Success Is Not By Accident: Perseverance And Hard Work – The Key To Success

Success Is Not By Accident: It Is Hard Work

Do you want to succeed in life? I’m sure the answer is probably yes. Listen up closely so that I can give you one of the best advice in life: Success is not by accident. You have to work smart and hard for it. We all have the same amount of time. That said, successful people use most of their time to be more productive.

Therefore, to excel in life, you need to start nurturing healthy habits in you. I decided to make one of the weirdest explorations a few months ago just to test the theory that success is not by accident. So, what I did is I left all my responsibilities and decided to just sit on the couch. Within less than a week, I was almost tanking all my investments.

At that point, I realized that working is more of a habitual endeavor. You don’t just wake up one day and become successful, No siree! So how did I get to a point of earning enough money to support myself and my family? Keep on reading and I’ll share a few things that will get you that constant flow of wealth.

Behaviors That Will Help Up You Succeed

After my exploration, I tried to note down some of the habits that will ensure I become successful. There are a few things that you can do to ensure you have a more successful life. Truth be told, no one has it easy. We all have to put it the work to get to the next level. So, let’s check out millionaire habits:

1. Stick To A Routine

First of all, I’m sure you need convincing about the need for a consistent routine in your life. Without any doubt, establishing an effective daily routine is not only a self-investment but also a good way to make improvement for the rest of your world. On top of that, it will also offer more benefits such as building moving forward habits, creating a structure in your life among others.

Having a steady routine will give you the momentum you need especially on those days you feel weak. Procrastination can easily kill your time and creativity. But if you establish a good routine, you will also manage to limit your procrastination.

You don’t have to worry about willpower and motivation. With a steady routine, it’s almost inevitable that you will have to deal with your daily activities. But always remember that a routine is more or less a personal endeavor. What might work for one person might be a catastrophic disaster for another. So, take your time to establish what works for you.

2. Focus Your Mind

I don’t mean that you just turn to Professor Xavier, Hell No! But for you to achieve the best out of your time, you need to optimize your focus. From the time you wake up in the morning to the last minute that you fall asleep.

Your mind can be your greatest weapon to success; actually, it’s your best weapon. So, use it to reach your goals. You should also note that the same mind can be the cause of your problems. If you don’t have your mind focussed to the target, then you will never succeed.

3. Focus On The Process

Since we were young, we’ve always focused on the end result and not the process. Even though this process might work to some extent, the real change will only come when you shift your attention from the end result to the progress. More to that, success leaves some traces.

Therefore, it’s easy to follow through your progress. If you really want to achieve success in your endeavors, then you should start focussing on the progress. More to that, to put it in a nutshell, instead of focussing on the well-established individuals and drooling on their success, you should shift your attention to how they got to where they are.

4. Read A Book

There’s a lot you can learn from a book. Even if it’s just a page a day, it will help expand your mind. Additionally, a good book will help you empathize with other people. Reading has also been associated with reducing the risks of suffering from Alzheimer.

That said, there’s one book that will completely transform your life. Have you ever gotten the chance to read through the ‘Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi’? I assure you, that’s a good book right there. It’s amazing how just small shifts can make a big impact on your life.

In his book, Dean uses real examples on people he met with and how their habits transformed their lives. Understand your whys and what makes you tick. That way, you will be able to get that self-motivation that you need. That’s just but one millionaire habit listed in the book by Dean.

I read one a chapter every day in the morning just to get me started. Currently, I have several books that I read and use them to motivate me throughout the day. By reading only one chapter per book a day, I am able to read through several books in a year. Each of these books touches my life in a different way.

5. Expand And Adapt

This is actually one of the reasons why most companies fall. That’s because the founder of the company is not able to adapt to some of the latest technologies. If you have a problem with trying something new, then it will hinder your success. Humans have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation in life.

This skill when perfectly nurtured, it will differentiate you from a loser. If you really want to be in the winning team, always find ways to change and adapt. Also, learn new techniques in your field of focus.

Success Is Not By Accident: In Summary

Contrary to popular believe, you can easily rise up to the ranks of the top millionaires if not billionaires in the world no matter your background. Don’t let your past drag you down. More importantly, don’t let your failures affect your success. Take control of your life and I promise you that you will become successful.

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  1. Wow, it was soo thoughtful. While I was reading it felt like all the points were so appropriately listed , in a proper order. Nothing felt unreal or hard to achieve. Thank you for brimming our heads with thoughtful content. ??


    ? SomeOne suggested to Me recently that Pessimists are more Positive than Optimists I Looked at Her Askance; then She explained to Me that Optimists are Nastily, Negative about ‘Failures’ and ‘Disappointments’ while Pessimists are often Positively, Pleasantly Surprised by ‘Success’, My Jaw Dropped Agape ???



    ? Parents Educate
    ? Teachers/Lecturers/Professors Educate
    ? Experience Educates

    …I Experience without Being Educated by Sitting In Silence; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Experience is an Educator if I CHOOSE!!! to Actively Listen EveryOne…



    ? Diamond Hard – Define Both ‘Failure’ and ‘Success’ to Me as it applies to You EveryOne and I WILL!!! Take You Seriously; otherwise FUCK OFF!!! with Your CONFUSION!!! until You Have Worked (pun intended) YourSelf Out – Diamond Hard



    ? Diamond Hard – Isn’t funny how We Tend To Focus On WRONG!!! (Molehill) when Mostly it’s RIGHT!!! (Mountain) OtherWise… ? ? – Diamond Hard


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