Did Not Get A Job? Be Happy You Did Not!

Fastest Failing Companies.

We feel happy doing the work we love to do. We feel amazing when we work in a great team, a team led by strong inspiring us daily leader, a leader who is deeply and truly cares about us – employees. Remember, it’s all about happiness!

Instead of being micro-managed we all would prefer a question from our manager: “Justin, please let me know if there is anything I can help you with to be happy and stay proactive during the day.” Isn’t it true?

Never be upset about not getting a job or not receiving an offer, it’s not worth your tears, period.

There is nothing worse than coming from work home being unhappy and angry. It damages us on a personal level, it destroys families and relationships (one of the reasons why divorce level is so higher globally), makes our kids unhappy.

Our children deserve to have happy parents, parents with a positive attitude. Kids always seek for understanding and advice.. and the process continues, because they are kids.

As we all know, unhappiness leads to many chronical diseases and addictions like alcohol, smoking etc., Unhappiness is a disease by itself, just think about it for a second…

Hate it, Leave it!

When I work for somebody it’s always a two-way street. Ultimately, I’m exchanging my health, time and service (knowledge) for money. I’m sorry it does not sounds too sweet, but it’s the truth. The company can’t own me and it’s all about mutual respect.

I personally noticed that very often, we work at the job(s) we hate. Seriously.

It was our dream for many years to work for a company “A”, maybe and to make this much. We were told by parents, friends, or poor leaders that this would lead us to happiness (we will fulfill our dream, or parents dream and will be very very happy) and successful, but we aren’t! In reality, everything is very different.

The environment inside of the company might be toxic, the job – boring, the manager – bad leader and arrogant person.

And ironically enough, we received MBA, spent six months or a year to prepare for a job interview, had 3 rounds of extremely complex interviews and now what… we have a job and we have what doctors call –  depression.

If you are in this situation, and you have three-six months of savings on your bank account I would encourage you to update your resume, and dedicate your time and energy for job search, don’t wait, it’s simply not worth it.

Evaluate everything carefully, its all about happiness!

I’ve noticed one interesting fact, usually in the interview, or going through the interview loops we can see and sense on our skin how the company built inside out, we can sense the people, their behavior and most likely predict what’s going to happen with us (in 80% of cases), or will this environment and job make us happy or completely crush us.

I’ve noticed also that, sometimes we are willing (yes, we do it on purpose) to ignore red flags because it’s an interview and it’s a cat-mouse game, and we think that people will trust me, will be nice and positive to me, right after I join a company. This is a big mistake because they don’t. Whatever you see in your interview – it’s ultimate reality and it’s the truth.

Trust your instincts

Believe me, even such a wonderful company as Glassdoor most likely would not publish extremely negative feedback about the interview process in such company. I remember I wrote a few lines about how company “A” poorly managed, my review was never ever published… Shall, I, you, we trust any online platforms/reviews any longer?

If you can sense lack of respect from the first minute, it’s a red flag.

If the interviewer rushing with questions, constantly interrupting your answers (not letting you finish the sentence or thought) and have a weird body language? When you join a company it’s most likely a communication style you will have with this person (team). Are you ready for that? Ask yourself twice.

Let me ask you what do you think about Facebook? When I see their TV commercials, it feels like they want to take care of us people, improve family communication and lives.. what a big dream, what a big goal…

I remember I had an interview with the Facebook team, the interviewer was rushing me all the time, pushing me off any reasonable limits. Why I did not stop the interview, what I was thinking about?. It was very disrespectful to me and my time.

Yes, I’m happy I did not join the team, large salary, stock options… but they don’t deserve to own my enthusiasm, my smile, my positive attitude toward life and people around me. Honestly, I don’t believe in Facebook anymore because they position themselves in an awesome spotlight – helping other people, in reality (when I went through my interview – reality check), it’s just another egocentric, poorly managed business model, making somebody reach… they want us, instead of investing time in our families, keep wasting it on Facebook posts. Just think seriously about it for a second, it’s a nonsense. 

Think twice before you sell your time and smile to any organization. You do them (a company) a favor, not vice versa.

Race, Native Language, Name

Through my life, I had close to a hundred job interviews. I’ve calculated that I fail and will fail about 18% – 25% of my job interviews because of three major things: my name (I refuse to change my name to John Shakespeare), accent (it’s a matter of fact I have it), and race factor.

Some people willing to believe that we live in a perfect world and were we all equal. Well, I believed in that too, not anymore.

Stay Strong. Say Yes To Rejection

Accept the fact of being rejected at a job interview, at work, in life. People will always Like and Dislike. People will always have a different point of view, different ways of measuring other people, their success, so lets it be. You, I, we would never be able to change that.

Friends, enjoy this day and don’t let any interview change your mood from great to awful. Life is amazing, we work to live and don’t live to work!


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  1. Very true. Maybe now as a parent, what you mentioned about children is especially true. We spend so much time working, those that work outside the home in particular, at times or should I say many times will bring the outcome of their work day home. In return if it was a bad work day, casting a cloud in the home and the children.


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