What Should I Concentrate On Hard Work Or Talent? Important Facts To Consider.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Talent And Hard Work.

The greatest internal battle everyone has from a tender age is whether to keep on working hard or choosing to take on their talent. So what is better: talent or hard work? Before I answer that question, there are a few things I need to put across.

What Is Talent?

Talent is something that you are born with. Meaning it’s a set of skills that you didn’t have to practice to be perfect in. For instance, an amazing voice or being a wizard in mathematics at a young age among others.

If you are lucky, you will discover your talent early in life. Unfortunately, a good number of people never know about their talents until it fades away. As humans, we always want to believe we are equal. However, as much as the law supports this, it’s actually wrong to assume that we are all the same.

Believe it or not, some of us are born with certain abilities that come naturally to us. You either have a certain talent or you don’t. Here are the advantages of being talented.

Perks Of Having A Talent

Talent Is An Inborn Gift

Since you are born with your talent, it gets easy to learn because you will acquire the relevant skills with less practice or hard work compared to an average person. Besides the fact that it’s inborn, you also have the chance to boost your maximum potential.

That only means that the average person reaches a certain limit no matter how hard they train to gain the same skills. As a gifted performer, your potential will likely hit its peak with ease.

Talent Equals Success

If you are able to discover your talent early enough, you are bound to be successful in your field. It’s one of the primary ingredients when it comes to being a top performer. As much as putting hard work is essential, the talent you have will be your driving force.

Most people believe that talent actually creates better performers. But one thing you need to remember is that people without talent who work hard succeed better than those with talent but have a lot of mediocrity.

Hard Work Is A form Of Talent

Hard work itself is a form of talent which means it’s not something that everyone is capable of. It’s not easy to concentrate on one goal until you achieve it. Most people end up losing hope just when they are about to achieve their goal. It only takes someone with that zeal to go an extra mile and actually finish up the race.

Despite the intense difficulties along the way, you need to actually work hard. It’s quite easy to judge talent from particular work such as painting since its more conceivable.

All in all, there’s a bit of twist when it comes to hard work. That’s because as a child you can develop hard work from external pressure such as school work or parental motivation. Meaning with time you will be able to work hard easily.

Working Hard Can Also Help You Develop New Talent

In some cases, there are a few individuals who’ve actually developed talent out of long and hard practice. This shows that talent might be a simple result of continuous hard work to a particular goal.

The truth of the matter is that influential people in our world today were able to achieve their status simply by working hard behind the scenes. By the time the world noticed their talent, they were already experts in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to being talented that most people will simply overlook.

Drawbacks To Having Talent

Talent Is Easily Wasted

Most people in the world today are actually talented. However, truth be told, a lot of people tend to waste their gifts simply because they couldn’t work hard enough towards their objectives. Even the most famous people today end up fading away into the backgrounds whenever hard-working individuals step up to the scene.

Meaning if you don’t put in any effort towards nurturing your talent every single day, you will quickly lose the spotlight to people who actually put in the work.

Talented People Are Sometimes Very Lazy

The fact that you can achieve the top most position in your field without having to put in a lot of work easily encourages laziness. In that case, talented people tend to take more time to achieve their goals

Most People Barely Know Their Talent

In some cases, talented people are not aware of what they are capable of. Sadly, their talent ends up fading away due to lack of exposure.

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work is basically putting all your effort and energy into achieving your desired goals. Hard workers are able to compensate for their lack of talent through an incredible amount of willpower and dedication. Most hard workers are focused on their objectives and goals.

This is basically every person on the planet. Whether you have a talent or not, hard work is actually very important. The perk of hard work is that no one will stop you from achieving your goals.

However, hard work also has a few setbacks:

  • Hard workers are faced with a lot of difficulties and obstacles compared to talented individuals.
  • More often than not, hard workers suffer from stress due to the tremendous strain that they have to go through before achieving anything.

The Big Question!

Now, let’s talk about what you really need to concentrate on. As you can see from this article, the line between hard work and talent is quite thin. It’s almost like one depends on the other. You will easily lose your talent if you don’t work hard. On the other hand, you can develop new talent through hard work.

You will need to focus all your energy towards your talent. Meaning, both hard work and talent are important to any individual. Most importantly, take time to discover what you are really talented in.

If you can’t find your talent, then just look for anything you are passionate about. In the end, we are all trying to be successful. It doesn’t matter the route you take. As long as it’s the right one!

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49 thoughts on “What Should I Concentrate On Hard Work Or Talent? Important Facts To Consider.”

  1. Wonderful article, you put a great deal of thought into your writings and I agree with you on this for sure! God often blesses us with talent, but we still need to work hard for sure or it comes to nothing.
    Keep up the great posts, I am enjoying them much, God bless!

  2. I agree so much with this so well written article. When you do something with passion and talent, things are so much easier, even though you still need to woro hard, but the magic that happens is that it doesn’t feel like work, because you love it.
    God, blessed me after so many years, even though I still have bigger goals in life, that only God knows if I could ever achieve them. But, what can I ask more? I am already living a dream.

    Thank you for your so inspiring words. 🙂

  3. So true… Everything God gives us needs our attention to develop it and to participate in His gracious giving. A very good word and a good reminder.


  4. Okay! I don’t know if I am talented or not ( this proves I barely know that I am talented?) … but I’m damn lazy, and I waste time and energy eating popcorn all day!( which proves my talent of eating popcorn is wasted all day!) Wait a sec… I just figured out my talent of eating popcorn!!!?Yayaya!

    Btw… putting aside all of this fun thing that I was thinking of while reading the drawback thingy…
    Its really useful an article! How to configure ones talent and balancing it with hard-work to pursue what one is made for!
    Thanks… I really liked it!?

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