How To Live Meaningful And Fruitful Life Without Regrets. 6 Secrets Of A Meaningful Life To Others: Every Person Should Focus On These 6 Things.

Meaningful Life

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. Such things are more like illusion and fantasy, such as relationships and care for others. These things must be felt with the heart.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Does a time come when a man asks himself if he is living a meaningful life or wasting his time? First, one should know what is a meaningful and useful life is all about. A useful life is not about how much currency we have piled up, how big of a celebrity we are, where we got our degrees from, or a sense of being perfect in everything.

On the other hand, a meaningful life is all about how lively and pleasantly we are living on this globe, how helpful and down to earth we are, to be our real self and be capable of sharing our happiness with others. It’s the true meaning of life that we make efforts for others instead of focusing on ourselves.

Purpose Of The Meaningful Life

No one can change the life of others, but we can make efforts. Efforts must be at such a level that no one can challenge you on them.

The heart is where one feels for others. Some experiences turned out to be good, some bad, but bad experiences can teach a lesson, and good experiences give you excitement, an excitement that can be seen in your eyes, and deep inside into your heart.

Types Of People

There are two types of people that exist in this world. The first is those who can’t see themselves crying or in miserable conditions. Such people are self-oriented, and being self-oriented isn’t a bad thing. People consider this selfishness. No, it isn’t, they are trying to make their lives more fascinating, a good one and a comforting one. They also help others but keep their personality first; they never compromise and never let themselves down.

The second type is those who prefer others and thinks about others first. They don’t care about their happiness and work hard putting smiles on other people faces. They think their victory is our victory and there is nothing more pleasing to anyone who has given up in life. In this case, you are taking him/her towards life and teaching him/her how life is beautiful.

“People living deeply have no fear of death.” – Anais Nin

Every day isn’t a good day, but every day can’t be a bad day. Good days teach you who you are and a bad day shows you how people would act in your downfall. So it’s an encouraging person that never leaves your side and gives anyone a vacancy to accommodate.

Ways To Make Life Meaningful For Others

Successful people live for others and devote their lives for other’s happiness. And in doing this, they adopt different ways. These ways can be based on their personality and resources that he/she can afford, but every successful person chooses their own way to help others in life.

Follow Your Aspirations

A successful person keeps aspirations far apart from his/her objectives. Most people can’t differentiate the two and intermingle the concepts. Aspiration is all about answering yourself every night before you go to sleep about what you did for people today.

How did you make them feel better? Did you make efforts for relieving their stress? Did you heal their wounds, or devote time to hearing their words of distress?

On the other hand, there are personal objectives – What should I do for myself to be on top? How I can get fame and become a successful model for others?

Stay Fully Passionate

A life without passion is something like a barren island on which nothing can be produced or cultivated.

Passion gives true meaning to life. If you don’t have any passion for helping others, then you can’t keep yourself ready for others. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to separate emotion, relationships, and workload, but with a little effort, you can balance all of them.

Make Your Own Rules Of Living

A genuine person possessing an urge to maintain a meaningful life makes his/her own rules without worrying about the consequences.

He/she doesn’t think about the pain that he/she endures making others’ lives more comfortable. He just sets his mind on what he/she has to do in every case.

Be A Kind-Hearted Person

Kindness is not merely a feeling, it’s a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. It’s not always easy to be kind. It demands lots of effort, dedication, sacrifices, and devotion.

Being a kind man is just like a flower seller who sells flowers all day and has nothing left in his hands at the end of the day but a fragrance and some painful wounds from the thorns. But when he passes people identify him from the scent of roses.

Strive To Help Others

Striving means sacrificing your own pleasure for others, and it leads a man towards lifelong learning. A humble man burns the midnight oil for other’s happiness and doesn’t bother with his own situation. He leaves his future on risk for other peoples’ tomorrow.


A man full of passions is always ready to do volunteer work. He does anything that can alleviate poverty, to provide shelter to those who are living beneath the open sky.

Life gives you a test when you put yourself in a situation where you create room for others or step forward to serve a more significant cause. But during the whole journey life becomes meaningful, and not only will one person get the benefits, but a family and the family will help others.

In this way, a candle spreads the light from one to another.

Image By: Quang Nguyen Vinh

18 thoughts on “How To Live Meaningful And Fruitful Life Without Regrets. 6 Secrets Of A Meaningful Life To Others: Every Person Should Focus On These 6 Things.”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful article! Helping others we help ouselves. And the one who is happy within is able to share happiness with others because we can only give what we possess.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words! Let’s spread love and kindness, let’s make our world better ??? ????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ? ??????!

  2. Wonderful insight on how to treat others and ourselves. There is great satisfaction in helping others. There is so much to life than just thinking of ourselves. 🙂

  3. Excellent suggestions!! One warning on volunteering though. During my stroke recovery my counselor suggested I try getting out and doing volunteer work which I did but every single time there was always at least one person there for their own needs rather than the person they were helping and it was mentally exhausting dealing with them. They were serial volunteers seeking a captive audience to dump their issues on. I was volunteering helping a man in a wheel chair move out of his house and this other volunteer just followed me dumping their life’s problems on me and doing absolutely nothing while I scrubbed toilets. When I went back to the counselor she said she got it because she use to volunteer a lot and quit for that very reason but she’d hoped my experience would not be like that. I would recommend that anyone who volunteers be alert to this because its draining and depressing and you find yourself doing all the work while the other volunteer goes on and on about everything wrong in their life. If I were to volunteer again and come across that I would put my hand up and stay You need to talk to a professional and if they continued I’d just leave but I’d never put up with it again. There are people who like to complain and aren’t seeking solutions – just seeking someone to listen to their complaining and that’s two different things. Volunteering is a great way to help others and make a difference but you need to be confident enough to stand up for yourself and not get sucked down the vortex of people who will take advantage of people who are too kind to say ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • Good morning, wonderful points and thank you for sharing your experience. Honestly, I agree with you very much, since I’ve volunteered myself. “There are people who like to complain and aren’t seeking solutions” – Very much agree with you, and it’s honestly everywhere: Job, Church, College.. Blessings and thank you for your wonderful feedback!

      • Hey there! I think I’m getting behind on your posts again, for some reason they never show up in my reader anymore, not sure why that is. But I will be back and try to catch up again! Hope your day is going great!?

        • Thank you very much Steve, please let me know if you have any prayer needs, will be happy to pray and support you! Blessings and have a wonderful weekend!!

          • You’re welcome. I have the opportunity to go to Europe in June, if you could please pray that my passport gets here in time, this is kind of a big opportunity for me and don’t want to miss out. Thanks so much, hope you weekend it great as well!?

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