True Story | Part 1

True Story From My Life

The Fire Accident

It was the summer. Around 2:00 in the morning, I heard the distressing, persistent and hasty tapping at my door. Somehow I realized that something happened. When I opened the door, I saw the foreman of the fire brigade Norkin, who told me that there was a fire accident in the vitamin flour producing plant.

The feed track blocked the water supplying hose, making it impossible to extinguish the fire. We had to go there right away. I put my clothes on quickly, and we went there. It turned out that the main power supplying switch was turned off.

I had to find the electrician, who lived in the tent nearby. After waking him up, we turned the main switch on and moved the tray of the feed track that blocked the water supplying hose. The fire brigade started to extinguish the fire. I was really lucky that one day before the events I managed to add water to the firewater tank. After the hard work from 2 till 6 AM, the firefighters extinguished the fire, and it was a big victory! Such spontaneous inflammation was allowable, yet not really critical.

At 6 in the morning, we realized that the damage was minimal, and we had no reasons to be worried. The investigator and the health and safety officer arrived at 8 in the morning, filling all the protocols and other documents in accordance with the rules.

One day after the events, all the participants of the suppression of fire received material compensation for the participation in the spontaneous inflammation extinguishing in the hazardous location.

All our worries were left in the past, and we had to work because our life is truly unpredictable. One can’t foresee everything, but if you manage to predict the key factor, you will have the control over the situation. One has to remember this rule throughout the life.

The Pig

At that time Lena and I were walking to one of the districts of the village that was humorously called Shanghai by the locals. Shanghai was located in around two kilometers from our home. We were walking along the road, and tall bushes on the side of it were slowly transforming into the dense forest. We could see the impenetrable forest far away.

We walked near the horse stable and went in the direction of the local shop. We could even see its obsolete walls in the distance. One could buy some bread and other products there.

Suddenly, we heard that something started to growl and grunt behind us. We looked back and saw an unconcerned pig that was slowly walking there. Furthermore, it wasn’t just a regular pig, but a giant one! It was carelessly looking around, and one could easily think that it was our pig.

We entered the shop, and closed the doors right in front of its snout, having a hope that the pig would simply go away. However, it used all the power of the snout to pry the doors up, and the doors fell down on the ground together with the hinges and the door-case.

The incredible smell of fresh bread attracted the pig, and we had to buy three loaves, giving two of them to the pig, and running away from the impudent follower. The piggie liked the bread, and we were saved.

One day I asked a homeless person about the reasons to avoid work, and he told me that one won’t be able to return to the normal life after trying being homeless. Later we discovered that the pig was wild, and nobody knew anything about its life. Once we heard that it lived in the waste dump, and the wild boars liked to visit that place at night.

While giving the food to the dogs, and letting them go into the wild, I asked myself if the freedom was stronger than compulsion! It was because the dogs were running away forgetting about everything else!

The Kindness is Priceless

At the time, when I was a student, I was sent for the practice to one of the factories in Moscow. While working in the mechanical-repair department, we had to study and learn new things, working in the foundry, building and renovating workshops, and repairing equipment.

Our team included people of unequal degrees, from the experienced battle-front veteran, who participated in the World War 2 from the beginning till the end, to regular workers and highly-qualified specialists. We called each other by name; however, few people had nicknames, even though we had workers as of 18 years, as well as 60 years old.

During the first day, they showed us premises for living and showers. When we entered the building, we saw a man with a giant mustache, who was sleeping on the bench. His name was Grigoriy, but we always called him „mustache!?

I worked under the strict and detailed supervision of friendly Grigoriy for several months. He was more than 40 years old, and he taught me how to make the electric arc welding, showing how to create and control the welding joint.

Vitya was my other mentor, and he was 50 years old at that time. He passed through the war, and he told me many things about being there and trying to survive in the siege.

The war is a really tough thing, and the life of soldiers, sergeants and company officers was incredibly hard. Before making any kind of work, Vitya always told me: “We are able to make new people so we will succeed in such a simple task as well.”

The life in the factory was passing by, and we had to study, work, and study again. All the skills obtained in the factory were incredibly useful in our lives. Our relations were unbending, easy and friendly. We always had a bit of humor; otherwise, our lives would be totally different. On Monday, one of the students, who had Ryzhiy (Redhead) nickname, was drunk because he participated in the wedding of his friend.

While walking outside of the workshop, he met the chief, stumbled, and fell down on the floor. He continued crawling, trying to welcome the chief in the most polite way. We called the chief of the workshop „Slepoy? (Blind), and he was a wise and patient person. He sent Ryzhiy home, and the subject was closed.

The kind approach and kindness, as well as the mutual respect and supportiveness, are one of the most useful qualities, which we gained during the practice. One has to know how to support other people while giving them options without forcing them into the corner.

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