It Is All About Balance

Hi Dear friends, thank you for your time today!

Today, I would like to share a great advice with you:

you have to have a balanced lifestyle.

I end up at the hospital one day, and the news I’ve received was shocking, our close family member ends up with having cancer, lots of thoughts, stress and tears… it was mentally very difficult to accept that it’s happening with us, with our family, today, I did not want to believe in this, no way…

One thing I’ve realized quickly, while I was at the hospital, 80-90% of all people I’ve seen that day on the same floor, to this doctor were people age 55+. I’ve asked myself why 55+? I personally would not consider 55 age person – as an old person. I did research.. and I found out that by this age if you did not take care of your body well earlier if you did not eat well, had no exercise – that’s probably it, chances are critically hight that you will end up at the hospital with some kind of disease at this age or later. Hopefully, not you or either me will never end up at the hospital again, and I pray for you dear friends.

BALANCE. If you can do me a favour, print this word and stick it to the mirror in the bathroom right now.

Whole my life, I did not take care much of what I’m eating, how much time I’m sleeping and there is always no time for basic exercise, especially when you have kids. I always believed that if you work hard – you will have an outstanding career and perfect 20-30 years you can enjoy while you are old and living on a pension. But this difficult situation taught me a lesson.

somebody wise sad: If you want to see God’s smile – tell Him about your plans.

My dreams were crushed completely after I worked for many long years in different companies and I saw it all, before I spent 7-8 hard working years on getting my degrees: favouritism, it’s not about hard you work sometimes at all, you might have a perfect interview and salary but your boss can be an “animal”, my boss(I got lucky no kidding – awesome person!) – she guided and helped sign few huge contracts to the company – got fired over the phone, why? I don’t think even she knows why(the honest reason). I was shocked.

I’ve learned my lesson hard way, it’s was not easy and I would love to share:

Life is not fair and we have to accept it! Knowledge is a super powerful machine, you or I, we have to be smart and intelligent with our choices and always have a plan.

  • Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours, forget about TV, you will watch it after you are 60.
  • Eat healthy. Forget about fast food, and cook at home – it’s cheaper and healthier, just do the math.
  • You can have a 160+K job but if you will work 80+hrs a week, I’m sure you won’t have time to see or spend time with your family. Imagine, you don’t have fun with your kids, does it really worth it, ask yourself now. Maybe you work hard for a year, but then – forget about it. Find a job when you can make 125K plus open a little consulting business on the side, do something there is always a way.
  • Eliminate stress from your life as much as possible, just cut it like a knife through butter, do it until it’s too late!
  • Have a savings account and have there at least 10-15K, just in case.

And at the end, let me tell you a story which made me cry… I was driving from work, it was a rainy day, on the radio one of the live shows the little girl called:

My dad working so hard all the time and one day I just told him, dad I would like to spend more time with you, I never see you, you always leave so early…

Dad, like a real man, quite a job next day and found a job very close to home so he can spend more time with family because nothing is more important than family 🙂

Remember, when, and hopefully, never, you got sick – they(your family) will be in the hospital for you.


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