It’s A Blessing To Give: 6 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Relationship With God Right Now

Why Giving Isn’t What You Think It Is

The world we are living in today; everyone’s goal is always to ensure that their lives matter. And this is the reason why we strive so hard to do the things that we do every day of our lives. The way we wake up every morning to chase promotions at work, leadership positions, wealth or even success. That all because we want to make a significant difference in our daily routines.

However, there are times that you might look around at your fellow believers and feel like you’ve been skipped over by blessings. No matter how hard you are trying you may feel as if nothing is going right in your life. At this moment you might start wondering what you might have done wrong. I too have been through this phase at some point in life.

Well, first you need to know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with chasing the good things in life. But the sad thing is that all these things alone will not make any difference if that’s not what was meant for us. That’s because the greatest change that we can make in our lives is dedicating ourselves to serving the Lord and giving to the needy.

As we can see from Acts 20:35 ‘It’s more blessed to give than to receive’. All in all, to most people this may seem ironical. Actually, very few believe in this beatitude. How can the giver be happier than the one receiving? This may seem the exact opposite of our intuitions as well as instincts. All in all, read on and I will show you how and why you will be more blessed when you give than when you receive.

1. Giving Increases Our Reward In Heaven

I have lived among all kinds of people. And with that, I know there is that type that will never help you with a glass of water. Also, there is the other type that will unleash a festival for you, for no good reason. All these are people we are likely to come across in our lives. However, it is important that we help the people in need around us unconditionally.

As in the book of Mathew, God promises us that when we help the needy we shall never lose our rewards in heaven. Mathew 6:20 it says that we will ‘lay up treasures in heaven where neither rust of moths will corrupt and thieves can never get the chance to steal.’

2. Giving Broadens Our Love

Most people will always tell you that your heart will always be where your treasure is. On the contrary, where you put your treasure, your heart is always likely to follow. This means that besides the offering plate in church, it’s important that the church leaders encourage people to be generous givers in all aspects of life.

Taking, for instance, that moment when your kid finally leaves home to go and join a college far away. At this moment, you cannot help but follow up and show interest in all news from this location. This is the perfect example of where your love followed your treasure. In Mathew 6:21 its says that ‘Where your treasure is, so will be your heart’.

3. God Promises Us Blessings When We Give

Clearly, the bible tells us that when we give, it shall also be given unto us. This is a promise from God as stated in the book of Luke 6:38. Most are the times when you may feel tired of giving or rather feel like you have given too much: remember that you should not get tired of giving or helping out when need be.

Practically, I would say that generosity keeps your heart open for love and blessings even when greed comes in the way. By giving, the windows of heaven pour out blessings until they overflow.

4. When We Give To The Poor, We Give It To The Lord

From the book of Proverbs 19:17, it says that when someone gives to the poor, he or she actually lends to the Lord. When you help the needy in society, you are actually repaid the resurrection of the righteous as the needy may not have the capability to repay you.

In this life, God is never unjust. He never forgets the work that you have done as well as the love you have unconditionally offered to the needy as well as the church. For that reason, God will definitely reward you.

5. We Give As We Receive Freely

Cleary the bible exempts anyone who has received nothing from giving. All in all, in the book of Mathew 10:8 the Lord says that those who have freely received should also freely give. That is because, if the Lord doesn’t give anything to you, you should also quit being generous.

But until then, give and help those in need. Most times we will complain that what we have is too little to share. But what we forget is that in giving, we also receive. The hand that gives is also the hand that receives.

6. Giving Helps Us Rebuke Our Self-Centeredness

Giving is majorly a way of promoting God’s work through our own self’s. By giving, especially when it pains us, is a very important act. The self-denial that we go through it’s the easiest way to get rid of the thought of greed in our minds.

By giving, we get to weaken the desire of our selfish nature, therefore, the grace of God spreads more in your hearts. As money leaves our pockets, sin also gets to leave our hearts. This is a priceless deal.


As we can see from the Bible, there is more joy and blessing in giving more than receiving. When we see God being glorified through our giving, this gives us so much happiness and satisfaction. However, despite being believers, we need to pay attention to the people around us. Let not your generosity hamper laziness among your friends and family.

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12 thoughts on “It’s A Blessing To Give: 6 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Relationship With God Right Now”

  1. You are absolutely right with this! God always rewards and blesses us when we give, often in ways we would never think! I have been able to help many people over the years and just being able to do that was a great blessing to me, it gave me a lot of joy. Thanks for sharing this with us! God bless!

    • Thank you Steve! God is amazing, and I totally agree with you on: “God always rewards and blesses us when we give, often in ways we would never think!” Blessings!

  2. hello, yes when i think, how much food i was wasting before, it makes me sad, when i think how much do i really need to be happy, it’s actually not big list, but still, some people don’t even have clean water, it’s so hard this topic, but society must change, have you hear yet about Venus plan?

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