3 Excellent Reasons To Give A Tip

One day I’ve scheduled a product delivery with Amazon, a heavy single piece item, I purchased a few weeks back.

Fifteen minutes before the truck pulled up to my driveway, I quickly checked my wallet if I have at least 10 or 5 dollars for a tip and I found only a few $20 bills… I thought hmmm, 20 dollars is probably too much since I already paid for delivery and confirmed with Amazon’s delivery contractor over the phone that I don’t own anything, plus driver needs to walk for 10 seconds (length of my driveway). I thought, probably it’s fine with no tip for today.

But, I have a rule, to always give a tip, at least two dollars. At my first serious job, and I was 19 at that time, I was a housekeeper, cleaning Hotels in South Carolina.

I was at University at that time (strictly 4.0 student…) and I was saving up each cent for new jeans and food. I was so blesses when people were leaving me 75 cents, can of soda or half of a cold budger in the fridge on their checkout day… to me it was a big deal, something speacial!

Since than, for many years, leaving a tip to me is an act of thankfulness and respect for absolutely each person I’m having a business with. I love every employee (everybody) with all my heart.

I saw how carefully drivers were unloading 65 lb item from their truck (their truck was full of big size heavy items and it was only 7 AM…) for a few minutes, then one of them took it on his back… Oh, my I thought, I would either twist or damage my back if I would do it.

I told myself again, I just have to tip this guy, he is breaking his neck and back with 65 lb item over his shoulders, he probably has kids and wife… I have to act now.

We had a quick chat with a delivery person, he was very professional, and he mentioned that it’s a cold day today. I sad: “Yes, it is cold, can you please don’t leave yet, I would like to tip you, for wonderful work you did for me today!”

I ran home quickly, I found $20, gave it to the guy and sad: “Please, just get some hot coffee, because it’s a cold day today”. The guy was super happy and gave me a hug!

Reason 1: Make people feel special because they work hard for you, show that you have respect. 

Reason 2: Be a great role model for your kids, neighbours, community.

Reason 3: Some people can be paid less than minimum wage.



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