4 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Life: The Difference Between Failure And Success

Failure vs Sucess: Dedication Is Your Secret Weapon

I don’t know how long your concentration will be on this article but I need you to pay attention. Let’s start by getting one thing off my chest. Success isn’t rocket science. But all the same, you need to be smart about your decisions to become successful in life.

We all tread being failures in life. No matter how successful you are, there’s always that part of you that’s afraid of being a failure again. What’s more, the more successful you get, the more you need to keep on working hard. The tenacity to become even greater doesn’t stop: you only get used to it.

However, in most cases, success is the one thing that looks almost impossible to achieve. Failure is usually publicized by media more than success. And that’s why most people see success as an impossible thing.

Success is within your grasp. You just need to know the right moves. Most importantly, you shouldn’t give up. Here are a few principles that will help you get to the next level

Not Everyone Will Be Successful

As sad as this might be, it’s actually true. I have constantly tried helping a few of my friends to get to the best level. But most of them have this tendency of choosing comfort over growth.

When they get to see the price they have to pay to be successful, they always turn down the offer. At first, I got disappointed when I tried to help someone and they chose to stay at the same point they were initially. Until I came to believe that this path isn’t the same for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong. We all want to succeed someday. However, taking that extra step requires a level of dedication that most people don’t want to have. The simple thing is that you could easily become successful, wealthy beyond imagination or simply in a better position than you are right now. But you are not willing to take an extra step.

Also, the decision to become financially independent is 100% your choice. Then why don’t you make that extra move? If you want to get that amazing body then start that diet plan. I mean, what are you waiting for?

All the same, most people don’t take it. That’s because each of these paths has a certain high cost that you will have to pay. They will require you to change a few your old habits and switch to new ones. And change is one thing that always throws all of us out of balance. To be more specific, we are all afraid of change. But when you choose to take the bull by its horns, then you will probably be successful.

Change is Painful

There’s a certain price you will have to pay to make things a bit different in your life. Let’s take for example getting to work late. The only change you need is; don’t hit the snooze button every morning. Simply wake up when the alarm rings. You really don’t need those extra few minutes of sleep.

For that to happen, you need to wake up on time and honestly it might take a lot out of you the very first few days. Once you get used to waking up on time, then everything becomes easy. You don’t have to worry about heading to work late. Also, you’ll be able to avoid that traffic jam that’s always wasting your time.

The very worst decision is when you decide that you know it all. There’s a lot you still need to learn. Just like a child, once you learn how to walk, you will need to learn how to run. Open your mind to learning new things.

Instead of being humble and admitting that you don’t know, most people choose to be proud and remain stagnant. Changing is painful and we don’t always admit it. However, the minute you decide that you are open to correction, then you will become an unstoppable force.

When you choose to be open-minded and thirsty for that extra knowledge, you will be more capable of succeeding than 90% of the population.

Go through obstacles. The hardest way sometimes is the answer.

We are in a generation where online gambling is everything. Now you can easily place a gamble online simply using your smartphone. That has led to extreme levels of gambling, especially among the young generation. They always want to find the easiest way to success.

But, talk to the successful individuals around you. Nothing comes easy in life. I don’t mean that you can’t win through gambling. However, the possibility is too minimal. Majority of the people in gambling end up losing everything in their lives. It’s an addiction will mostly kill the dreams of the young generation.

Take the hard way. Go to school and get good papers. Next, get employed and learn how the ropes around the employment world work. Start a company from scratch and build it up to an empire. It will get hard along the way but keep pressing on. This will build your character and expose you to the right environment. There are no shortcuts especially if you want to succeed.

Comfort and growth are two opposite sides.

When you choose comfort over learning new things, you might not succeed. Most people usually choose to remain comfortable instead of trying new things and learning. This leads to living mediocre lives.

