9 Fun And Amazing Reasons To Have A Cat In Your Life

Cats are soft, furry creatures that are so adorable, especially when they are kittens. Statistics show that about three out of 10 homes in the US have at least one cat and there are more than 70 million owned cats in the US. So, there must be tons of fun and amazing reasons to own a cat.

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

1. A Cat’s Purr Is Therapeutic

When my cat purrs it makes me happy. It is very soothing and comforting. Besides, did you know that a cat’s purr can heal? It’s true. A cat’s purr vibrates at between 20 to 140 Hz and has been shown to do things like lower your blood pressure, help bones to heal faster, help ligament or muscles heal faster from injury, and it can even help someone breathe better if they suffer from dyspnea, or labored breathing.

2. Cats Never Judge Us

My cat doesn’t care if I wear a fancy outfit or a ragged pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I could be in pajamas or my birthday suit. My cats would never judge me. Plus, even if we are in a bad mood our cats still love us. They can make us happy if we are sad, and cheer us up. You can tell a cat anything you like. It really doesn’t matter. They will still love you and never judge you or try to force you into something you aren’t.

3. Cats Reduce Stress

All kinds of studies show that having a pet reduces stress. It has even been shown that you have a 40 percent less chance of suffering a heart attack if you own a cat! No matter what kind of stress you are under from monetary to losing a loved one, your cat will try to help you feel better. It has even been shown that being around a cat helps us handle physical, as well as mental pain better. You can talk to your cat and get out all that’s bugging you and they will just sit there and be with you and purr for you. Just feed them, love them and maybe save a few empty boxes for them and they will be your friends forever!

4. Cats Are So Funny At Times

Hey, if people didn’t think cats were funny, there would be thousands or fewer cat videos on the Internet. Am I right? We never seem to get enough of their hilarious antics from seeing cats chasing a string or following a laser light or doing all sorts of funny tricks on cat videos. All of our furry buddies in the cat world cheer us up with their crazy quirky habits. That is one of the reasons many people own them! Or do they own us? Sometimes it is hard to tell!

5. Cats Have So Many Different Meows

Another awesome thing about cats is all the different sounds they make. Their meow can mean anything from “feed me right now” to “I am lonely” to “I am bringing you something” to “let me in or out” or “I want that bird so bad” and everything in between. It is fascinating just how many different ways they can make a meow sound! It can be a long-drawn-out sound, a short chirpy sound, or so many others. It’s surely nothing that a dog can do!

6. My Cat Helps Me Sleep Better

Studies have shown people sleep better when they have a pet in bed with them for several reasons, they help keep them warm, they feel more secure that a pet will warn them of danger, and other reasons. In fact, cats have even been known to attack intruders as well as wake up their owners if there is a fire or a gas leak, so don’t think only Rover can be a hero, your Kitty can too!

7. There Are So Many Different Breeds And Colors Of Cats

Another cool thing about cats is they come in all different colors and breeds. You have your basic black cat, as well as calico, yellow or ginger, brown, Siamese, white, spotted, striped and so much more, as well as long, short and medium fur and fur that is straight or curly. Plus some cats don’t even have fur at all! And while most have tails, there is a breed called the Manx that doesn’t have a tail. So, you surely won’t get bored when it comes to cats, especially if you want to own several of them. And since cats are like potato chips, you just can’t stop at one, then it is great there are so many choices.

8. Cat Owners Actually Have Fewer Allergies

It is true! Even though a lot of people are allergic to them, it is proven by studies that if kids are raised with cats from the time they are a year old, then they usually end up with far fewer allergies than non-cat homes.

9. It is Simple To Leave Them Alone If You Work

Plus, what could be better than the fact you don’t have to worry about going home for lunch to let your cat out to go to the bathroom if you work all day? Cats can be shown a litter box once and they seem to instinctively know it is their bathroom. Then, just be sure to scoop out the lumps every day and your cat should be happy and healthy and not have accidents unless maybe they are sick.

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

Yes cats are awesome and us cat owners love our pets very much and these are just a few of the reasons they are so amazing and cool.

Photo by Dids from Pexels



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  1. So true! Love this, and my cat. I used to have 4 but I’m down to 1, sadly. This reminded me of – I believe it was a meme, but I’m not 100% sure, maybe just some “inspirational quote” or something lol – I can’t remember the whole thing but basically the gist of it was that people with cat hair on their clothes are happier people. lol. You may have seen it before but yeah. I love my little one. So, yeah. hehe.

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