True Story | Part 2

True Story From My Life

The events of the late 60’s and the early 70’s

This event took place when the city of Samara was called Kuybishev. The bridge over the Samara River was really narrow, and it seemed that the distance between the bridge and the water was bigger than it really is.

It was the spring! People were in an amazing mood!!! The March waters of the Samara were slowly moving a giant cargo ship under the bridge.

Suddenly, the bus stops! Numerous passengers were barely holding on so as not to fall on the floor. At that moment, something fell onto the roof of the bus, making a loud sound.

The driver opened the front doors, and the passengers started to run out of the bus. They were trying to find something on the roof, but the real problem wasn’t there. The bus had stopped just four meters before the abyss. It’s even scary to remember that day, it was even scarier being there.

Instead of the bridge in front of us, passengers saw nothing but emptiness and water. In a couple of seconds, we realized that the bus driver had stopped so fast that he broke the windscreen with his head!

We managed to stay alive only because of him! We asked his surname. While trying to wipe the blood from his face, he told us that his surname was Rapoport. Passengers thought that the bridge had been destroyed by an earthquake. We hurried to leave after we had witnessed the catastrophe.

Later, we realized that the water level had increased because of the seasonal flood, and the cargo ship had hit part of the bridge and took it away.


Many people remember the pool that was located right next to Kropotkinskaya metro station in the 70’s. We liked to practice swimming in the part of the pool created for athletes because the water was colder, and the atmosphere was more interesting and funny.

We had extremely strict coaches, and we tried to do our best to show them great results. We were always tired after swimming, so we had to return home near the Sokol metro, sleep for a while, and go somewhere in the evening.

One of our classmates met a crummy girl. Her name was Tanya. In order to celebrate that memorable event, he made a tattoo of her name on his forearm. On his second forearm, he wrote: “Tanya is my love!” He decided to continue making tattoos, so he wrote “Tanya” in French on his wrist. Later he decided to make another one, writing “Tanya is my love” on his leg right near his groin. It could be seen right near the edge of his underwear.

The seventeen-year-old girl was amazed at the tattoos, and suddenly he told her: “I’m tired of searching for my second half, and I want to marry you right away.”

After swimming in the pool, Victor put his pants on, but he forgot to bring his underwear from home. Right after the pool, he went to his girlfriend’s house in order to solve something related to his studies.

He had a sleeveless shirt, so girls started to praise his tattoos, which perfectly added to his muscles. He was so excited that he decided to show them the most important tattoo located right next to his groin.

He had forgotten about his underwear and pulled his pants down. The girls were speechless, and they didn’t know what to do. He understood what he did, but it was too late. He had never experienced anything like that in his entire life!

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