If you really need to gain lasting and true success, you need to know that you cannot move to the next level if you are comfortable with where you are. There’s still a lot more that you need to learn. It cannot happen if you choose to stick to watching TV and clinging to what is comfortable than challenging.

In summary

To be successful, you need to stop getting comfortable. Take the challenging extra step. Always wake up very early and finish your work on time. Also, broaden your mind to new possibilities. Nothing is ever easy but that doesn’t mean that it’s out of reach.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Right now I’m on the verge of understanding success. What I’ve come to realize is that the definition of success changes from person to person. Because all of us have goal or dream that we’re chasing. A lot of people read posts like this but how many of them actually take it to the heart. This one I could relate to in so many ways because I pretty much preach the same thing. Especially with the comfort zone. I’m so tired of being comfortable, I’m not growing if I’m comfortable. I want to to test the waters. I want to know how far am I willing go. What things will I do to make a change in the world. HOW AM I OVERCOMING MY FEARS! Who am I willing to let go in order to allow myself to grow? I’ve learned that the thoughts that rattle constantly in my head are just thoughts that I need to start taking action on. I’m young and I have the opportunity to be great. All these people see the potential in me so why can’t I make the changes that are needed to become that person that I would like to be in 10 years. Work extra hard and maybe I can cut it down to 5. We aren’t put on this Earth to lolly gag. We all have a passion that should be driving us to make a difference. I really felt this post as I was reading!

  2. Simply the awesome truth. Mediocrity is easy to achieve. Look around. We are all mediocre until we commit to excellence. Be as Bold as a Lion. Step out of the boat and walk upon the water. Let’s be awesome.

  3. Great article! This reminds me of internal versus external locus of control. People with an external locus of control don’t feel in control of their lives and blameless for their behaviors—a fate or injustice mentality. They blame outside forces for whatever happens to them. On the other hand, those with an internal locus of control believe they have power over their own behaviors, successes, and lives. They take responsibility for their actions, are learners and/or leaders, and handle challenges and stressful events better. Getting out of your comfort zone is likely going to be easier for those who develop a stronger internal locus of control.

  4. Great article! This reminds me of internal versus external locus of control. People who have an external locus of control blame the world and outside forces for what happens to them. They don’t feel in control of their lives—a fate or injustice mentality. On the other hand, people with an internal locus of control feel in control of their own actions, successes and lives. They take personal responsibility for their actions, are often learners and/or leaders, and handle challenges and stress better. Getting out of that comfort zone is likely going to be easier for those who develop a strong internal locus of control.

  5. A great article and great advice! I know someone who definitely could do better if he would just get out of that ‘comfort’ spot, but he has no desire to work harder, he prefers his casual time, games, and sleep. Sad really. Keep it up!

  6. Great observations! “To be successful, you need to stop getting comfortable.” This is so true but it gets tougher to put into practice as we get older. My advice to everyone has always been: “Start early in life and don’t look back!”

    • Hi Allenrizzi, such a wonderful advice, thank you very much for sharing with all readers of this blog. I agree with you very much, golden words!

  7. “To be successful, you need to stop getting comfortable.” Beautifully said.

    I definitely enjoyed reading your work. It was empowering . You made me realise that , being out of one’s comfort zone is the driving force to success. I’ll continue to find this in every aspect of my life.?

    • Hi Eva, thank you very much for kind words. I wish you all the best, and thank you for reading articles 🙂 ??? Blessings!

  8. Great article. Very true words. And yes very hard sometimes to keep paying the cost to reach our goals.
    Working full time and working on the edit of my first novel means my spare time is limited. I miss just being carefree and socialising with friends , but I am determined to get this novel finished 🙂

  9. This is a great post! Yes, dedication is a huge factor in succeeding. Another statement I liked is about not getting too comfortable and that you need to challenge yourself. Thanks!

  10. These are some very interesting points. It is also good to remember that money are fame aren’t the only markers of success, in spite of what the world tells us. I’d rather be known by God than be notorious. 🙂 Blessings!!

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