Expressing Love Within Our Family Members: To Live, To Express Love

Ways To Express Your Love

Love is one of the essential principles that bind a family(family members) during thick and thin times. Living in love and harmony within a family directly translates to the success of the family. For instance, in a family setting where you get the parents lead in showcasing love and perseverance to their kids it directly translates to how the children grow because they make that principle of love part of their day to day living.If you embrace love in all your needs as a parent, then it will become easier to detect early parental mistakes that might come your way as well as come up with ways of overcoming such mistakes.

Parents fail to show the love of their family members by sometimes bringing conflicting emotions which create gaps in the family. To help you understand the importance of living and expressing your love to your family every day, I will give you a real short story that just happened recently. I have this friend who goes by the name of John. After dating his partner for two years, he decided to make it official and marry the love of her life. Taking this big decision meant that John had added some extra expenses to his budget, so he needed to work harder to have smooth sailing.

Father And Son

After one-year John and his lovely wife were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, and this brought happiness, but in John’s mind, it meant that his expenses had stretched further. The solution John sought was to work some extra hours every day to fulfill all the needs of his family. After a while, John became obsessed with his work to the extent that he forgot that his family needs his attention and love not only material support as his son grew up more expenses piled up, so John almost went missing for days in the quest to providing a good life for his family. As his son grew up, he engaged himself with bad company in school where they used to meet and smoke illegal drugs in secret. By the time John and his wife come to realize that their son was engaged in drug-taking, it was so late. One day John decided to hold a meeting with his son to know why he was engaging in such acts, but what his son expressed was shocking. The son directly told his father that he never dedicated his time to show him love or even have a sitting with him where they could discuss some of the thorny issues, he was experiencing so he sorts comfort from his friends. John broke into tears because all along, he thought that by dedicating all his time to work and providing his family with materials needs his family would stick together at all times.

This story serves a big lesson to all of us all to not only think of how to acquire material wealth but to incorporate love in all our actions every day, especially to our families.

What Is The Importance Of Loving Your Family Every Day?

Wise people emphasize that a family that eats together always sticks together at all times. The cement that holds the family members together is still loving and care for each other. You will gain tremendously if you dedicate your love to your family members in these ways:

Creates A Strong Bond Between Family Members

The more time we spend with our family members, the more it creates a long-lasting connection which gets built with the basis of love. Most of the time, we are busy trying to make ends meet, but we should always try to create some few hours for our families. To have ample time, always consider putting your phone away and keep off from anything that will distract your attention. Building a strong bond full of love will positively influence even your generations to come.

Leads To The Avoidance Of Children Getting Into Illegal Activities

Several researches have shown that children who spend quality time with their parents playing educational games perform much better in their school work. Additionally, by spending time with children, parents also offer guidance, which helps them come up with withy ways of overcoming challenges and avoiding bad company in school.

For instance, if John could have spent more time with his family, he could have mentored his son positively by pampering him with love as well as offering guidance on how to overcome life challenges. As a parent always make sure you walk with your children in every stage of their life and help them nature their dreams.

Helps In Easing Stress

Did you know that sharing the love with your family every day can lower your stress hormones by 90%? Well, researchers have proved that families that share a strong bond experience rare cases of conflicts. By being there for each other as family members, you will always care if any member gets emotionally hurt.

Also, anytime a problem arises, it is always easy to come up with solutions within the shortest time. By so doing, your family will forever live in peace and harmony. Enjoying peace in the house is a breakthrough for the family to discuss viable ideas that will translate to the great success of the family.

Love Helps Children Embrace Parenting Skills

Having quality time with your family and showing them love in every step of the way helps the children to embrace parental skills at early ages. The same way as parents you dedicated your time for their wellbeing, the children will also emulate your steps in the future when they get their own families.

As they grow, you will notice that they will engage in games where they will pretend to be parents, and they will do exactly how they observe parents conducting their parenthood. Allow your children to participate in these games and from the games have a keen eye on where to correct them and offer them proper guidance.

Top Tips On How To Show Love To Your Family Members

  • Spend quality time with your family members at least once per week.
  • Always be the first to admit your mistakes, especially in the presence of your children.
  • Tell your family members you love them every day.
  • Always appreciate your family members when they do something good.
  • Arrange specific dates with your partner and children where you engage in disturbing issues and offer viable solutions.
  • Practice excellent listening skills, especially as parents to listen to your children as they share their feelings.

Love is an important virtue which every member of the family should embrace to ensure peace and harmony prevail in the house. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to show love to family members who care less about you and who are always out to hurt you at any chance they get. Even so, you should not get tired of taking care of them as statistics show that hatred fades away when an individual is fed with love every day. Love more, live healthily and smile every day.

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