Live Longer: What I’ve Learned From My 101-Year-Old Grandma

Excellent Tips For A Longer Life

When it comes to your own quality of life, it doesn’t matter how old you are; it doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 35, or 65, the bottom line is that you must take good care of yourself. Your longevity is in your hands and it’s in every action you take.

If you’re on the right path and you practice good habits, such as eating healthy, exercising, and educating yourself on what’s good for your mind, body, and soul, you’ll be able to live as long as possible and achieve all your life goals.

If you refuse to take the most basic care of yourself, it will be impossible for you to have a healthy body and you can forget about living to be hundred or more. This is the most basic truth you can learn about yourself: the more you take care of you, the longer and better you’ll live.

If you don’t believe me, take my 101-year-old grandma’s word for it! Today I want to share some of the best tips this wonderful woman has taught me about living long and living right so you can find inspiration and make the changes you so desperately need.

It’s never too late to turn things around for yourself and change your ways!

What Does Longevity Depend On?

Longevity is modulated by a combination of genetic and non-genetic factors. Studies have shown that there are indeed genes correlated with cell maintenance, which affect aging. Studies have also shown that non-genetic factors such as diets can make our metabolism more efficient and therefore modulate our lifespan.

Beyond that, the factors that affect life expectancy are gender, access to health care, hygiene, exercise, crime rates, lifestyle, diet, and nutrition, to mention a few. Among these, genetics and lifestyle choices seem to bear more weight into how long we live.

Studies have also shown that after the age of 80 years old, longevity is due more to genetic factors than to non-genetic factors such as lifestyle. This means that up until a certain point, it all depends on nature. This, of course, is no excuse to neglect your body or your mind.

Gender also plays an interesting role because it has been proven that women outlive men. This is due to many different factors, such as a stronger immune system thanks to the absence of testosterone, which is an immunosuppressant, less stress on the heart because their bodies are smaller, and less tendency to engage in dangerous activities.

Other factors that can account for the difference in longevity between men and women are education, social mobility, employment opportunities, and social environment, among others.

Our emotions can also take a toll on our health, which is why we should strive for a happier, less stressful way of life. Having a stress-free life is virtually impossible; there are things that are just not within our control, and this can be frustrating. What matters is how we deal with negative emotions.

You see, longevity is not just about eating well and being active, it’s also about our state of mind. Emotional intelligence is vital and it needs as much development as the rest of our habits.

In short, many things affect our longevity, from food to sleep and everything in between, but the more we’re in control of our lifestyle and our choices, the higher chance we have of living a longer, healthier life.

From The Mouth Of Centenarians

If we listen to what centenarians have to say about their lifestyle, we will find many points in common. Most centenarians have always been active people, engaging in either exercise or some kind of sport such as gymnastics, swimming, etc.

They also enjoy their hobbies! 103-year-old Katharine Weber has always been an avid gardener, 103-year-old Ruth Coben enjoys running her own fashion blog for senior women, while others take to collecting, crafts, etc.

Another thing centenarians have in common is that they’re very mindful of their diet. Of course, each one of them attributes their longevity to different food habits; Sofiya Fedina, who lived to 105, mentioned that it’s all up to God. Misao Okawa, who lived to 117, attributed her longevity to her sushi diet. Alexander Imich, who lived to 111, followed a diet rich in chicken and fish, while 110-year-old Duranord Veillard made oatmeal, fruit, tea, fish, and veggies an essential part of his diet.

Other centenarians attribute their longevity to being kind, surrounding themselves with kind, nice, good people, and just living your best life with the people who bring nothing but positives into the picture.

Top 10 Tips From My 101-Year-Old Grandma

  1. Don’t smoke! It has been found that a single cigarette takes away from 7 to 11 minutes, and trust me, it adds up. Don’t binge drink either and stay away from drugs.
  2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Educate yourself about food so you can eat clean and healthy, and integrate exercise into your routine.
  3. Maintain and develop a solid social network. Surround yourself with friends and family. Always be kind and treat people with the goodness you want to receive in return.
  4. Don’t shy away from any educational opportunities. Whether that’s learning a new skill or a new language, adopting a new hobby, trying out a new outdoor activity or just learning something new.
  5. Read a lot! You can live many lives through the books you choose and it’s a great way to keep your mind sharp.
  6. Help others and do volunteer work in your area. Being kind to people in need don’t only replenish your soul, it also makes you feel alive. There are people out there who need your help and their gratitude and friendship can add years to your life.
  7. Avoid stressful situations, especially after a certain age. Find work that you enjoy, cut off toxic people from your life, and find things that give you peace on the daily; whether that’s yoga, meditation or a cup of tea with a friend.
  8. Take a vacation every year. Traveling is good for the body, mind, and soul, so make sure you always take time off to go to different places and try interesting new things.
  9. Always get a good night’s sleep. Battle your sleep disorders if you have them and always respect your sleep time.
  10. Have sex more often! Sex is a nice little cardio workout and it releases endorphins. It increases intimacy and it’s just a lot of fun, so don’t neglect your sexual needs.



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  2. Amazing post! So much truth in each of the points! I especially like number 1 and 7. We had a dear friend pass away from smoking cigarettes, smoked for most of his adult life, one day was diagnosed with a cancer that spread so quickly it killed him within a few months. You just never know if your body will become hooked or addicted to cigarettes, as I tell my children, for this reason is best not to even try it! I used to drink socially, and now I don’t even do that. It’s crucial to care for our bodies and know to surround ourselves with people that love us and uplift us.

      • Thank you! It’s those lessons in life that we learn sometimes a little too late. He passed away peacefully a few years ago. It’s such a great reminder that cigarettes DO indeed take lives. Yes, I agree, definitely try to live a healthier lifestyle. Don’t put toxic into your body, it isn’t worth it.

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