How To Stop Smoking And Save Money For A Down Payment On A House: Benefits Of Quitting

Smoking is a horrible habit that is a leading cause of disease. It’s estimated it kills nearly half a million people every year! Plus, it also puts quite a strain on the smoker’s budget, as in the US one pack of cigarettes averages $6.28, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means if you smoke one pack a day in the US, you are spending close to $2,300 a month, and that is just the cost of the cigarettes themselves!

Additional Costs Caused By Smoking

You also have to take into consideration the money you spend on other things related to your smoking habit, i.e. healthcare costs, as well as what it costs to clean your clothing, curtains, furniture, etc. from the tar and smoke debris caused by smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products.

And usually, life insurance for smokers is more expensive as well! You may even get less money for your house when you sell it if a non-smoker wants to buy it and you are forced to do a deep cleaning to get rid of the smell and stains on your walls, floors, etc.

Saving money is a great motivator when you are considering stopping smoking cigarettes. When you consider the above info, you could be saving thousands of dollars a year, which would go a long way towards anything from a great summer vacation to a down payment on a house! Let alone the fact that you’ll be healthier and better able to enjoy that vacation or new home.

Low-income Smokers Benefit The Most

If you have a low income, then there is a huge benefit to both your health and your financial situation if you stop smoking cigarettes. Statistics have shown that when cigarette prices are raised, people with lower incomes are amongst the first to try to quit smoking.

How to stop smoking 101 life
How to stop smoking 101 life

Sadly though, money isn’t a big enough motivator for a lot of people no matter how low their income is, in part because of how addictive they are. Nicotine is a drug that stimulates the brain’s reward system because it promotes the release of dopamine. When someone tries to stop smoking, they get a withdrawal from not having it in their system, which can cause symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, being unable to concentrate and increased appetite, as well as digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea.

Reasons To Quit Smoking Besides Money

But if money isn’t enough, what about the other great reasons to stop smoking? Here are several of them:

Smoking causes an increased risk of diabetes and cancers – Most people know that smoking can cause things like lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc., or respiratory issues, but it also can cause an increased risk of developing diabetes. Studies have shown that depending on the amount of cigarettes smoke daily, a smoker’s risk of type 2 diabetes goes up substantially.

Smoking causes digestive issues – It’s been shown that smokers have more chances of developing digestive issues like chronic heartburn, ulcers, gall bladder problems or Crohn’s disease.

Smoking impacts your appearance – If you smoke, it also affects your looks. It can cause premature wrinkles on the face, discoloration of the fingers and fingernails, discolored and diseased teeth and gums, as well as hair and skin problems.

Methods of Stopping Smoking

So, knowing all of this, how can you stop this habit of smoking cigarettes? There are several well-known smoking cessation methods from cold-turkey to prescription medication, to include:

Nicotine replacement therapy – This comes in the form of either prescription or over the counter products. You can get medicines like Zyban or Chantix from your doctor or buy over the counter products like nicotine gums, lozenges, inhalers or patches. These all help with the cravings from withdrawal from nicotine.

Meditation or other relaxation methods – Some people have managed to stop smoking via meditation, especially if their smoking trigger was due to stress. Other such methods could include deep breathing, yoga, soothing music or visualization.

Stay away from smoking triggers – Know what triggered you to smoke in the past. For instance, you must stay away from the situation in which you used to smoke cigarettes, i.e. don’t go to bars, or if you smoked with a cup of coffee, try substituting something else for the cigarette like a carrot stick or even just hold a pencil or something shaped like a cigarette in your hand to mimic the feel of smoking.

Give your mouth something else to do – Try to chew or suck on hard candy, gum, or raw veggies or other things instead of putting a cigarette into your mouth. Some people use cigarettes as a kind of pacifier, so this method can help them cease smoking.

Do some exercise – Doing exercises can distract you so you won’t think about smoking, plus it’s also great for your health. So if you feel the urge to smoke, go for a walk, run in place, or even do something practical like a little house cleaning. That way you stop smoking and get a clean house! Bonus!

Get a friend or support group to help – You can also get a buddy to help you stop smoking or join a stop-smoking group online or in person. Then when you get the urge, you can call someone in the group and they can distract you and help you forget the urge to smoke.

Smoking is a bad habit that costs you both financially and it’s bad for your health and the people around you. Do yourself a favor, stop smoking cigarettes and use the money to treat yourself to something else! You’ll be happy you did.

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