Diet And Marriage Have More In Common Than You Think

How Our Diet Affects Our Life

You know what they say: we are what we eat. And it’s not just about our body image, but our emotional and physical health as well.

It is easier to have a terrible diet because the most dangerous types of food out there are really cheap, pre-packaged and incredibly tasty.

Today I won’t tell you to stop eating burgers and fries, because they are delicious no matter what. But I am going to tell you to think twice what you buy in the supermarket because too much sugar or too many red meats will have an impact on your life and marriage.

The Connection Between What We Eat And Why We Get Sick

We eat because our bodies need fuel to function properly, let’s compare this situation with a car; if you fill your engines with cheap oil, the car will work fine for a while, but if you often fill it with that cheap oil, all the parts will start to malfunction.

It will slowly damage everything inside and your car will spend more time at the garage than actually taking you somewhere.

That’s exactly what happens with your body when you have unhealthy eating habits. I understand that our daily lives demand a lot from ourselves, we don’t always have the time to prepare a nice meal and McDonald’s becomes our weekly savior.

And that’s okay, as long as you don’t make McDonald’s your personal chef. Researches prove that a bad diet can generate type II diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, obesity, and cancer.

That’s pretty much what our moms tell us all the time, we know it, but still, we choose fast and processed food over a healthy one.

Fast food is designed to be easy to prepare and to make you feel filled up, meaning, they have many carbs and fats, which is the cheapest oil your body engine can find. Carbs and fats are not bad, we do need them to survive, but when they are all we eat, that’s when trouble knocks on our door.

What Does That Have To Do With Our Mind?

The human body is connected through all of its branches. Mind and body work as one, so if our mind is not feeling so good, it will reflect on our bodies and vice versa.

When we are hungry we feel angry and tired, it’s just our body not functioning properly because it is using the energy stored and not pumping any gas back. And when all we eat is junk food, our brain does not have the necessary nutrients to work properly, hence, we don’t think or act clearly.

Eating on time and healthy, keeps our blood sugar levels how they are supposed to be and if our body feels good, our mind does too; so our mood and our attitude towards life changes significantly.

And when you have a positive attitude, your personal relationships improve too! You feel better so your workflow improves, you feel more friendly and actually start to enjoy social activities you didn’t enjoy much in the past.

In fact, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study in 2016 where they linked nutritional habits with social development in children. Results showed that the kids that had a better diet were friendlier and more willing to play with other kids than the ones that had fuzzy eating habits.

What Psychology tells us about how food relates to our emotions and social functions is that, when we eat properly, we have less anxiety, so we feel calmer and have the mental resources to face daily situations with good results.

If you are a student, for example, try eating a candy before you take a test. It gives your brain a little extra rush to connect ideas and think faster. Caffeine also works, but you see, if you eat better, your body craves less extra pushes because it not only has enough energy, but it is also a good kind of energy.

How To Start Making Changes

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We have been listening to our moms telling us how important it is to eat healthily. But the truth is, it takes a little bit of planning and a slightly bigger budget.

I am not going to lie to you, that’s just how it is. Healthy food is more expensive, if you don’t believe me, go to any restaurant and you will notice that salads cost as much or even more than a burger.

It doesn’t make any sense, because processing meat is certainly more expensive than taking care of a lettuce, but that’s how the market works.

If you would like to make some changes in your diet, you can try taking smalls steps at the time. For example, in the morning you can have a bowl of your favorite cereal and some fruit. If you are at the office and start craving for a snack, try yogurt or a protein bar instead of a chocolate cake.

Try to eat more vegetables too! Your regular steak can come with a nice salad or roasted veggies instead of mash potatoes or fries.

Start replacing soda with natural juices or iced tea, it will lower your sugar levels and keep you fresh.

You may not have much time to cook, but when you actually do it, make a little effort. Salads don’t have to be boring, combine them with delicious dressings and some protein, you will see how easy it is to love them and stop calling them “rabbit food”.

Everything I mentioned in this post is meant to make you feel better, not to make you lose weight. That’s a decision you and your doctor should be making.

The United States has high rates of patients with chronical diseases, and many of those people could be out of this statistic if they had taken care of what they ate.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle, and you may not be seen benefits immediately, but you will be thankful in long-term.

Image By: Alisha Mishra

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