Who Is The Man Behind The Iron Man Mask? 4 Life Lessons From Robert Downey Jr.

A Man Of Many Talents

If you haven’t watched the Avengers: EndGame with Robert Downey Jr and you are a fanatic of this Marvel superhero, then I must warn you that there are some spoilers below. So before you read this article, go watch the movie. I guarantee you that it’s worth every minute of your time.

Robert Downey Jr. The Man Behind The Iron Man Mask

The Iron man is currently ranked among the highest paid actors of all time, on top of that, his career is still buzzing. Especially now with the release of the Avengers: EndGame. He manages to bring crowds back to the cinema yet again.

But his career never started from Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. A little history through Robert Downey Jr.’s life will not hurt, he has been in the limelight for quite some time. Born in an artist family, his father was a well-known actor and filmmaker.

At a young age, Robert Downey Jr. was interested in acting and performing arts. Luckily, at the age of 5, his father debuted him as an actor in one of the movies at the time.

However, even though Robert Downey Jr. was becoming a star at a young age, his father also introduced him to drugs. He became an addict at age eight. Heartbreaking but it’s true. This made him struggle with his addiction almost all through the start of his career.

Robert Downey Jr. And Oscar Nomination

He later dropped out of school and pursued his acting career while doing small tasks to support himself. But he didn’t stop his addiction to drugs. However, his struggle in acting paid off when he was given the role of Charlie Chaplin in 1992. He also got the chance to win an Oscar nomination. His talent in acting was undeniable but his drug addiction also increased.

Robert Downey Jr. was sent to a correctional facility and sentenced to 3 years. But he spent one year while he was cleaning the house and earning 9 cents an hour. This was one of the jobs he did as an inmate. Even after the judge let him go, he still returned back to his old ways and continued using drugs. This made him lose on a lot of opportunities and he also got fired.

The one major thing I admire about him is that he was willing to turn a new leaf for his wife when they met in 2003. At that point, he kept himself busy and immersed himself in personal work and commitment. That said, Robert Downey Jr. did almost 13 films in less than four years. This helped to catapult his career.

What You Can Learn From Robert Downey Jr.’s Success

1. Diversify Your Skills

I must admit, Robert Downey Jr. is a man of many talents. I mean did you know the man can sing? If not, then you are in for a surprise. Robert is an amazing singer which I’m sure most people tend to overlook that.

A creative person is rarely a one trick pony. Far from it, such individuals tend to be very good at several things all at once just like Robert Downey. Besides singing and acting, he was a well-trained classical ballet. However, Robert decided to focus on acting.

What’s more, he didn’t have any success in acting for quite a long time. That made him try different directions before returning back to acting. Also, this could have been the reason for his struggle with drug abuse, mental issues and rehab.

In 2004, he actually released a music album, The Futurist. But he didn’t reach to the heights he was expecting in music so he ventured back to acting. That is one important lesson that every creative person should learn.

You should always put your full focus on something you are good at. More importantly, you have to pick one thing that you are best at and drop the rest for a while. Multiple focuses are fine but you have to fully concentrate on a single point.

2. Never Give Up

The world is not made out of a bed of roses. You will definitely have bad days. Additionally, you will have to struggle for a while to get the respect you deserve. Even if Robert was born from an acting family, he had his own demons to deal with.

It was not until he decided to take the bull by its horns and deal with his drug addiction that he was even able to make a difference in his life. Drug addiction is something that most people battle with every day. That said, it’s something that you can easily give it up if you chose. Take your time and concentrate on what’s important in your life.

3. Find Your Way Out Of The Nest

I believe this is one of the most challenging parts of life. Moving away from the comfort of your parent’s home is not always an easy task. A story that Robert narrates a lot is how he got stranded and didn’t have any money on him. So he decided to call home and explain to his dad that he needed a few coins. The weird thing is that his dad told him to get a job.

That pushed him to survive and find a way to make his future. In the end, that experience molded him to the man he is today. It’s okay to stay with at home but when the time is right, then you should probably look for a way to survive on your own. Some parents will never chase you out of your comfort zone. But as a man, you should figure out that it’s the right time to do so.

4. Focus On Your Talent And People Will Overlook Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Some of us make bigger mistakes than others. But in the end, we all have regrets. However, don’t look down on yourself and loathe in self-pity. Yeah, you messed up and yes you’ve probably missed a number of good opportunities in life. But that’s not the end of the road.

Robert Downey Jr. was constantly in and out of rehab centers for quite a long time. He even lost his job and I’m sure he’s seen his fair share of struggles. Regardless, he kept on trying. In the end, as much as he lost a lot, he still has gained a lot.


Nobody is perfect but we are all trying to make a difference in this life. What do you want to be remembered for; your mistakes in life or your achievements? I’m sure before today you never thought that this great star struggled. I hope this article gives you a more clear perspective of Robert Downey Jr. Remember that you can also change your life if you only remain positive.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

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  1. He struggled, just life and I can relate not to his acting but with his drug addiction and relate that he over came it and that it is really putting the work. Even worst that my army days. Also, a great actor, great at his job, so I did take this from your post, if you focus on something and that something becomes your obsession…. the better for people like me to not go off road.

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