6 Brilliant Tips For Launching A Second Career. How To Change Your Job

These days many people are considering a second career. Perhaps they have already worked 20 years doing something, but now they want to try something new. Or maybe they want some kind of career that’s totally different than what they are doing now or something to supplement social security if they are older. Or have a hankering to start your own business online or turn some former hobby into another job.

So, if any of those scenarios fits your reasons for wanting a second career, here are a few tips on how to begin a second career.

1. Put Together A Job/Career Wishlist

If you are looking to start a second career, you don’t have to pigeonhole your talents based on the jobs you’ve already had in your life. The things on your current resume likely aren’t going to help you make any kind of real change, so it’s time to dive deep into your own life to see what you really desire in a career.

Get a piece of paper or if you are a lover of digital apps, some sort of app where you can write down two columns, one for pros and one for cons. Start listing your ideas of job scenarios that you are considering along with all the benefits or disadvantages of it. Getting it all down where you can see it all at once can really help you make a decision on what kind of new career fits you best

2. Explore Your Hobbies

Some people when starting a second career get re-involved in things they love, but never turned into a job. For instance, when you were younger did you love taking photos? Maybe it’s time to consider picking up that camera again and starting your own photography business. Whatever passion you have can be a lead-in for a new and exciting job to launch that second career.

It’s also a good time to do a bit of research into old passions and see how they relate to the current job market. For instance, if you are considering starting some sort of online career, it’s not as simple as just creating a website and thinking you are going to get rich and become the next Steve Jobs by creating a replacement for Facebook! It takes planning and research to become an online success whether you are doing something as simple as starting a business helping college kids with their essays or doing something more major like selling products on your own e-commerce store online.

3. Do You Want To Start That Second Career In A Brand-New Location?

Perhaps you are not only wanting to start some sort of the second career but also want a change of scenery too. Many people use this time in their lives to explore not only their job passions but their longing to live somewhere else.

It could be anything from wanting to live somewhere warmer like Florida instead of a northern state like Illinois or it could just be you are tired of spending two hours in traffic every day to commute to and from your current job and want to go somewhere that offers you a more leisurely commute or it could even be that you want work from home.

4. Talk To Your Family/Spouse For Ideas And To See How They Feel About The Idea Of A Second Career

Another thing you must keep in mind is how or if the idea of starting a second career is going to affect your family/spouse. Do you need your current job’s income to pay the bills or are there any other reasons you starting a second career will cause major changes in not only your life but also theirs?

If you want your second career to get off on the right foot and bring you success and happiness, it’s better if you have 100 percent support from your family/spouse. So. It’s a good idea to talk to them about what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how (if any) way it could also affect their lives. You never know, they may also have some great ideas that will spur you right into that second career you desire.

5. Don’t Forget About Networking With Friends, Co-Workers, etc.

If you want to start a second career, it’s not a bad idea to bring up the topic with everyone you associate from your next-door neighbor to your current or former co-workers to anyone else you are friends or otherwise acquainted with. They may not only act as sounding boards, they actually may be able to help you to get in touch with the right people to make your dream career come true!

Use these folks as a sounding board to talk about why you want to start a second career, the things you might like to do, places you may want to live if you plan on moving, or if they know other people who have done something similar or who might be able to help you get started. Network, network, network. It is likely going to be the very key to landing a new career that you desire!

6. Get The Proper Upgrade In Your Skills

Sometimes being able to start a second career means brushing up on your education, taking a few classes in the niche you desire to work in and making sure your skills will match the new career you desire. You may not need to actually go back to college or anything that drastic. Many times you can find online classes to take that will get you right back into the running to get that new job you crave.

All in all, starting a second career can be both an exciting and challenging adventure into the unknown. If you have a passion for doing something new in your life or you are just bored with the current job you have, then doing the above actions could help you to get that second career you’ve always wanted.

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