Your Flaws Are Your Medals, Accept Them! What Are The Flaws And How They Are Affecting Our Confidence

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” – Confucius

What are the flaws? Literally, flaws are imperfections. According to people, being too tall can be a flaw, or being too short can be a flaw. In simpler words, people term anything that is unusual or different from what they usually see as a flaw. They have set definitions of how a person should be in their mind. Whoever deviates from their definitions, they consider them to be flawed.

Such people forget that not even a single human being is flawless. Perfection is not a trait attributed to human beings. Human beings are by nature vulnerable to be affected by imperfections. Every human being is imperfect in his/her own sense. These imperfections make us human!

But there are people out there who will de-motivate you whenever they get a chance. They wreck you emotionally. They will taunt you for your features, traits or personality.

So, the point is how to overcome such situations? How to accept your flaws? Some of the ways are:

You Are Beautiful, Stop Doubting Yourself!

We are so scared of society that we often try to hide our true self. We try to cover our flaws and blemishes with tons of artificialness. Now that’s where we are mistaken.

Artificialness, regardless of form, is toxic. When we retort to artificialness, we bury our true self. Every single act of artificialness deposits a layer over our true self. Over time our true self is buried under so many layers that we lose it. We lose our true self.

We forget that we are beautiful no matter what. We must not retort to any such measure which makes us lose our real identity.

Your scars are beautiful, your marks are beautiful, you are not too fat or too thin, you are not too tall or too short, you are not too white or too black, you are “YOU,” and you are beautiful. Your heart is too pure, and that’s what makes you beautiful. Beauty lies in the heart and eye of the beholder.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

In this age of social media, we consider that everyone is living a perfectly flawless life. We watch travel-grams of people on social media, their flawless skin, branded outfits with longing. We think that we are somewhat flawed because we lack all those things. We think that we are the unlucky ones. We are the ones who are suffering while others are having the time of their lives.

What we forget is that we are only observing one side of the story. We don’t know what those people are going through. And even if they aren’t going through anything, we are in no position to judge them.

The problem lies in our very own minds. We intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly compare ourselves to everyone around us. And then we go into a state of self-loathing. Do you think comparing ourselves to others is a good thing? You are not comparable to anyone on this earth. Just don’t forget that ever.

Be Confident In Your Skin

Be confident with whatever you have been blessed with. Every problem arises from within. If you start feeling unconfident in your very own skin, then that’s where the problem arises. You need to realize that you are unique in your own and no one is like you. Since you are one of your own kind in this world, isn’t this something to be confident about?

Don’t Pay Heed To What Others Have To Say

Life is meant to be lived for ourselves. But these days we have somewhat forgotten the fact that this is the life that we have been blessed with. We worry more about what others will say. We even pay heed to the sayings of those people who are not related to us. Many of us will believe what a stranger has to say rather than embracing the truth.

If some colleague will pass a remark that you look fat! Or you have been starving yourself you look so malnourished? You will spend the whole night thinking about that remark rather than embracing your flaws.

So, please stop paying attention to what people have to say. People will say things no matter what. So, give the cold shoulder to them and show them that they do not affect you. They will then stop ultimately.

In short, your flaws are what constitutes you. That’s what makes you different from others. If you disown your flaws, you disown yourself. Your flaws are your identity. Appreciate yourself and appreciate those around you. You never know what your two words of kindness or your little smile can do to others. Spread happiness and let’s shatter the statues of perfections because there is no such thing as perfection.

Image By: Riccardo Bresciani

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16 thoughts on “Your Flaws Are Your Medals, Accept Them! What Are The Flaws And How They Are Affecting Our Confidence”

  1. Fantastic article!! You are right on. I must admit I sometimes listen too much to what people say to me, like being useless or not good for anything. I nearly stopped my blog because of that. That was very encouraging, thanks so much for for writing this! I’m a little late reading but it came at a good time anyway. Have a great evening, or morning!

    • Hi Steve, I’m sorry, I’m a few days late… You have an amazing blog, I love reading it and I’m sure thousands or millions of people around the worlds too. Please, keep it up. Blessings Steve, I do pray for your health, and wish you to have a wonderful week!

  2. This is a very difficult point of view for most of us to except. We are taught to correct our flaws and be as close to perfect as we can be. This post is a good reminder to be thankful for who we are even with the flaws. Great writing!

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