Ready For Your First Workout? How To Motivate Yourself To Start Working Out Today: Few Simple Tricks That Worked Well For Me

Workout: Ready For Your New Fresh Look?

In spite of our busy schedules, we all have friends who never miss a day in the gym. They can’t stop talking about the next 10 kg loss. They can’t stop smiling following yoga class. They’re a bit obsessive, of course, but we envy them! The good news is that we are all capable of becoming obsessed with fitness.

Here are the best tips and practices for a successful daily workout:

Set Your Alarm

Set your alarm right now and identify all your morning workout requirements. You can improve your workout routine faster if you work out every day at the same time. People who exercise in the morning tend to stick to their workout routine more often than people who exercise later in the day.

“Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.” – Frank Ocean

After all, you won’t have unforeseen distractions when you get your sweat in first thing in the morning. As long as we are on the topic, skip the snooze button. Research suggests that in those extra few moments you might actually get tired in bed.

Give it Time

There is an urban legend that it takes 21 days to get used to something, but little evidence supports this claim. Within about six weeks of workout, you will start seeing changes in your body. When you see these changes, you won’t go back into your old routine. You start to realize how you feel when you miss a day or two of workouts and start to appreciate the natural high after some good exercise.

Find Best-Fit Exercise

So you tried to exercise and hated it on your first day. This does not mean that you have no aptitude in any way, so get out and try something else. Find something you can settle into and get your grind in daily. You’ll soon be aware that you’ve found your spot without even noticing it.

Consider Hiring A Trainer

If you are a newcomer or you need a certain amount of motivation and guidance, you can hire a personal trainer to will help you to set your goals. Some people think it won’t help, but a trainer can be beneficial, even for just one or two sessions. Prices for a trainer can run from twenty to two hundred dollars, and it can take some time to get that investment back, but it’s all about improving positively and getting the motivation and instruction that you need for a good workout.

Join A Workout Club

Working out with friends is always more fun. If you have other people with you, it will be so much harder to skip a workout. Find a weight monitoring or other group who will keep an eye on you. A whole gym could be filled with people in an exercise club. A regular fitness group where everyone knows your name or a single buddy who makes sure that you get out of bed to meet for a morning walk can motivate you through the workout routine. It shows the value of an integrated support system. Feeling ambitious? Start a fitness or weight loss competition with your friends or colleagues. A little healthy competition can really motivate you!

Make It Convenient

Consider how your training best fits where you go and how it best fits into your daily routine. You don’t want to travel too far to get to for the gym, or you are likely to not want to go there very much. Some people just go to a gym in the immediate vicinity of their offices before work or at lunch; it is convenient for some people to work out in their homes or at a fitness center near home. Don’t forget about using the weekends to work out! Plan to bring everything you need, such as clothes and shower supplies to your workout place.

Plan A Fitness Vacation

It is a great idea to combine a vacation with some exercise and it helps people to set goals that they really want to achieve. Say you want to travel to Italy and enroll on a bike tour around the country; well, you need to get in shape now so that you have the best experience. Register for the Paris Marathon, or book a trip involving a lot of physical activity, whether it’s walking or skiing, or whatever excites you.

Pay For It

You can work harder to make a living if you invest in your fitness program. If you can afford it, you can force yourself to join a high-end fitness center or dive into fitness classes. With a financial commitment, you can’t afford to skip a workout. Try getting a new pair of running shoes or a new GPS, for example, to motivate yourself for your daily workout.

Avoid Overdoing It

Is something stopping your new exercise program before it starts? Are you getting hurt? Beginners or those getting into fitness after a long break must be cautious to not try too much try too early and get tired or even sidelined for a longer time. Following workouts, you should not feel sick or sore for one or two days. You might be working out too hard if you feel sick or excessively tired. By following a training plan or working with an individual trainer, you can be sure that you advance at the right rate for daily workout.

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10 thoughts on “Ready For Your First Workout? How To Motivate Yourself To Start Working Out Today: Few Simple Tricks That Worked Well For Me”

  1. Good evening, yes, those are great tips, but i still sometimes feel like i don’t have power to go, so i limit myself to go 3times a week for 90 minutes, could do more, but I’m not feeling like , waiting for your next post, thank you for your share?

    • Hi Ilona, I think 3 times a week is good enough for a good work out! I simply don’t have time to do workouts at all, so I sleep less, and workout at nights, I love it! Dwayne Johnson is an amazing inspiration for me, he wakes up at 4AM everyday for a workout! “No Pain, No Gain” 🙂 Thanks for kind words!

  2. Helpful tips. I have to remember that when I have a lengthy medical set back that I am pretty much back at a beginners stage. It’s frustrating at times, but posts like these help sooth my mind. 🙂

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