Home Is Where The Heart Is: How To Make Your House A Home

So, you’ve moved into your new house and have started unpacking the boxes and putting things away, but what does it take to make that new house a home? Not just a place to live and sleep, but a place that feels like a sanctuary that you can make your own.

It is different to live somewhere when you have all you need, i.e. bed, chair, desk, bathroom, etc. That’s no different than the things a hotel room has and that is surely not a homey place to live in. What makes a house a home may be different for different folks, but in general, here are a few of the things that will help you to make your house a wonderful and amazing home:

Hang Things On The Walls

One of the first things I always did when I moved into a new place is to start hanging up all my pictures and other kinds of wall hangings and artwork. Studies have shown that putting up things like this gives people a burst of pleasurable feeling when they look at them. And if you fill up your walls with memories or any sort of wall hangings or art that you love, it is sure to give your new house a homey and comfortable feeling, which is sure to make it a real home in no time.

Get Some Extra Lighting

The right kind of lighting also helps to make a house feel more like home. I am not talking about fluorescent light, as that is just about the worst kind of lighting for that purpose. What you need to look for are light fixtures which put out warm temperatures and give off yellow or white light. These colors stimulate relaxation. Get yourself some desk lamps, battery-operated lanterns, strings of lights, or whatever looks best. You can even use candles, as they also add a nice scent but be sure to not leave them unattended.

Add Some Personality To The Rooms

Another way to make a house a true home is to add things that show off your personality. This could be done by painting the walls in your favorite colors or adding some comfortable chairs or a comfy sofa. Throw in some colorful pillows on the furniture to make it even homier and soft feeling or a throw spread you can wrap around yourself on those cool evenings as you watch TV and snuggle up on the sofa with your favorite snack.

Keep Your Home Clean And Fresh

No one can feel comfy and homey somewhere that is filthy, stinky and unclean. So if you truly want your house to feel like a home, then you have to keep up with the housework. Be sure to dust, sweep or vacuum as needed. Don’t fill up the sink with dirty dishes or the laundry room with stinky dirty clothing. It doesn’t have to be immaculate by a long shot, it just needs to be clean enough to be sanitary and still have a lived-in feeling that lets you relax.

Get Some Plants

Plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, so they can make it easier to breathe in your new home. Plus they have been shown to help reduce stress. You can either buy a few houseplants or just put some fresh flowers in a vase every so often. Grow a few fragrant herbs in a window or hang a vine in your kitchen. It all helps to make things cozier and more homelike.

Consider A Pet

If you want some love to make your new house feel more like a home, then go to the animal shelter and adopt a pet in need. You will be saving a life, as well as giving you something to take care of and come home to. Nurturing a pet helps to make you feel happy and relaxed, plus pets like a dog can give you a feeling of safety if you live alone. Research has shown owning a pet like a dog or cat reduces stress, as well as lowers your blood pressure. It feels great to be greeted by a pet as soon as you walk in the door!

Show Off Your Hobbies

Another way to personalize your house is to showcase your hobbies. For instance, if you love sports then you can decorate a room in a sports theme or perhaps if you love animals you can choose to display pictures or statues of the type of animal you love. Take a room and make the theme whatever you love or do like your favorite TV show, a computer or game room, etc. It all goes towards making the house your place of sanctuary and relaxation.

The bottom line is that many things can help make a new house feel like a home instead of just a place to sleep or eat and wake up to go to work and repeat. Home is where the heart is according to the old saying, and that is so true. So if you put the things you love into your new house, then your heart will sing with joy and your house will become a sanctuary of warmth and relaxation.

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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