Magnetic Personality

Develop a Magnetic Personality

Magnetic personality will incredibly help you to succeed in life. It can be finding a better job, opening a new business or getting an education of your dream. …or maybe you are looking for a perfect soulmate? Yes, I’m sure you will be able to find the love of your life as well, very soon!

President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him,” Hope Hicks said in a statement to The Washington Post.

Let’s discuss the secret of the term “magnetic”. Let’s look at the next steps on how you can become a person on the first page of The New York Times newspaper. Since everything is limited only by our imagination.

The great news is, that the process of developing a magnetic personality is not a rocket science. Anybody, who has the desire, knowledge and ready to work hard on practicing steps we would discuss, will eventually have Magnetic Personality.

Overnight Success

Nothing would happen overnight, and I’m sure you will agree with me on that. Even after reading this article and finishing a few amazing books on this topic.

*I would highly recommend you to buy a few books and read them carefully a few times.

Two key factors we should always remember: 1st – things take time, 2nd – new information you just about to receive, might be thoughtfully processed by you, and applied to your personality type. Remember, we are all very different! You will also have to master new skills through practice. Practice, practice, and practice again, until new habits become an essential part of your personality.

Factors Of Likeness

Being Liked – is important, and super important in some situations like a job hunt. Let’s say a company has to choose from 2 same technical level candidates, only one. But, because of interviewers absolutely in love with your personality, they are willing to offer you a job, plus give you a bonus. All because they want to make sure they won’t lose such a rare high talented individual to their competitors. Bingo! You got a job, plus additional cash for your brand new car or a house downpayment.

It’s important today and I’m sure will be important tomorrow, that people like and respect you. Usually, it would take time to gain someone’s respect and it’s fair. But, it may take only a few minutes for people to start liking you.

*Remember, everything you do: you want to make somebody smile or buy somebody a cup of delicious coffee should come from your heart and have to be sincere. Dishonest actions usually would be quickly recognized by people and might not work well.

Usually, we like smart and educated, hardworking and fun, a little bit crazy, friendly and polite and definitely intelligent people. Wouldn’t you agree with me?

Choose a few from these qualities which speak best to your heart and master them in combination.

Be Ready For Changes And Challenges

I love education, books, and library. I’m just about to get my Ph.D. (Checkmark). But, since I moved to a new location, for the last two years, it was extremely difficult to become a friend to anybody.

I think this is a pretty standard use case since we live in the Mobile Era and prefer to check our Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest even on the first date more often then we should… We, people, live in the world of virtual reality and it’s not our fault, but at the same time, we’ve lost a basic communication sense (skill). We simply not sure, or don’t know how to successfully communicate with people around us.

For our imaginary character, in order to solve a problem of not being alone anymore, and attract amazing positive friends or people into his/her life. He/she has to master a few additional great behavioral patterns such as: make people smile, carefully listen to others, stay always positive and happy. And I’m sure the problem with finding great friends will disappear in months or days.


Usually, we do a business with people with like (…or I better say – like very very much) and have a high level of trust with.

We love to have a sense of “clicking” on a personal level with somebody and this is called magnetism. Learn how to be a magnet, learn how to be a friendly person who cares for the needs of other people. I guarantee, people would love to have a business with you, your network would increase with only qualified professionals, leads, and clients.

I personally go to the same dentist for the last 15 years. He is a great professional, with amazing friendly personality. One thing I’ve noticed he mastered extremely well is having magnetism toward other people and life situations.

I keep hearing for many years that patients absolutely love him! He would ask me how is my day going, how is my family, kids etc., He would always carefully listen, brainstorms with me on a few open questions and kindly offer help, I love it.

I’m purposely willing to drive for 1 hour and 15 minutes one way and pay him 15% more for his outstanding quality services.

He is more than just a leader or dentist, just a marketing person, just a developer, just a CEO etc., How many Just Professionals (people) we have around us? I’m sure many and if I suggest the number, approximately 70% – 80%.

Look And Act Attractive

It’s important that people are drawn to you. It’s important for people to be heard by others, to be inspired in a difficult time by wonderful and sincere advice.

Learn how to naturally communicate with the people around you. The way and manner your look and communicate (speaking style and a ton of your voice) are essential qualities of any magnetic personality.

Physical appearance is one of the important factors as well, in addition to an amazing sense of humor and a healthy confidence level, a great look will make people instinctively like you.

Another wonderful advice I can give, learn and sharpen your skills on how to make people laugh. We all love to smile and laugh. Because it makes us feel great, happy and amazing. When somebody makes us smile, we feel happy and secure, our body naturally releases dopamine – the hormone of happiness.

Good Luck!

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