is a virtue. But when it takes up too much of your time, then it can be poisonous. I had this huge problem and I was always talking about my previous successes. At the time, I never realized that I was not focussing on my current tasks or future plans.

It later ruined me in ways that I didn’t even realize. If that has been your biggest problem, then keep on reading to see what happens to my life. I’ll also show you how to pick yourself up again.

“I live off a motto that says, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. I have goals and agendas. Where ever I’ll be tomorrow, that’s where I’ll be.” – Vanilla Ice

Albert Einstein is a famous philosopher who invented different theories that still echo in the field of science. He is actually one of the greatest minds to have ever existed. That’s because he introduced the world to a new way of thinking that has eventually opened new doors to understanding the world.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” – Albert Einstein

However, Einstein left us with a lot of thoughts about how you should live your life to its fullest potential. Let’s dive into one of his most renown sayings that are quite relevant to this article ‘learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow’.

Learn From Yesterday

Don’t always concentrate on the ‘rear view mirror’. Honestly, it’s true that if you stay obsessed with your past, it will appear closer than you imagine. But that doesn’t mean you should always concentrate on your past.

Like I said earlier, I had a silly obsession of always concentrating on my previous successes. I enjoyed the thrill it gave me and I loved talking about how exciting it felt to succeed. But it was a bad obsession since it affected my future projects.

Obviously, I had made a serious leap in life and I was enjoying the fruits of my hard work. However, I didn’t realize it that I needed to work even harder to reach my original goals. And instead of catapulting my life to the status that I wanted, I ended up going back to the place I started from.

That was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. All in all, I learned from my experience and vowed never to repeat the same mistakes. You will have to learn from your past mistakes and find a way to detach yourself from them.

Live For Today

It’s very hard for someone to forget about their past experiences. But you can learn from them. However, that doesn’t mean you need to replay the events of the past in your mind over and over again.

If you keep replaying your past, then you are giving that experience power over you. Whether it’s a heartbreak, an embarrassing situation or simply a success story, it will hinder you from living your today.

Have you ever heard of an emotional hoarder? This is someone who stockpiles every heartbreak, traumatic experience, embarrassing situation only to live with the burden of such incidents each and every day.

Find a way to detach yourself from your past so you can live for today. It can be a difficult thing to detach from a traumatic experience. More importantly, it will insulate you from life. Additionally, it will also shield you from love, friendship and possibly happiness.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Today

Living in your past will lead you to sacrifice your today. Don’t let your past have so much control over your today. Try letting go of all those traumatic experiences that shield you from your future friendship experiences.

Today Is The Best Gift you can ever receive. I had a friend who was an addict of drugs back when I was in University taking my undergraduate. At the time, I never thought he would change. But a few years down the line, I came across him when I was taking a stroll around town. He changed to a sophisticated person in a suit and tie. When I approached him to reminisce over the old days he seemed to have forgotten everything or simply chose to ignore the talk.

I didn’t understand why he did that but later came to realize that he learned from his past mistakes and was now focussing on his future. The next time I met him was in the church leading the choir team. He turned over a new leaf and was already placing his life in the hands of God.

Hope For Tomorrow

What was in your mind when you woke up today? Probably what you are planning to do throughout the day. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? If yes, congratulations! That shows you are determined to complete your daily targets.

However, most of us are not able to complete the entire tasks of the day. Now imagine completing what you had planned to do the entire month. Hectic right? Tomorrow is a false promise.

Hope for tomorrow but don’t spend all your time thinking of what you should do. Acting on the plans for your tomorrow is always a good way to focus your energy. On top of that, you will also get the chance to organize your schedule. But focus on what you need to complete today to get to tomorrow.

Your work at the moment is as important as your work tomorrow. One of my biggest successful people is Elon Musk. He spends most of his time focussing on work rather than thinking of his future plans. With that kind of schedule, you will always get results at the end of the day.


As much as I focused too much on my past(yesterday) and talking about my future plans, I found out the hard way that I need to focus on today. If you keep sharing your future plans before you actually do them, then you are likely to fail. Plan for your future and immediately start working. Like I said earlier, tomorrow is simply a false promise. The only way you can make it a reality is by actually acting on your plans.

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  1. Nice article Savvy. Totally agree. All the power is in the Now. Use Past and future for planning and don’t worry/get hung up on your mistakes or accomplishments. Just keep growing.


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