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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

Being happy does not mean having a smile 24/7, we always smile at work, but are we really happy?

Happiness, strong and powerful word from English vocabulary; each person, religion, the current situation will define happiness on its own terms and within its own rules. Let’s look at few steps which can make you a happier person!

Step 1: Make Happiness Your Priority

I’m sure, you’ve seen at least one – always a happy person in your life! Being always happy is an amazing gift from above. Only imagine: you wake up happy, you enjoy every millisecond of your day, and you go to bed happy as well, that would be a super wonderful gift, isn’t it?

You probably will ask me if it is even possible, I honestly think it’s if you make happiness your priority number one. And please don’t get me wrong, it does not mean you should ignore all other important aspects of your life but in addition to what you have, you will simply add another one “Happiness” and rearrange all of them/aspects of importance in your mind, so Happiness would be the number one, always.

Step 2: Ignore Negative People

If you see negative people around you driven by impulse rather then cold logic and intelligence thinking, please be nice to them, wave and say hi, but never confront them with negative behavior. Stay calm, peaceful and professional.

Sometimes people crossing the line with their behavior and reason why is simple – life is not simple, something went wrong, or something bad happened with this person through the day (ten-fifteen micro negative/stressful situations at work) and eventually, negative expressions/feelings started to control their minds. The person simply needs to cool down and shift model of thinking from “I hate people to I like people.”

One morning I went to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee through express go through line, the day was warm and beautiful, I had an amazing positive mood, peaceful music was quietly playing in my car, but I had to wait with 15 other cars for a delicious cup of coffee.. time was ticking, until suddenly, a guy started backing up on a huge truck and almost hit me. I’m sure he saw me standing in line because I had at least 6 cars behind me in line. I’m sure he saw I can’t really go anywhere on the left or right side. Believe me or not… in the next two minutes, another guy almost hit me, trying to cut through a line, on his full-size sedan.

By the time I was getting my coffee, I was not happy at all, I was irritated by people, by situations and lack of control I had at that moment. * Please note that I was not even really driving, I was simply staying in line and my speed was 0 miles per hour, it’s complete nonsense, but it’s our life.

After I got my coffee and came back home, I was really happy that I did not end up with multiple cars accidents within 0.1 miles driving radius, I was laughing… but it was a good lesson for me.

Step 3: Enjoy your day

It’s a difficult task to enjoy absolutely every single day because the days are very different. Some days are better than others, right?

From my own experience, I would suggest ignoring all the unhealthy noises around you, negative news, negative people. Please, stay calm and positive.

Turn on a really nice song which would make you smile and keep enjoy your day, make it your habit.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Step 4. Return Happiness

Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I saw an old man, I saw him a few times before. The old gentleman can’t walk by himself and use one of the shopper strollers, but what he has is a magical smile –  he looks very happy!

When he can’t walk anymore he is sitting on the ground and listening to the radio. I’m very sorry for this old gentlemen and I pray his kids will take care of him, but seems like he either doesn’t have kids or live alone with no basic support or help, it’s sad..

One day I saw him standing in the poor rain because he was not able to move quickly and hide under the tree or bus station, but he still had a smile… what a wonderful man I thought.

You or I can not be happy alone, let’s make this street, town, planet a happier place for everyone!

Please, help other people, donate your time and finances to people in need around you!

Stay happy!

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