Disability Is Not Inability: Disability Is Not A Barrier To Success

Disability is not an obstacle to your success. Rise today and showcase your ability today to the whole World! Many people are disabled in one way or the other. By disability, it means you have some impairments in life or activity limitation. However, all these forms of disability should not deter you from achieving your wonderful dreams or something that you love in your life. I know many disabled people and they are able to fully participate in activities which are done by healthy people, sometimes on even more perfect skillset level. In the same society, I have seen people who are partially disabled in life, turning out to be beggars in the streets.

Remember, the choice is yours today to be either a beggar or stand out and get counted as a victor in your ways. If you are disabled or you have someone in mind who is disabled, this is time to pay attention and realize that disability is not inability. Allow me to share a friend’s testimony in the form of a story.

“When you hear the word ‘disabled,’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, I take nothing for granted. But I find the real disability is people who can’t find joy in life and are bitter.” – Teri Garr

Story About James

James was born 25 years ago in a family of six, he was born like any other kids, but as soon he was born, he started developing some health complications. In the beginning, the difficulties were not treated that serious, and everyone thought it would soon come to pass. However, as years went by the complications persisted and created an alarm to everyone in the family. After seeking some specialized medical attention, the doctor relayed some shocking news to the family that James was suffering from cerebral palsy, which affected his body.

He was put into some medication, but the truth of the matter is that he could not be able to walk for the rest of his life. His family loved James, and they treated him with all the best care they could afford. Due to the love and care which the family showed James, he was able to accept his condition, and he lived his life to the fullest. Soon after graduating from campus, James showed to the whole world that he has the capability, but he is disabled. He started a small shop where he employed someone to assist him with delivery and shop management. Later the business grew and he has opened different branches and employed more than fifty people offering different roles.

  • How to stay motivated as a disabled person
  • Ways to live with a disability in life

Ways In Which One Would Live With Disability And Have A Successful Life

There are different ways in which one would live with a disability and have a successful life at the end of the day. No one chooses to be disabled, but once the disability knocks in your door, you should develop some tactics of surviving in life. The following are some of the ways through which you can live with a disability in life:

  • Step 1. Accept your current situation
  • Step 2. Develop some love for yourself
  • Step 3. Identify what you can do best
  • Step 4. Set your own goals and strive to achieve them
  • Step 5. Associate yourself with people who love you
  • Step 6. Always be positive in life
  • Step 7. Never isolate yourself

Accept Your Current Situation

Accepting yourself is the first step toward living with a disability. Some people are born with disabilities like James, and some get disabled along the way; thus, there is a need to accept the situation. Most people have been living in denial, and they are not ready to accept their situations, which make them live a miserable life. Accept yourself today, and you will be able to show your ability!

Develop Some Love for Yourself

Before others will show their love to you, you should be ready to love yourself. Once you love yourself, you will be able to appreciate everything that you do, and this would make you go. For example, in our story, James was able to achieve everything that he did simply because he was able to love himself and everything he was doing with his life.

Identify What You Can Do Best

Everybody has a talent and gift from God, and one should strive to ensure that you realize your ability or that gifts. Once you have identified what you can do best, it will be possible to practice that in life. James was good in business management, and he made sure that he succeeds in life, thus proving to the whole World that disability is not inability.

Set Your Own Goals and Strive to Achieve Them

Through setting some purposes, it would ensure that one can achieve everything that you have set for your life. As a disabled person, you should ensure you set some achievable goals which you want to achieve, and this would make you remain vibrant and ready to work to achieve the set of goals. For instance, like James, he decided to set some goals, which made him excel in life, similar to the other people without disability.

Associate Yourself With People Who Love You

It is good to ensure that you associate with the people who love you because this is the only way you can realize the beauty and the dreams which you have for your life. When you have people who show you no love, then it would be hard for you to excel in life, especially as a disabled person.

Never Isolate Yourself

Most of the people who are living with a disability end up isolating themselves from the rest of the people in the society. However, this only makes such people continue to suffer in isolations. It makes them feel isolated, which, in the long run, affect their success level.


No one desire to be born as a disabled person, but in the process when this happens, we are supposed to embrace the situation and live a happy life. God had a purpose for everyone, and we should ensure that we embrace one another. Those people who have some disability issues should accept the current situation and develop all the tactics to make it in life.

Photo by Anas Aldyab from Pexels

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  1. Wow, I love that story of James it is encouraging and also challenging to most of us who are healthy and we don’t want to get out of our ways and do something for the society and also to the country’s economy. Indeed as you have put it, “disability is not inability”. I look forward to your next post!

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