How I Made My Day More Efficient: Ten Morning Hacks To Live By

Morning Hacks. Do you struggle to get out of the bed every morning? Are you a morning person? Well, these are usual questions that we usually ask around, especially if you tussle to wake up early. I use to have a hard time to wake up until when I learned about the morning hacks. After making use of the tips, I can confess that I rarely have a headache in waking up in the morning. I have heard from a couple of friends talks about how they ended up getting sacked in their workplace because of lateness, but I have been kind enough to share with them the morning tips, and indeed they have been beneficial.

With me are some few morning hacks which would help you to wake up earlier and have a fantastic morning ahead of your busy schedule:

  • Always sleep early
  • Plan your day before you sleep
  • Always set your alarm an hour before
  • Have some morning exercises
  • Take a deep bath to refresh
  • Avoid using smartphones or laptops
  • Prepare daylong schedule
  • Prepare your breakfast before sleeping
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Always motivate yourself in the morning

Always Sleep Early

When you sleep early, you will have enough time to relax, which will reduce the morning struggles while waking up. You should ensure that you sleep at least six hours to have enough time to rest. Many people have some difficulty in walking up because of sleeping late in the night, and they expect to wake up early in the morning. For instance, if you want to wake up at 4 Am, you should ensure that you are in bed by 10 pm.

Plan Your Day Before You Sleep

Before you retire to the bed, you should ensure that you have planned the following day schedule since it will make your mind prepared of the day ahead. You can plan your day by setting some goals which you want to achieve in the following day. When you decide to plan your day, it should begin with what you supposed to eat in the morning and also the outfits you will put on the following day.

Always Set Your Alarm An Hour Before

Always ensure that you set your alarm an hour earlier. For instance, if you’re going to wake at 5 Am, you should set your first alarm at 4 Am to help you prepare your mind to wake up. Something important to note is that you should keep your alarm away from your bed to avoid hitting the snooze button. In addition to that, you should ensure that you set a cool ringtone which would sooth you to wake rather than an irritating tone, which will make you wake up upset.

Have Some Morning Exercises

Morning exercise is very healthy and will also make you active all day long. There are many exercises which you can engage your body. For example, you can make some press-up within your bedroom when you wake up. Also, you can stretch your body while in the bed which would ensure your body parts are active. Alternatively, if you have sufficient time, you can jog around your compound for a few minutes.

Take A Deep Bath To Refresh

As soon as you complete your exercise, it will be useful to take a deep bath to help cool your nerves. Take a bath with cold water, and it will make you refresh well as compared to hot water. Coldwater in the morning is said to help numb the body, but it is the best because it cools your nerves, thus making you active day long.

Avoid Using Smartphones Or Laptops

Smartphone and laptops are the most distractors in the morning you would ever think. Despite the temptation to check what is trending or whether someone replied your goodnight-message, you should always resist. However, you can check an important email which needs your reply or attention and avoids checking on social media apps. Through this, you would save your time to prepare and get ready for work.

Prepare Daylong Schedule

When you have a list of the things to do in the morning, it will make you stay focused as you strive to achieve every activity. It is good to ensure that you identify all the activities which you want to accomplish in the day and allocate them sufficient time. The things-to-do list is an essential thing that makes many people start their day actively.

Prepare Your Breakfast Before Sleeping

Having your breakfast ready when you sleep would help to save you time in the morning. Most of the time is lost in the morning while you are preparing your breakfast. Always ensure that your breakfast is ready and will only need to warm it and take it within the shortest time possible.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Water is life, and you should ensure that you drink a lot of water when you wake up. It is supposed to be the first thing in the morning. You can take two glasses of water, and they would make you avoid dehydrating. In addition to that, when you drink water on an empty stomach, it would help you to flush out some toxins from your body.

Always Motivate Yourself In The Morning

It is good to motivate yourself when you wake up in the morning to ensure that your day starts well. It will be upon you to identify what makes you happy or motivate you in that case. For instance, you can read one or two chapters of a book which you like most, which would ensure that your day is bright.

Ten Morning Hacks To Live By: Conclusion

Everyone desires to wake up and have a fantastic morning ahead of the daily schedule. If you can put into practice the morning hacks, I trust it would help change your life in a better way. Remember it only takes one step to achieve something big hence, you should never ignore little things in life. Walking up in the morning would determine whether you will meet your goals or not because if you are ever late in waking up, it would mean you will never have a successful day in your life.

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    • Hi Dennis, same here, I’m not a morning person at all but “Motivation” -> “Always Motivate Yourself In The Morning” keeps me running for many years 🙂 Good luck and I wish you all the best!

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