Patience Is The Hardest Part Of Any Success Story: 6 Life-changing Tips To Master Patience At Any Age


I know you are sick and tired of hearing the same phrase that patience is a virtue and you are probably planning to scroll down this article without reading through. But trust me, you are missing out on a lot. Bear with me as I walk you through how patience can get you that million dollar dream you’ve been longing for.

Growing up I learned first-hand that patience can easily destroy you or make you successful. Every time I walked up to my dad and asked him about giving me some money, he was always angry and pushed me away. Little did I know that most of the reactions were based on his salary.

After realizing that all I need to do is to up my grades and present them to him immediately he got his salary, his reaction was different and I picked up this tactic all my life. Don’t get me wrong! It’s quite easy to confuse patience and laziness. You need to know the difference.

Out of my personal experience, you can see that the only way I would get my allowances was only if I worked hard in school and talked to my dad at the right time. Everything needs to be timed out right. Regardless, if you are not patient enough, then you are doing it all for nothing.

Patience is an art of self-control. Out of my perspective, patience actually makes you a better person. It means you have the strength and will to work through the hard times. To be successful now, you need to know that you always go through bumps on the road.

Most of these situations will actually destabilize your business or your emotional and mental state. However, if you are patient enough to ride it out, you will be successful. I personally know that being patient is the last thing in everyone’s mind especially in times of distress. For you to understand the importance of patience in your life, you need to know it benefits. Here are some of the ways patience will help you achieve success.

Ways Patience Will Help You Achieve Success

Smarter Decision Making

I don’t know about you but personally, when I take my time to detach emotions from my decisions, I’m able to make smarter choices. It’s of the best decisions you can have in mind. When you are able to keep your cool in difficult situations, you can easily take your company to greater heights.

The minute everything goes wrong, we are basically unable to make the right choice. When you’ve incurred losses in your company, you can easily give up especially if it’s your first time. All in all, if you are a patient man, you will take your time (but not too much time) and walk through every decision before taking action.

Patience gives you the chance to block off all disastrous decisions and actually help you make smarter decisions. For any leader, patience should be one of your route core values. At home, at work, in your relationship: it’s almost as important as breathing. I hope you get the idea.

Build’s Your Tolerance Level

Humans are not built to tolerate a lot. From the day you were born, even breathing was very hard. But with time, you are able to build what you can tolerate. It gets much better! As a leader, you need to take bold decisions that are always either going to build your company or break it apart.

If you rely on patience, you will be able to tolerate such turmoil and make better decisions. And as a human being, you learn from past experiences. Meaning the next time, you are battling the same problem, you will make an even better decision.

Patience lets you understand that emotional discomfort is part and parcel of life. You will always have to react with a lot of courage to get results. Therefore, you will be able to take charge of the situation.


Patience reduces the chance of you making quick decisions that might be negative after a long time. whenever you are presented with a problem that might have some emotional connection to you, it’s easy to mess everything up. That’s because, as humans, our first reactions might be as a result of the emotional attachment.

I usually take vengeance as a consequence of not being patient. It’s a reaction that can land both parties in more trouble simply for selfish gains and caressing your ego. If you take your time and make the right call on your own, you might find things will turn out a bit differently.


You are able to directly control yourself. And there’s nothing more powerful than actually having self-control. Patience gives you the chance to choose wisely and respond accordingly. More importantly, it allows you to stay gathered even if the situation is out of control.

In most cases, the lack of progress or success can always be boiled down to lack of patience.

Then, Why Is It So Hard To Practice Patience?

Practicing patience is not an easy thing. The main recipe to patience is the fact that there’s a period of uncertainty. That gives room for anxiety, possibly depression and worry. More to that, our human nature is to always know what’s happening. The minute you are not able to tell the future, then everything goes haywire.

Additionally, patience can sometimes lead to assumptions. Whether it’s about a relationship, financial planning or any other motives. Without any possible future and patience, you are more prone to assume the future.

The other reason why practicing patience is hard is because you feel like you’ve lost control of the situation. When you are backed to a corner and all you need is to be patient, your human instincts kick in. This stage of uncontrollable situation leads us to a state of nervousness. This state clouds our judgment and you are likely to make a lot of mistakes.

How Do I Deal With Being Impatient?

You need to learn that great things take time and more importantly, patience will ensure you are successful. Stick to your routine even if it’s boring and you can’t work anymore. Keep on trying and don’t stop. In the end, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. That doesn’t mean it will happen today or tomorrow. You need to have the right state of mind to actually see a possible future.

Remind yourself why you even started the company or work, then you will find the strength to continue.

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  1. Patience brings about calmness in our behaviour pattern and this help us focus on the job we are doing. Thanks for giving us difference between patience and laziness. Regaards

  2. Great post and right on! Oddly one thing that really helped me with learning patience was/is from wildlife photography, especially birds which seldom like to cooperate! Keep up the good work and have a great day!

    • Hi Steve, thank you very much for kind words. I’m glad you like article. Your photographs are amazing, you capture true beauty of Mother Nature! ?

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